In the ongoing effort at Red Bull Arena to attempt to shorten both the length of the concession lines and the amount of time spent on them, the club is unveiling a new offer that will occur at halftime of the Red Bulls’ match vs. San Jose Earthquakes this Saturday.  On the Plaza Level at the Arena, located on the street level at the Gate C beer garden, hot dogs will be offered for just $1 during the halftime break.  NOTE: All concession transaction on the Plaza Level MUST be in cash.



  1. nando Says:

    not a bad idea. hopefully this well help relieve some of the wait time at the consession stands but also make navigation that area much easier

  2. sicote Says:

    I was at the stadium for the first game and they were selling english pies. It was the best food I ever had in a stadium. BRING THEM BACK! The last time I went, I was looking forward to them all day but the stopped selling them. BRING ‘EM BACK!!!

  3. force76 Says:

    Anything that will help those horrible consession lines….I love Red Bull Arena but those consession stands are unbelievable….How come a hockey game can get people back to their seats in TWO 15 min intermissions…but this arena cant in one 15 min intermission?

    • alex Says:

      lol because just that. there are 2 breaks instead of one lol. i’d of thought that was common sense lmao. now there will be no concession lines and everyone will be crowded on the plaza!

  4. Jose Says:

    I like that they are doing this promotion, but at the same time couldn’t they address the issue of the concession lines. I was there for the LA Galaxy game and the people working the drink/candy concession were more concern of where people were standing instead of selling the product and had people waiting missing the game. This wasn’t a food line it was the drink/candy/pretzel stand. Come on Red Bulls let’s fix it! There is no reason for things to take this long. Also my wife went for Hot Dogs and she had to wait while they cooked, don’t you guys plan ahead and expect that people will eat food at concessions stands!!! Also remove row 9 from the upper section, people use it as a way to cross from one section to another. Minor things like this will make this great stadium even better!

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