The first offering worked out so well, the club has decided to again offer $1 hot dogs on the Plaza Level at the Arena, located on the street level at the Gate C beer garden for the Red Bulls match against Colorado Rapids on Saturday, September 11 (4 PM ET kickoff.  Have you purchased your TICKETS yet?).  This offer is ONLY available during halftime, and there is a maximum of 5 (five) hot dogs per transaction.  NOTE: All concession transaction on the Plaza Level MUST be in cash.

4 Responses to “$1 HOT DOGS ARE BACK!!”

  1. kpugs Says:

    I thought the main purpose of this was to shorten the concessions lines at halftime. The lines were as ridiculous as ever in my section of the stadium (the area around the supporters’ sections).

    So yeah, awesome, a million hot dogs got sold for a buck and yet it was still impossible to get a bottle of water or a beer.

  2. Jose Says:

    Not sure how this is supposed to fix the concession lines. The problem with the food is that it doesn’t come out fast enough, people need better training, better preparation.

    I mean a drink line/beer should go pretty fast..not sure why those lines take long. Also maybe ther concession stands are not placed at the proper places. Having people walking around offering drinks and hot dogs could cut some of the lines too.

  3. Dario Says:

    Concession lines/ room in the hallways are a joke.

    RB should have added a good 10 more feet to the halls. I still love the arena tho…

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