Newly signed New York Red Bulls designated player Rafa Marquez conveys a message to the supporters of the club.

Watch this video and more on the NewYorkRedBulls.com official video player.



  1. nando Says:

    good message, great attitude but cost us a point this past saturday. although i can already see the upgrade he is in that position and i know he will be great with NY with some more fitness and once this team gels after several games consistently playing together

  2. Tim F. Says:

    Welcome Rafa and we look forward to having you play for the Red Bulls. MLS is a physical league with sometimes substantial distances to travel for away games. Let’s get three points at Toronto on Saturday!

  3. Catalina Adorno Says:

    Rafa Marquez will be great…he has always been and he will prove it in the Red Bulls.
    I am soo happy he is playing for NY.

  4. Seguro Says:

    Gracias por esas palabritas, Rafa, y gracias por tu confianza en nuestra liga y nuestras hinchas que siempre te vamos apoyar por tu lucha y trabajo!

  5. pipita Says:


  6. Dario Says:

    I already purchased his kit.

  7. tommy w. Says:

    Just win, don’t apologize for the LA game.

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