Despite out-shooting the Fire 22-5 and 16-2 in the second half, the Red Bulls played Chicago to a 0-0 tie at TOYOTA Park in front of a stadium-record 21,868 spectators. One bright spot was that Red Bulls midfielder Rafa Marquez made his club debut against the Fire, starting and playing 61 minutes. However, Fire goalkeeper Sean Johnson made a number of key saves down the stretch, as New York returns home with a disappointing point. We caught up with head coach Hans Backe and forwards Juan Pablo Angel and Thierry Henry, who left the match right before halftime with a slight groin strain.

We also have Marquez’s thoughts below (the questions and answers are translated into English):

Rafa Marquez on 0-0 tie with Fire Aug. 8



  1. Jeff Says:

    The Bulls are the official super club of MLS. Their performance tonight showed lots of class play. Just wait until Henry and Marquez are fully fit….this team is going to be unstoppable.

  2. bryan Says:

    i dont know how kanji missed that tap in… i mean for the love of everything that is holy come on man lol….

  3. Tim F. Says:

    It is unfortunate that the Red Bulls tied as they were the better team for most of the game. Marquez made a huge difference. I don’t know if he will generate as many scoring chances as Javier Morales, Guillermo Barros Schelotto or David Ferreira but he generated some and he helped settle the play through the middle of the field. Tchani is showing great signs of improvement and hope he continues to play a lot. Ream with another stellar performance.

    I liked the starting lineup and felt Richards provided a great spark off the bench. Kandji has to put one of those opportunities away and I expected a little more energy from Salou when he came on. Everyone else had a strong game.

    Get better soon Thierry; the team has to get him the ball more often unless he is being triple covered.

    The team need three points against both Toronto and Los Angeles this week.

  4. jack Says:

    ta be honest i was not impressed with marquez’s performance

    • arnold palmer Says:

      unless you dont kno wat position he plays theres nothing that attractive about the defensive midfielder. marquez does all the dirty work and distributes the ball. from what i saw last night i saw pure class with his vision ,touch, and leadership.

      • jack Says:

        i am a barca and redbulls fan and i am very aware of his skills and what a defensive midfielder must do however yesterday he gave the ball away quite a few times and did not seem to be on his regular game i was not attacking him as a player i was questioning his performance on that particular night

    • The Obvious Says:

      Jack buddy, rookie, listen….. Marquez hasn’t seen the field in a while now and has just begun training with the Red Bulls. He is not going to come out and be WOW the first game, it takes a few minutes or even a few games to get into things.

      His first 30 minutes, sure you can say he didn’t play up to par but his final 30 minutes were well above good and his pass down the field to Richards even almost gave us a goal but Kandji missed the sitter. To see he is not on his regular in his first game with the Bulls and in some time is the common thing to say but to say he had a bad game or we shouldn’t be impressed, kind of a stretch there buddy.

      Plain and simple, Marquez came in did his job, played his role well and showed us we have much more to look forward to.

      • jack Says:

        buddy… i think you guys are stretching the meaning of my comment i was simply saying he did not have a game that lives up to his normal standards which is perfectly understandable because he hasnt become acclimated with the team yet and is probably still regaining match fitness

  5. Cindy Says:

    i agree, i like Dane better off the bench. i think he played with more passion knowing he’s no longer guaranteed a starting spot and he has something to prove now. or he’s always only been good in shorter spurts. either way we played very well today it was a shame we didn’t get all three points but at least out defense didn’t make any heinous gaffes!

  6. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I think you guys are giving the redbulls too much credit..they did not play all that well, matter of fact I was watching the game with a Turkish freind of mine who is a huge fan of galatassaray and he couldnt stand watching the game for more then 10 minutes, MLS still has a long way to go, this league has no midfield play whatsoever, I mean every time our mids got he ball it went back to the backs, the midfield was always facing our end of the field never looking to create it was bloody awful.

    yes the redbulls should have won but seriously I love to support this growing league but that game yesterday on national tv was a chance to show the country that this league is improving and the soccer on the field is fun to watch but it was anything but…

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I throw the galatassaray reference because a Turkish SuperLiga fan thought that soccer was unwatchable…..thats funny to me.

      • Jessee Says:

        The league is only 15 years old, did the EPL hit the ground running? No! There were sloppy times then, but with a great deal of time the league grew in quality over the decades that followed. The reason the Red Bulls didn’t win was because of Sean Johnson in goal (for Chicago) who made some spectacular saves. The MLS can’t dedicate alot of money to improve quality super fast because the game because it isn’t yet a huge sport here, if it was there wouldn’t be ignorant people criticizing a league that hasn’t been around half the time big European leagues heave been around.

      • alex Says:

        please… you really think the turkish league is any better? common it may be more popular but it is just as painful to watch. the few turkish players in the world that are actually good play outside of turkey just like over here. other than the fact that list of Turkeys talented players starts and stops at Altintop and even he doesnt start in bayern.

    • Lucio Fernandes Says:

      I heard most Turkish players wear mustaches in order to look like their mothers, is that true?

  7. starks in tampa Says:

    Alex my point exactly, the turkish superliga sucks, but honestly iv been a mls fan since day 1 and the play is effing bad man, no midfield play whatsoever, no creativity and soccer to be enjoyable to the eyes needs good midfield play that are not afraid to have the ball at their feet….

    anyone who thinks Sean Johnson was the reason we tied has no idea, sure he made a few decent saves, nothing spectacular where he robbed a goal away but its because we can not finish as a team that the game ended in a 0-0 and for that matter Chicago either ie Lujnberg miss in the box from the pass by McBride.

    I will still watch but goodness I was hoping for a good showing last night, attractive soccer and it was awful.

    • Jpjm79 Says:

      No creativity? Didn’t we create 22 chances according to the game stats? Creativity wasn’t the problem, finishing was

  8. starks in tampa Says:

    except altintop isnt their best player but i get your point.

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