A fantastic result for the Red Bulls, who extended their lead over third place Toronto FC to eight points with a comprehensive 4-1 win at BMO Field. The victory snapped the Reds’ 17-game unbeaten streak at home. Red Bulls midfielder Rafa Marquez tallied his first MLS goal with a thunderous strike from outside of the penalty box. The Mexican also provided the cross that led to the Joseph Nane own goal, while Juan Pablo Angel and Carl Robinson also tallied for New York.

We caught up with head coach Hans Backe, Angel, Marquez and Robinson after the win:

What did you think of the match?


14 Responses to “RED BULLS RUSH PAST TORONTO, 4-1”

  1. bryan Says:

    Tchani was very very good his ability to move the ball and vision on the field…. excelent… he is starting to show why he was the drafted so high… if things keep going the way they are that draft will probally go down as the best draft in redbull history…..

  2. Jeff Says:

    Just a preview of things to come….just need Henry to be fully fit and RB will be unstoppable.

  3. Dario Says:

    We NEED TO BEAT SJ at home next week…the rest of the calander gets pretty rough.

  4. Jorge Iniesta Says:

    The two recently acquired NY Red Bull players Henry and Marquez will give a big opportunity to the Red Bull to win this year MLS final, but I believe that a player of the caliber of Adriano from Brazil is needed to complete dream team, which will also help to fill the NY Red Bull Arena SSS, since the area of Harrison and the vicinity if full of Portuguese, simply watch how the meadowland get fill up when a Brazilian team come to visit. The Portuguese fans don’t simply go to see their Brazilian team they go because finally they get a chance to see their own national players to play.

  5. Queens_NYRB_Fan Says:

    I just have 4 words for Rafa… “You have redeemed yourself!”


  6. theredbullscritic Says:

    Let’s not jump for joy just yet. As Hans himself said, we came out strong but after the first 10 minutes it was very even. Rafa redeemed himself; but he still gave the ball away 3 or 4 times. For the rest of my report card, please go to

  7. Walter Says:

    I was so proud of our guys yesterday, now we are starting to look like a dominant team.

  8. Eugene Says:

    Superb win, now that’s great to see!!!

    Marquez’s opening goal was excellent, a thing of beauty. Golazo!


  9. Tim F. Says:

    I have only been able to watch the first half and game highlights so far but I hope to see the rest of the match soon. Coundoul, Ream and Mendes came up huge for the team at first and kept the team in the game. Marquez’s volley and free kick were as good as they get; thought the first was goal of the week although Ching’s bicycle kick will win some votes as well. Tchani was just fantastic; one of his best games and with play like that he should be considered, along with Ream, as top rookie of the year candidates. Henry’s clearly attracting a lot of attention leaving other Red Bull players with more space to work with. Richards had two great crosses that led to goals; it would be great if that could continue. Great effort by the team! Let’s get another three points from the Earthquakes on Saturday!!!

  10. World Soccer Reader » This Week In MLS: Rafa Marquez Makes Amends Against TFC Says:

    […] There’s still a third of the regular season and the playoffs to go, but a handful of performances like that, and I will most certainly be a Rafa Marquez fan, regardless of where he plays internationally. Now we just have to get him some English lessons (fast forward to 2:15). […]

  11. theredbullscritic Says:

    Does Number 77 want to prove he’s best DP in MLS?

  12. mase Says:

    Jumped out of my seat when Marquez scored that golazo,looking better but he still isnt in 100% game shape you noticed it on a couple of bad give aways . I was riding him until he scored that goal. Impressive performance by the NJRB all in all. Shep needs to get off of Bouna Times back, is he the best goalie in the world?,no but he is pretty damn good. Shep made it sound like no great goalie has ever given up a goal in between the legs. Henry coming out of the game was funny seemed like he expected an ovation but instead received a handful of boo’s. Tried pulling a Beckham by applauding to the road crowd. Those days are over in MLS my friend.

  13. Agel Says:

    Gracias por compartir.

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