New York returns to Red Bull Arena for an MLS match for the first time since June 10 when the Red Bulls host Toronto FC.  New York will be without three players due to international duty, but several players are ready to step in and fill their roles.  We spoke with head coach Hans Backe, Greg Sutton, and Carl Robinson to get their thoughts on the match.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.


  1. Marc Silverstein Says:

    now that Danny Cepero was called up to the Unionfor Wed nite? Who will be the back-up NYRB GK tomorrow?

  2. Marc Silverstein Says:

    thanks David for your reply, but if you knew anythng about NYRB you would know Bouna was called up by his Naitonal team and Sutton will be starting. So before you make accusations, research it first ok? They still need a back-up for tomorrow….

    • patrick Says:

      yeah, i was wondering that too. who will be the back up to sutton for the game? Do we even have a third goalie?

      • patrick Says:

        wait answered my question, we do not have a third GK. Now philly just got cepero to be back up to seitz because knight, or knighton i am not sure what his name is,is out on a red card suspension, don’t we have to do something like that?

  3. Dario Says:


  4. Starks in Tampa Says:

    lol danny cepero, seemed like a decent kid but not a GK. Not even for MLS.

  5. Igor Says:

    We’ll probably get an MLS pool keeper for the game. He’s likely training with the team already.

    The MLS pool keepers (at least on June 14th) are Kevin Guppy, Alex Horwath, and Chris Sharpe.

  6. Marc Silverstein Says:

    thanks Igor, is the pool goalkeeper list actually made public?

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