A Joel Lindpere goal was all the Red Bulls needed to capture three points tonight, as New York posted a 1-0 win over Toronto FC at Red Bull Arena.  The Red Bulls have now earned points in eight of their last nine matches, and have moved five points clear of TFC in second place in the Eastern Conference.  It was a solid defensive performance for New York, which overcame a slow start and dominated possession for large portions of the match.  Following the match, head coach Hans Backe and players Thierry Henry, Lindpere, and Greg Sutton shared their thoughts on the match.  What are YOUR thoughts on the match?  Who was your Man of the Match?  What about your Unsung Hero?  How do you think the Red Bulls will fare in their much anticipated match with the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Montclair Critic Says:

    Hans Backe needs to consider starting Sinusu Ubiprovic…he’s the best holding playmaker in th e midfield we have…tchanni is clunky and never moves the ball without holding for too long.

    • Jamez Says:

      Sanisa is a liability on defense thats why he does not start. He’s soft and easily dispossessed whenever we play against hard nosed Midfielders.

  2. dena Says:

    Lindpere! I love you!!

  3. Grimnitz Says:

    Tim Ream should have been the MVP. No offense to Lindpere, but Rea, neutralized most of Toronto’s attack and pushed well ahead to the top.

  4. bryan Says:

    good game by Chris Albright…..

    • Gigi Says:

      I second that his best game in a long time but Stammler shocked the he’ll outa me made some cheeky back heels and flicks. Scrappy game but entertainin nontheless

  5. George Rodriguez Says:

    there is no midfield connection from defense area to the forwards…. always playing back… risking a mistake a short distance from our goal…
    Long balls to empty field instead of attempting to connect to someone up front – IN THE MIDDLE – Failed attempts to score right in front of the goal…. (practice finishing) Keep this up… Galaxy’ll walk all over the RB ;o(

  6. emilio Says:

    If we play like we did against Chicago with Marquez as the orchestrator the Galaxy will have to be carefull as well, and one more game for Henry to acclimate himself to the team.

  7. Tim F. Says:

    like Tim, Tony impresses me with his play and the only way he will improve is by playing. I like the rotation that Hans is going with;

    Juan Pablo and Thierry starting at forward with Salou the first option off the bench (Salou did much better against Toronto than his last match;

    Mac, Joel, Rafa and Tony in midfield (with Dane, Sinisa, Carl or Seth as options off the bench);

    Roy, Tim, Carlos and Chris in defense (with Danleigh an option if Roy needs the night off); and

    Bounda in goal.

  8. Tim F. Says:

    the biggest takeaway from the game; THEY NEED TO GET THIERRY THE BALL SOONER AND MORE OFTEN. He didn’t touch it until the 16th minute.

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