In a game that was hyped as a potential MLS Cup matchup, local product Edson Buddle provided the match’s only tally as Los Angeles defeated the Red Bulls, 1-0, at a sold out Red Bull Arena.  Despite carrying play for much of the match, New York could not find the final pass, or if they did, were denied by some unforgiving woodwork.  With all three DPs on the pitch at home for the first time, the Red Bulls could not find the cohesion they need if they want to beat the league’s top team.  Following the match, we sought out head coach Hans Backe and players Rafa Marquez, Juan Pablo Angel, Dane Richards, and Chris Albright, to get their thoughts on the match.  Share YOUR thoughts in the comments section.


  1. alex Says:

    refs like that make me furious. cant beleive angel got a yellow when richards was taken down in a headlock.

  2. Scott Says:

    No wonder there were no American refs at the World Cup they are terrible. There was so much contact, shirt pulling and basic fouling that was never called. It’s plain to see why we don’t get respect in the football world with that kind of performance. Red Bulls need to stop playing long ball Bradley style and start moving the ball up the on the ground. Of course you need some players that can dribble and that is asking a lot of these players.

  3. Alle Says:

    The ref was an idiot, so many pathetic calls. He was clearly from Los Angeles – either that OR he wanted to show off in front of the cameras against the likes of Henry and co. And the Galaxy players falling over as if they were shot, hilarious.

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  5. Jess Says:

    Was that ref watching the game or was he just star struck with the new talent and firepower of our red bulls.
    Juan pablo angel really did his part as captain, aside from playing another great game he stuck up for his teamates like a real captain should. And what was up with henry, didn’t really like his performance tonight but I guess its gonna take some time…rafa marquez keep it up

  6. Chan Says:

    I was in Sec. 124 and had a clear view of many of those calls. The linesman was a joke, stopping decent attacks better than the Galaxy defense (although JPA and TH were also offsides a couple of times, more often they weren’t). The ref for me was only slightly better. The headlock Donovan gave Dane was ridiculous and not called. In the end, however, RB should have done much better than they did tonight. Rafa was out of sorts, and the offense would not pull the trigger but preferred to pass. LA showed that a game like this hinges on limiting mistakes, and RB made one. When the new guys get fit and on the same page, things will improve.

    • Ed Says:

      Agree. The linesman was worse than the referee. And that’s a lot to say. A lot of inexistent off-sides.

      The Red Bulls also wasted a lot of time passing the ball back and forth amongst the back four. That’ OK when we are up by two goals or so, but when we are loosing it’s unacceptable. And then there were so many chances to pass the ball to either Henry or Angel by splitting the defense, but instead they pass it laterally or back. Albright had so many chances to send the ball to Angel and Henry but he seem to take too long and by then they were too close and couldn’t do it anymore. You could see Henry and Angel’s frustration.

      Rafa had a bad start. RB had three games six days. A few players had to travel abroad. You can’t play well like that.

      Things will get better no doubt.

  7. Jessee Says:

    It wil take time for the team to gell, but when they do, things will be better. Refs were horrible obviously. The LA-NY rivalry is quickly cementing itself as the best rivalry in MLS and as it should be being the two biggest clubs in the league.

  8. zack Says:

    refs cost us the game and red bull arena did not look sold out to me there were alot of empty seats there

  9. Dario Says:

    I was also at the game…and all the officials were pathetic.

  10. Tim F. Says:

    I want to watch the game again but like the notes above have voiced, I felt the call on Dane was crazy (perhaps due to our angle) when he was being held and I thought there were some incorrect offside calls (some were correct for sure) that wrongly cut short some promising Red Bull attacks; tough to swallow in a tight match. The linesman furthest away from the benches was pathetic.

    To the Galaxy’s credit, they did not allow the Red Bulls as much time on the ball as previoius opponents have For the Red Bulls to challenge for MLS Cup, they must pass and move off the ball quicker than they did tonight. Also, the ability to cross the ball by the Red Bulls continues to be surprisingly weak and Marquez was not effective in the distribution from defense to offense and to creating more offensive threatening situations.

    I thought Tchani played very well for a rookie tonight; he continues to show much promise and I hope the team continues to develop him, play him and sign him to a long term contract so that if he leaves, the club can get a transfer fee.

    Loved Henry’s slide to get the ball toward the end of the game — fantastic — but the team needs to figure out how to get Henry the ball more often and sooner. This should be work area #1.

  11. BC.Sec.130 Says:

    Too Happy with a loss, we should never drop points with 3 DP at home. Henry, we have 2 points in 3 games is it worth all the money. I hope so! Already booked my flight to Toronto, will you give me my money back if we don’t make it!

    • bc-sec.130 Says:

      At El Pastor’s for 3 hours before the game, I forgot about our win against TFC. Still not happy with our play, we have to score at home.

  12. JW Says:



    RBNY just needs to learn to play together. The talent is there.

  13. Eugene Says:

    Last night’s result was unacceptable. The fans showed up, we did our part, we were loud and supportive.

    But c’mon, shut out at home?!?!


    And for Juan Pablo to get criticized?! He was often our best player on the field, and created the only close chances. Frankly, results like these will cause people to question why we acquired Marquez instead of a playmaker for DP money. Was it just for the gate? Because he didn’t bring it on the field.

    And Henry needs to let Angel take the free kicks from now on.

  14. montclair critic Says:

    The PROBLEM wasn’t the ref…it was the Red Bulls. With Marquez in the back it was one long ball after another. That is fine if tempered by a midfield that can balance the attack. TCHANI isn’t ready Hans…maybe next year. There are two options BACKE should try.

    1. Move Stammler to the bottom of the diamond and Rafa up top and let him control the ball and midfield…Sit TCHANI

    2. Try Ubiprovic as the holding playmaker…he has the skill and the forward drive, keep marquez at the bottom of the diamond.

    TCHANI just does hal the job, which is holding and moving, but he doesn’t see runs he doesn’t create. He’s not a leader, just a holder right now.

    • Cubillas Says:

      I agree with you Montclair. I would like the team to try playing Garcia on the right wing instead of Dane. That kid can create and he deserves a chance to provide playmaking which I have not seen yet our team do. Attacking from the wings becomes too predictable after a while and that kid knows better than Dane when to shoot, cross or pass the ball.

      • emilio Says:

        Richards played well, I dont know what this whole Irving Garcia obsession is about, its actually comical.

  15. Eugene Says:

    Ubi was horrendous last night, so many missed chances, terrible passes, tripping over his feet, overhit crosses. He basically should not have seen the field.

    The team was definitely the bigger problem yesterday, but the ref was IN FACT awful. From people who saw it first hand and not through a lense. The offsides calls were late and at times odd. Richards won the ball from De La Garza (#20) on a breakaway just outside the 18 yd box and #20 went down as if he’d been shot, only to sit up, see if first aid was coming, and then lie back down. Then he got up immediately, and went to the side. The ref let him back on the field in ONE SECOND. Outrageous. That was a breakaway for us and the LA player was never injured, just obviously faking it.

    Donovan manhandling Richards and Richards getting called for the foul, also on a breakaway. Outrageous. Angel got a card for complaining… when was the last time that Angel has gotten a card? He’s known for being classy.

    Thierry Henry hits a shot on goal that is deflected out off an LA player. Instead of a corner kick, they get a goal kick. What the hell is that?

    There is no wonder why the fans were so pissed off and dropping f bombs on that side. As my wife said, every time NY came close to the LA goal, the ref was blowing his whistle.

    It was so one-sided, it was obvious.

  16. Cindy Says:

    Ubi was terrible last night. i’ve never felt so disgusted with a sub before i’ pretty sure, he just kept giving the ball away.

    Richards was impressive, i’m proud of him for showing fight lately, but at the same time i feel like he’s only good for one half of a game.

    Tchani is getting better and better, there are still gaps in his game but it’s good to see him improving not staying the same.

    i agree with everyone, the ref was complete and utter crap.

  17. Ken Says:

    I agree with you Eugene 100% JPA get criticized is nuts. I think Back is scared to admit that Henry and Marquez where just as bad or worse so he is making JPA the scapegoat. At least he almost scored via header and got shot off. UBI LOL flat out sucks and is slow and no passing skills.

  18. sicote Says:

    The ref & linesmen stunk it up but that can’t be our excuse.

    The problem is there’s no supply for JPA & Henry. I have felt all along that Marquez may be a great player but he’s not the player we needed. We need a real #10.

  19. JOrge Iniesta Says:

    The Red Bulls should sign a Portuguese player of the caliber of Nani who play for the Sagre, by signing a Portuguese or a Brazilian player the NY Red Bulls Arena should fill most of the 25,000 seats for the rest of the MLS season, since Harrison and the area close to Harrison is full of Portuguese’s and Brazilian descendents.

    • bc-sec.130 Says:

      That sounds good but we’re done signing players. Lets work with the team we got and hopefully they will gel and get us into the playoff. Our team has as much talent as any team in MLS. Now they just need time to play well together, if we add any more players it will just take that much longer for them to play as a team.
      Just finished my 24 hours of great sadness and now I’m getting ready for TFC! Go Red Bulls!!!

  20. emilio Says:

    Juan Pablo did not have a good game, his first touch was off, many passes made to him and he couldnt properly control, there was one pass in particular that he handled poorly on the first touch which allowed the Galaxy defenders to close down on him easily. He didnt play great like some of you say, but Im not gonna go crazy about the loss, the team hasnt played together as constituted and we lost because of a mistake in the middle of the field, that can be corrected. The team did not look inferior to the Galaxy, get Marquez and Henry on the same page and we should be ok.

  21. emilio Says:

    Juan Pablo Angel may have to decide if he is willing to come back for less than DP money, its very possible the team may want to use a DP on another player, so he needs to play his best to earn a new contract. We have to determine if Henry and Angel are compatible, and we know Henry isnt going anywhere. The sustitution of Angel at the end of the game losing 1-0 would have never happened pre-Henry. That was a symbolic moment in showing that past-laurels will not carry this team. Lets see how the pairing works out. Next year should be interesting Backe and Soler will have an entire off-season to make moves and they know our needs.

  22. Montclair Critic Says:

    Thanks Cubillus, and Emilio you are wrong…I’ve seen that kid play twice and he’s explosive. Dane’s problem is he has one thing — speed; and one move which is kick and run. He’s not a great crosser of the ball, and defensively suspect. Kandji has been an added bonus on defense, but not a great threat on the wing. He should come in for Henry and or Angel — both old and tired by the 75 minute — take turns. As for Garcia, here’s what he can do that Dane cannot…he can get it on the outside of the box and take a guy on one on one in front and get by him…Dane has zero moves just speed. He is owrking harder now on D which is great. overall still the problem lies with Tchani.

    • jpjr79 Says:

      @montclair critic – I don’t get this fan obsession with Garcia either, did you see him in Harrisburg? He was awful against USL 2 players. You’ve seen him play twice, Hans sees him practice 10 hours a week – if he was good enough he would play, he clearly isn’t just yet. I’m not saying he doesn’t have potential, but he’s not ready for 1st team minutes yet

      • emilio Says:

        Maybe Montclair critic knows more about the sport than Hans Backe, this whole thing is funny. Maybe Garcia should have been on the World Cup squad since he looked ok in a few friendlies, lets be real please. Hans Backe is here to win games, if he thought Garcia was our best option he would play him, it has nothing to do with him being a rookie, Tchani and Ream have earned play with what he saw in practice etc. Lets get over this Garcia thing, Richards wasnt our problem on Saturday night.

  23. Montclair Critic Says:

    Let’s see: Hans sees something good in practice but that is somehow better than how Garcia did in a friendly? I agree Richards played well, has strengths that Kandji doesn’t have…But you must agree that his game is one-demensional. Garcia has been injured as I’m sure you know. Also coaches, even the great Hans, get comfortable and can become conservative, and if anything, Hans has proved conservative in his line up and in his structure (mostly for the better). The key question I raise and I’d love for Hans to jump in, is Tchani is not a play maker. I think Marquez could be that — that nifty little pass through the wickets of the defense in Chicago suggested so — so why don’t we give him a shot up top of the diamond and try stammler below. Seth works hard and is a good defender.

    • Alex Says:

      Rafa is not an attacking mid. i see why you would want to put him there but he was built around being a CB or CDM. you cant really put him in an attacking possition just like that. tchani is not there yet but i think he has some potential. he can move the ball and keep it hut he just has to learn to be a little more creative and think faster. he needs to know were he is on the field and were everyone else is as-well.

  24. emilio Says:

    The team is lacking a playmaker so that is why we are playing with our current set up, Marquez is not a playmaker, Tchani is not our problem. I dont know what this Garcia obsession is all about, he seemed ok in those friendlies, nothing out of the ordinary to warrant first team minutes, and in the game against Harrisburg where he had a chance to distinguish himself againt a weaker team he didnt perform. If you think Garcia is the cure to our problems or a solution, than I dont know what to say.

  25. Burrman Says:

    I think Lindpere must play in the Center and not on the Wing. He is one of Red Bulls top players and he does not get enough touches on the ball when he is out wide. Lindpere in the middle will improve the offence. Tchani did a decent job distributing the ball but he did not create enough offence. He is young and he will learn. Marquez play was unimpressive and his turnover in the midfield led to the LA goal.

    other than that nice crowd and for a 1-0 game it got really loud several times and the place was rocking.

    • Alex Says:

      he plays better on the wing. he crosses well and he was playing in the middle because there was no one else to put there until marquez. now lindpere can finally play on the wing were he likes it because he doesn’t have to be the sole link between offense and defense anymore. i think tchani will get better. he is still young and wait until he trains with henry and marquez for a couple months. i think next season we will all see a different team then what we see now.

      • emilio Says:

        We dont have to panic after one game where we competed at the same level with the leagues top side. The Galaxy were not the better team on Saturday and Marquez’s error which led to our goal could have been avaoided. Tchani was clearly our best player on Saturday, he is a great ball winner and will be an asset going forward.

  26. Reese Says:

    The constant Dane Richards bashing is becoming tiresome. No matter how he plays everyone with the anti-Dane agenda knocks him. He is an asset plays hard and to me is a loyal Red Bull. Nothing wrong with Dane just a bandwagon mentality against him.

    • Slayer Says:

      Dane frustrates me at least 3 times a game when he tries to push through and go it alone but ends up being dispossessed. Still, during the galaxy match he earned some tough corners. I am learning to take the bad with the good. Maybe Henry can teach him something.

      • emilio Says:

        This is soccer not basketball, every time an attacking player attempts to make a play is not gonna be succesful, Dane isnt a great player but he is a good player, and he can be very dangerous. At times he needs to make quicker decisions and release the ball quicker, but he isnt the liability the Dane bashers make him out to be, imagine if he had lost the ball in the middle of the field like Marquez did the other day, or Angel did against Colombus a few weeks earlier. Lets be objective and fair in our analysis.

  27. theredbullcritic Says:

    DANE BASHING: MYTHS AND REALITIES…will be subject of my next blog. I’d love for you all to way in.. Emelio and Reese and Slayer all make good comments, let’s see if I can suss it out.

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