New York followed up its dominant performance last week with another this Saturday, posting a convincing 2-0 win over a strong San Jose Earthquakes side that had just come off a win over Los Angeles.  Dane Richards continued his run of good form with his first MLS tally this season, while Thierry Henry opened him MLS account to seal the win.  Rafa Marquez followed up his crisp performance in Toronto with another strong performance, showing the class that the Red Bulls expected when they signed him as their third Designated Player. Following tonight’s match, we got post match reaction from head coach Hans Backe, Richards, Carlos Mendes, Juan Pablo Angel, and Henry.  Share YOUR reaction in the comments section.



  1. great199 Says:

    Any update on TH14 injury?

  2. stas Says:

    Great result. Missed that game. But will definitely watch match highlight. I’m happy. Made my evening with that result.

  3. bryan Says:

    probally groin or cramp issue he did not go to the locker room he stayed on the bench so nothing serious probally…

  4. Dr. Truth Says:

    GO DANE!

  5. BC.Sec.130 Says:

    Great Game!! Supporters, great song with “WHEN BULLS COME MARCHING IN” all the sections want to sign with you and this could be the song. There was a buzz in our section after we heard you signing this song.
    Red Bulls good job trying to work out all the kinks of our new home (Path tickets sold at stadium,food and beer at gate C) keep it up!

    • alex Says:

      the path wasn’t a total mob! there was a actually sense of organization during (halftime) and after (path station) the game. was nice to see this. the crown was never to quiet and the stadium is slowly filling up! as long as the bulls keep winning this stadium will be full by next season.

      • bryan Says:

        the path train to newark was pretty empty the line to nyc looked pretty bad like 100 people trying to get into one door lol…

      • alex Says:

        i took it to NY and it was much better than it usually is

  6. theredbullscritic Says:

    Amazing game last night…Here’s what I saw; I wonder if you all saw this too:

  7. Claude Says:

    Great game. Took my kids to a RB match for their first time and they had a great time.

    Keep it up [Friendly] Dane!

  8. starks in tampa Says:

    great game, great performance I was happy.

  9. Jeff Says:

    Flood gates have been opened with TH14 scoring. This RB team is already a beast and it’s only going to get better. After we win MLS Cup, next year CCL.

  10. Reese Says:

    Well Dane does it again. Now has support of coach Backe, Thierry Henry, Emilio and Reese. Finally those of us who have appreciated the big picture of Danes promise can continue to enjoy and speak about his play. The Dane haters and those calling him “friendly” Dane Richards please continue to enjoy your humble pie. Maybe next mistake Dame bashers canremember this nice run of play. Henry certainly dies and Dane is looking smarter and more solid each game. Thanks Dane you have always been a solid Red Bull and loyal son of the club. Maybe time for ” friendly” Dane to get a shout out as “man of the match” Dane.

    • alex Says:

      what do u mean by henry certainly dies. and good luck with man of match dane but u cant deny that he has been far better then he was 5 games ago. the dane hating comments were justified for the most part… sorry.

  11. Reese Says:

    Typo of course it’s Henry does I love Henry

  12. christian Says:

    we are RB fans not richard fans like you.he had a horrible start to the season and the fans didnt want him in the first 11 because alot of players were playing better than him

  13. emilio Says:

    You guys fail to miss the point, and admit you were wrong. Dane has been our best option at that spot from the beggining of the season, he had his ups and downs, and now patience has paid off and he is playing at his best. A winger like Richards needs to be played in space and that will open up his game, the way the team is now constructed and having a knowledgeable player like Marquez in the middle who plays the ball as he does, just allows Dane’s game to improve. There were people here who know nothing of Irving Garcia saying that Garcia’s 20 minute performance ove Juventus justified him starting over Dane, thats just ridiculous. For one Backe knows more than we do about the sport, he knows what each player can bring to a game, he sees them on a daily basis and picks the lineup best suited to win, thats why Dane has been starting, and for the last 6 games he has consistently played at a high level. I dont want Dane to fail, an in form Richards makes us a legitimate threat, he is our best out and out winger and thats a fact. Henry knows football, and there is a reason he is high on Dane, Dane has a lot of talent and we all know it, cause we have seen it, in 2008 when he led us to the MLS Cup final (our greatest moments), and in his current form now. Henry over the years has gotten close to young players in whom he saw special talent, in Arsenal with Cesc Fabregas, who is now one of the best midfielders in world football, in Barcelona with Bojan Krkic, one of the top young players in the world who has made Ibrahimovic expendable. The confidence that he is instilling in him, will be a great benefit to the team. No team wins with one player and Dane Richards as recognized by Backe and now Henry is a key oiece to the puzzle no matter what the “fans” who criticize him at every occasion think. Good thing Backe is the coach and not Lou, etc.

    • Reese Says:

      Emilio well stated my feelings exactly. I love the Red Bulls entire squad but feel Dane has always been treated too harshly. Emilio says it all for me a bug picture approach. Thanks.

  14. sicote Says:

    I’ve been critical of Dane too, as anyone had to be over some of his redbulls career, but over the last several games he seems a changed player. It would be preposterous to bench him now–he’s playing the best he’s played for us in memory over these last 4-5 games. Whether it’s Henry’s influence or not, he’s suddenly blossomed. Long may it continue!

  15. Queens_NYRB_Fan Says:

    The game was great , well done team for getting a win!

    On another note, the commentators shep and cangalosi gotta go, they SUCK!!!

    • Slayer Says:

      I actually enjoy the announcers. They can be entertaining and have a high energy level…my one criticism is that they rarely state any more than the obvious. I think Christopher Sullivan on fsc does a good job. He is both insightful and entertaining.

    • BC.Sec.130 Says:


  16. Nicolas Says:

    I’m very happy for Henry’s first goal.And now, as I have already said, I’m watching all the NYRB highlights game…with pleasure…Sunday(in France),a NYRB’s game was televised on french TV…I watched it, I’m a new fan…

  17. sicote Says:

    That’s great, Nicolas. Welcome aboard!

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