The club announced today that it has acquired midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy from the Colorado Rapids in exchange for forward Macoumba Kandji.

Ballouchy, 27, has appeared in 21 games for the Rapids this season, making 19 starts, and tallying three goals and five assists – a mark that ties the team-high. The Moroccan-born midfielder has been with Colorado since July 2007 season after he was traded to the Rapids by Real Salt Lake in exchange for midfielder Kyle Beckerman. Last season, Ballouchy appeared in 28 games and recorded two goals and a career-high seven assists.


What are your thoughts on the trade?  Think Ballouchy can fill the attacking midfielder role the team has been looking to fill for awhile?  How do you see Ballouchy fitting into the lineup?  Will his biggest contribution come on October 9 when the Red Bulls host RSL on another international date?  Sad to see Kandji go?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Rich Perusi Says:

    very bummed to see kandji leave. i thought he was a great talent for the future, where is ballouchy going to play? is he going to play over richards? or joel? probably not. is he going to be as effective coming off the bench as kandji? probably not. seems like a dubious trade.

    thank you kandji for your couple years of entertainment, slick moves, and all around great attitude towards the game.

  2. emilio Says:

    Great trade, Kandji has talent, but lacks the ability to make the final play whether it be a goal or a pass to free up a teammate. Individual skill on the ball that doesnt translate on the field during a game is useless. and we saw how he played when he had to play in place of Richards, he was lost. Belouchy is a good passer has good vision and can play multiple positions in the midfield for us. Very good trade.

  3. Alle Says:

    I don’t know what to make of this really, Kandji was a good player who had everything going for him, no matter what anyone says really – you can contest this etc. but nothing will change that opinion. I know he wasn’t getting a lot of time recently, but still, super-sub at best for the moment would’ve been great. Getting Ballouchy is good though considering the fact that we really did need an attacking midfielder. It’s a win-win, but losing Kandji is tough from the way I see it.

  4. emilio Says:

    the truth is Kandji wasnt playing well, he looked awful against RSL the week before.

    • Alle Says:

      Ofcourse, PLAYING in midfield instead of upfront, are you crazy, that’s not his position! I know he couldn’t have played upfront, but still, we all know Mac, it’s either upfront or super-sub. Like I said, it feels like a loss even though getting Ballouchy was what we needed. I would’ve preferred to see another of our strikers go, like Salou for example.

  5. emilio Says:

    Yeah and upfront he wasnt finishing, he has a lot of talent but a forward who cant finish isnt gonna play much. Remember the Chicago 0-0 match in which he blew 4 clear cut chances. He has talent but it doesnt translate into games, I hope he gets it right in Colorado.

  6. Larry Red Bull Says:

    Everyone that’s posted has put the pieces together nicely. 1. The Chicago game he missed easy chances. 2. RSL he was awful. 3. Kandji played too much with the ball, and not directly, was too slow in making crosses. 4. No one would take Salou’s salary. 5. RBNY needs someone in case Richards/Lindpere is hurt or off on international duty. 6. Please Henry/Angel don’t get hurt, because after Salou, who does RBNY have..Chinn/Agudelo? 7. Depth in the midfield is more important than depth up top. I am sure Mehdi CAN”T WAIT !

  7. NaNo Says:

    I don’t know what to make of this trade, but to be honest i didn’t see Mac returning to the team next year, so I think the Red Bulls are just happy to see him go at this point of the season, and specially to a team that won’t be a major contender in the upcoming months. Kandji has not done much for the team lately and playing behind the shadows of Henry and Angel wasn’t going to help his cause. The weird deal with this trade is the fact that there won’t be much dept at the forward spots and that could be troublesome, specially with the playoffs lingering in the near future. We are gonna have to see some of the academy guys step up if needed. Was this a good trade? We’ll just have to see how it all plays out.

  8. bryan Says:

    depth at midfield is important cause adding someone like MEHDI BALLOUCHY will add depth and is very close to what we have already on this team…. now if we lose henry or angel we a screwed no matter who we put in upfront cause mac has proven he does not have the same finishing touch as the two studs we have up front…. the biggest thing is we have been exposed and beaten like a red headed step child when rafa has not been in this line up…. not saying ballouchy is rafa… but he does play midfield and does bring more vision and touch on the ball then anything we have after rafa…..

  9. Lee Says:

    There is also an young Haitian U-20 GK Trialist by the name Chedlyn Pierre can anyone tell me something about him

  10. Lee Says:

    well he is 18 but he play with the big team

  11. Tim F. Says:

    I think Mehdi will end up replacing Tony Tchani as a starting midfielder and Tony will come in for Marquez when he is on international duty. I hope Tchani continues to get good minutes.

  12. david Says:

    i love this trade and Mac was awful he only score 1 goal and had chances to make more but did not know how to get them but mehdi he can finish and knows how to play more then Mac

  13. Deacon Joseph Suaiden Says:

    Frankly, this was a good trade. Kandji filled me with dread every time he got called up over the summer. It seemed like the momentum of the game would shift in the direction of the opposing team, usually because Kandji passed the ball to them by mistake.

    Maybe I’m being too hard on the guy, but I distinctly remember saying “oh no” every time he was subbed in. The few starts he had I remembered were bad starts. I’m surprised we got Ballouchy for him, to be honest. Colorado’s loss.

  14. bryan Says:

    people will not agree with me but kandji was very overrated in my book great skills one on one but when he need to use his vision on the ball it just wasnt there and his goal touch….. well lets just say a anvil has more of a scoring touch then he does…. great skill one on one but that easy to do when you tower over everyone….. and over time that will fade….. you add ballouchy…. a man with good vision on the ball and can also put the ball in…. MIND you… in a postion that this organization id very very thin in midfield….. you trade from a postion of strength to fill a postion of weakness…. just a solid move by the redbulls…. to many time in the past we seen this organization go out and trade from a postion of weakness to fill a need we did not need to be filled…. and he is 27… just a solid move….

    • david Says:

      true we got alot of forwards and no loss for us cuz we got chinn who can score and salou who can score when he gets the chance and are mid is stronger now with ballouchy who might be are new starter next to marquez over tony cuz well tony can’t score like medi he can only stop ppl from scoreing but i think medi can do both

  15. Diego Says:

    I think that it was just a matter of time before Kandji left the Red Bulls. I think he has had a series of poor performances in the last few games he has played, so I am not necessarily sad to see him go. I don’t know much about Ballouchy, but he will not replace Richards. Richards has been instrumental in this new Red Bulls team. His speed is unparalleled and it is only a matter of time before he starts crossing more balls to Angel and Henry as he runs up the side. Who is ready for the play-offs?

  16. Billy S. Says:

    this is an allright move. kanjis skill on the ball will be missed but his lack of finishing will surley be a thing NY fans would want to forget. Ballouchy is an overall better player with alot more skill than Kanji, but it sucks we cant have him if he impresses and we do get to the final because of his visa status. . . both teams win a little and lose a little in this trade

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