The Red Bulls battle the Galaxy tonight at Red Bull Arena in a battle of the top team in the West against the Eastern Conference’s #2 team.  It was just announced that Bruce Arena, battling an illness, will not be on the sidelines for Los Angeles tonight, but the Galaxy will have Landon Donovan and Edson Buddle leading the offense.  The club will honor retiring Clint Mathis prior to the match, which is sold out.  This match will be the home debut of Rafa Marquez, and will mark the first time that the three Red Bulls DPs will be on the Red Bull Arena pitch.New York Red Bulls:






Subs: Sutton, Petke, Kandji, Robinson, Ubiparipovic, Stammler, Borman

Los Angeles Galaxy:




De La Garza——Berhalter——-Gonzalez——–Franklin


Subs: Saunders, Leonardo, Jordan, Lewis, Klein, Kirovski, Magee


1′ And we’re off…

1′ Great ceremony honoring Clint Mathis before the match.

3′ NY with some early pressure, but can’t get a shot off.

7′ Birchall with a blast from distance that goes off the crossbar and out.

10′ Goal LA.  Buddle breaks in alone after a defensive miscue, and he slots the ball past Coundoul to give LA the lead.

12′ NY counters with a long run from Richards, but his cross can’t get to Angel in a good position.

17′ Marquez whips in a cross that catches Angel wrong-footed and his header goes wide.

18′ A great track back from Richards leads to a Donovan turnover.

26′ Another free kick for NY goes begging.

29′ Angel to Henry to Marquez DP connection almost frees Marquez on net.

35′ NY keeping up the pressure, but not a ton of real scoring chances yet.

38′ Free kick in a dangerous spot for JPA

38′ Angel puts the restart just wide.

42′ Angel whistled for offsides.

45′ Marquez draws a foul in a dangerous spot.  1 minute of stoppage

45+’ Angel’s header hits the crossbar and goes out.

HALFTIME: 1-0 LA and the break.

46′ And we’re back

49′ Buddle misses from point blank range.

52′ Henry ruled to be offsides

53′ On an LA miscue, Ricketts beats Henry to the 50/50 and Angel can’t get to the rebound before its cleared out.

57′ Ream volleys it over off a Marquez corner.

59′ Angel gets a yellow after several apparent fouls were not called by the ref.

61′ LA sub: Magee for Bowen

68′ Lindpere lays it off for Henry, but he can’t get the shot on frame.

71′ NY sub: Kandji for Marquez

71′ Lindpere moves to the top of the diamond, Kandji goes to the left and Tchani plays the holding spot.

73′ Tchani’s header off a Lindpere corner is off the post and Ream’s follow is deflected out.

76′ Yellow to Miller for a foul on Gonzalez.

78′ Richards pressure earns a corner.

79′ Henry earns a foul in a dangerous spot for NY

80′ The ball hits an LA hand in the wall for another kick

81′ Henry puts it off the wall and Richards puts the rebound well over.

83′ LA sub: Klein for Birchall.

85′ NY sub: Sinisa for Angel

86′ Corner for NY upcoming.

90′ LA sub: Kirovski for Juninho

90′ 4 minutes of stoppage

90+’ Buddle gets free but Coundoul pokes it wide.

FULL TIME: LA takes the first meeting between the two sides, 1-0.



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  2. david Says:

    hope red bulls get 3 points today

  3. christian Says:


  4. karbaz Says:

    This is a big game for us, we really need to expand our distance between us and Toronto even farther and we need to capitalize on LA’s recent form.

    I think today’s the day Henry get’s his first goal for us. Cmon You Bulls!!!!!

  5. christian Says:

    the game is on its 5th minute and the stadium is empty!what happened to it being a sellout?

  6. karbaz Says:

    Cmon guys wtf was that?

  7. karbaz Says:

    Our passing has been terrible at certain moments in this game, we need to get Henry the ball but we can’t force it to him.

  8. david Says:

    are D messed up and now we are down 1-0 2nd half we have to socre and tie it

  9. sicote Says:

    Hey, anybody notice that Rafa and Henry keep dropping to the ground hoping to get foul calls that they’re never going to get in MLS, where the refs treat the games like rugby?

  10. Belluschi_08 Says:

    where is Garcia!!!!!!?

  11. sicote Says:

    Also, not to be too negative, by Rafa is playing at a La Liga pace when MLS is much more of a Premier League pace. Not to say that MLS is of that quality, but it’s a fast moving league. I’ve seen Rafa lose the ball a couple of times in this game and in his previous (was it Chicago) because he was operating at that slower Liga pace, expecting more time on the ball. I’m a little worried about that.

    • karbaz Says:

      You do realize that this is what Marquez’s second game with new york right? Were you seriously expecting him to already be in sync with his new teammates. This team will not fully gel until they get a proper full pre-season.

      If you seriously think the MLS is faster paced that La Liga then you don’t watch La Liga at all. Quite embarrassing yourself.

  12. sicote Says:

    I think the question is “WHO is Garcia?”

    just kidding. Is it Irving? Why do you think he should be playing in this game?

  13. sicote Says:

    Look–just saw a replay of the goal and Marquez just got totally shouldered off the ball. He’s not used to the physical nature of this league.

    • karbaz Says:

      Oh jesus christ you know nothing about football do you. Listen, before going to La Liga Marquez played in the french league which is considered as physical as the premier league, just stop talking now, your making yourself look dumb.

  14. christian Says:

    i think the ref forgot what sport this is

  15. christian Says:

    so dono grabs richards by the neck ,dracg him down and richards made the fouled??

  16. karbaz Says:

    Im struggling to think who we have on the bench other than maybe Kandji who can be a real game changer.

    I think Henry has got to stay in all game, bring in Kandji for Tchani.

  17. karbaz Says:

    Good Kandji is on, Marquez really shouldn’t have played that friendly with Spain, he look tired from the start.

  18. karbaz Says:

    Cmon guys we could do it.

  19. christian Says:

    now ubi for tchani maybe?

  20. karbaz Says:


  21. jmp Says:

    LA is pretty good organised. Difficult to break down in open play. Too bad we cant seem to break their offside-trap. The team needs time to gel, and secure their playoff position.

  22. david Says:

    we lost this game lets hope RSL beat thes crew to keep us alive of takeing first place

  23. david Says:

    ubi sucks sucks sucks why does the team keep giveing him the ball

    • Tito Says:

      I second that, he has no fire power in him, Why did we take off Angel for him? Why did Lindpere pass to Henry instead of shooting on his semi breakaway?, why is Richards so inconsistant? Why does Backe insist on the 4-4-2? A team like the Red Bulls with so many attacking power should be playing a 4-3-3!








      And we bench Richards and Ubiparapovic. Too many ? and not enough !

  24. karbaz Says:


    Not good, not good at all. Really nothing else to say.

    • david Says:

      everybody saids it the red bulls will be 10x better next year when henry and marquez are 100% fit also adding that Attack Mid that they want soooooo bad

      • karbaz Says:

        That’s certainly the plan, Rafa and Henry would have a full pre-season with the squad to gel, Henry and Angle will figure out how to play off each other, our mids aside from Rafa will figure out Henry’s movements and mannerisms. The final product will hopefully be ready by next season. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be playing better, we should be and we need to finish our chances.

      • david Says:

        ture we messed up alot of chances that should have give us a tie and that pissed me off ubi was the number one to mess up those chances

  25. Eugene Says:

    Red Bulls were atrocious. No offense

  26. Taz Says:

    Very disapointing performance by the trio of DPs……

  27. zack Says:

    god one D mistake and we lost the game

  28. sicote Says:

    Marquez is obviously a high quality player. And of course it will take time for him to gel with the team. But that’s a little beside the point.

    The question for me is, was he really the player we need? I think it’s really clear we need a creative midfielder more than what Marquez is supposed to provide. I’m saying “supposed” because I know him more by reputation than by watching him play very much. His reputation is as a defensive midfielder, not a #10, right?

  29. montclair critic Says:

    Tchani cannot be the playmaker this year. He gets the ball and does nothing with it and never gets it back because he’s completely lost. He can’t make a pass more than 10 yards down the field.

    Marquez changes the team in a way that is becoming a little concerning without a strong playmaker. One long ball after another with offside trap easily defending it. Hans where is the build up?

    Answer: Move stammler plays bottom of the diamond, move Marquez to the top and sit tchani.

  30. sicote Says:

    Montclair, can Marquez really play that role?

    I think we looked better against Chicago AFTER Marquez came out. And we were decent on Wednesday against Toronto with Stammler in the middle. In fact, he set up Lindpere for the goal.

    Obviously it’s too early to say “chuck Marquez” but I think the transition time could be longer than expected.

    Henry and Angel looked utterly bereft of supply tonight.

  31. chrisg Says:

    Im really thinking that we need to be running a 4-3-3. I think it wont be until next season before this team gels.

  32. sicote Says:

    What’s your line-up in that formation, Chris? Remember, Henry doesn’t want to play wide left…

  33. chrisg Says:

    No but he can. Instead I would probably place Henry wide left but give him more of a free role, able to really drift where he wants.


  34. chrisg Says:

    Or you could run something like this


    This 4-3-3 is more similar to a 4-1-2-1-2 with the exception that the 3rd forward position plays similiar to a right winger. Also Lindpere position becomes more of an attacking role.

  35. sicote Says:

    what about

    Al, Mendes, Ream, Miller
    Richards, Lindpere
    Henry, JPA?

  36. emilio Says:

    Tchani was our best player today.

  37. What Exactly are Football Bets? « Traditional Chinese Furniture Says:


  38. Jessee Says:

    Once everyone is on the same page it’s all over for everyone else, except the other big club LA Galaxy of course (plus if they get dinho next season.)

  39. Ken Says:

    I agree with everyones assesment. After watching this team from the start I am Love JPA but he got no service tonight and am hoping Henry comes into his own. BUt remember what I said Marquez is not and will never be DP material. He is not the player we needed. We need an attacking CAM who can shoot like Amado Guevera used to play. Marquez is a good quality fullback and not to take anything away from him but for me not DP quality. Henry I loved but has shown me nothing and appears to be disinterested except for the one play where he got the crowd going. UBI SUCKS and should be cut has no speed, no crossing skills and gave the ball away everyone time he touched it. Ream has overall suprised me and has played very well.

  40. Jamez Says:

    anyone that thinks its a good idea to sit Tchani is a flipping idiot he’s the be st Midfielder on your team that dude did it all for Redbull tonight a standout player for me. Had me wondering if it was him or Marquez that was the DP. Redbull needs a creative player and Sit Richards or Lindpere, I’m still not convinced by this Lindpere guy that everyone thinks is so good.

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