With the playoffs in sight, the New York Red Bulls look to firm up their credentials for the postseason when they take on FC Dallas tonight at a hot Pizza Hut Park. FC Dallas comes into the match unbeaten in its last 14, but the Red Bulls, who are now at 40 points off a 12-8-4 record, are only one of two teams who have handed the Hoops a loss this season.

The Red Bulls are coming off a 3-1 win over the Colorado Rapids at Red Bull Arena last Saturday and reinforced their squad with the trade deadline additions of midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy and defender Carey Talley in the last few days. Ballouchy is here with the team and is in the Starting XI while Talley will train with his new club starting tomorrow.

Here is the lineup for tonight:







Substitutes: Sutton (GK), Borman, Petke, Ubiparipovic, da Luz, Ibrahim, Angel

Juan Pablo Angel will be available off the bench tonight, as Ballouchy makes his Red Bulls debut, playing just behind Henry. Carl Robinson trained with the team on Wednesday but did not travel while Seth Stammler also missed the trip.

FC Dallas fell to New York on April 17, 2-1, at Red Bull Arena and will be looking for revenge tonight. It is 10-2-11 on 41 points this season and has lost just once at Pizza Hut Park in 11 games. Here is FC Dallas’ lineup:




Benitez—Loyd–Goncalves —-Pearce


Substitutes: Sala, Luna, Davies, Chavez, Avila, McCarty, Cunningham

Kickoff is set for 9:00 PM ET with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing calling the match live on MSG. We’ll also be doing a play-by-play commentary via our Twitter account (@newyorkredbulls). Enjoy the match and we’ll be back here with post-match reaction later!



  1. christian Says:

    da luz is alive!!!!!

    • Jamez Says:

      lol , he came back like Jesus Now Garcia is dead for the rest of the year .

    • Billy Says:

      you know whos really dead?? the man they choose over Dave Van den Bergh!! fkn brian nielson was suppose to be our lm *savior* fuck him, he gave a few good passes and got injured. i accpected alot from that fuck face -.-”

  2. emilio Says:

    Angel’s days are numbered.

  3. david Says:

    shocking angel is on the bench but it must be there giveing in rest??? now that we got alot of fire power but i know we will see him somewhere in the 2nd half

  4. Reese Says:

    Not super thrilled with Angels play overall, but this is not right. The captain should be given a bit more respect than this. This is no rest..angel looked very fit in practice. Very shocking

  5. starks in tampa Says:

    of course another pathetic start on the road for the redbulls…this defense sometimes looks awful

  6. Alle Says:

    What a bs tackle by Shea, the red is well deserved.

  7. Alle Says:


  8. Sebas Says:

    Is it me or is Marquez making some real weak passes?

    (shakes head)

    He’s got the vision but today does not seem like his day. IMO..

  9. Sebas Says:

    Ok that makes me feel better!

  10. Dario Says:

    OMG, Henry is LUCKY…should have been a 2nd yellow.

    BTW: Dallas players are dropping like flies…

    1-1 a man up…lets win this one and put Angel in.

  11. jmp Says:

    Dallas may prove very difficult to break down – even with 10 men. They have a really good record at home.

  12. jmp Says:

    nyrb are loosing this game! wow, soccer is a strange game.. Dallas – strong home team looses two important players through red card and injury – and they are still winning. NYRB needs to take risks, and speed up the passing of the ball. they are never gonna break down dallas with this slow passing around the penalty box and the mudfield.

  13. jmp Says:

    ehmm.. soccer.. football that is 🙂

  14. jmp Says:

    Own goal..

  15. jmp Says:

    Lindpere with two assist. Proving to be very useful from the left midfield position.

  16. jmp Says:

    i would love if Salou with make this a victory with a header from a cross by lindpere – i would absolutly love it

  17. jmp Says:

    too bad, the chance was there. but still 1p is not too bad. our game still needs to gel and improve. we need to be able to break down defences like this one. 1p is ok 🙂

  18. Sebas Says:

    Good to see them come back. But this SHOULD of been a win!

  19. bryan Says:

    we got drama with angel or what???

  20. alex Says:

    NY got LUCKY with that win. the defence was not there tonight. poor performance from ream and especially from miller. miller didnt even try to defend while he was at the back end of the field. he spent wayy to much time up field

  21. alex Says:

    i mean that tie

  22. bryan Says:

    henry should have been gone we got lucky lol..

  23. david Says:

    im kinda mad we sould have beat dallas on paper we are better then dallas and we came out kinda flat and hans should know never bench angel never just take out tony from the lineup and we good

  24. david Says:

    but for real we got to beat LA if we want 1st place we got to step it up more then ever we are so close to 1st place

  25. Ken Says:

    NY will be much worse without JPA next year. JPA alway has big games VS. Dallas. NY is a totally diff. team without their leader and remember that JPA is still a good finisher and can score via header in tough situations. I hope they have a really good foward in mind and someone who is just as good or better than JPA LOL I doubt it though!

  26. Oh_yeah Says:

    We should have won this game. I think that it will cost us getting the support shield.

  27. Ken Says:

    Emilio who is saying that I do not like the new team. Of course we are better becaue we acquired better players but what does that have to do with JPA? Isn’t he a GOOD part of the turnaround and doesn’t he play well with Henry and Marquez? I think he is a good component of their nucleus with a fast striker and himself as a good finisher. I have never said that I do not like this team better. As a matter of fact I did not like JCO at all or the team he compiled last year. I do not see any argument here!

    • emilio Says:

      JPA has struggled recently and with the way we play we need a second mobile striker, He wants to play Henry as the number 9. Thats why he acquired Balloucy to link up with Henry.

  28. Man Van Says:

    This was a fantastic post for me personally. Ive been in the transport business all my life so a lot of what youve said has rung true to me. Thanks

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