Good evening and thanks for joining us tonight as the Red Bulls take on the Chicago Fire in a huge Eastern Conference showdown at TOYOTA Park. New York, currently in second place in the conference, will be looking to close the gap with leader, the Columbus Crew. Newest Red Bull signing Rafa Marquez is making his MLS debut and is in the Starting XI after training with the team during the week while Thierry Henry lines up with Juan Pablo Angel up top.

Here is the lineup for the Red Bulls:





Substitutes: Sutton, Petke, Richards, Borman, Ubiparipovic, Stammler, Ibrahim

A few notes to get you started:

–          The Red Bulls are coming off a tough, 2-2 tie, against the Houston Dynamo last week. Henry set up MLS Player of the Week winner Juan Pablo Angel for two goals, but Houston stole a point with a 90th minute Brian Mullan goal.

–          This match starts a three-game, seven day span in which the Red Bulls host Toronto FC on Wednesday and the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday.

–          One change in the lineup from last week, with Marquez coming into the midfield for Seth Stammler.

–          New York won the first game between the two sides, 1-0, on March 27 at the Red Bull Arena MLS opener. Joel Lindpere was the lone goalscorer in the match.

Chicago, which is coming off a 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Galaxy last Sunday at The Home Depot Center, has upgraded its squad with the additions of Designated Players Nery Castillo and Freddie Ljungberg. This could be the first MLS game in which five Designated Players (Angel, Henry, Marquez, Castillo and Ljungberg) are on the field. Here is the Fire’s Starting XI:




Krol———–Conde—- Brown—Robinson


Substitutes: Dykstra, Kinney, Umanzor, Bone, Carr, Casillo, John

Kickoff is at 9:00 PM and will be televised live on ESPN2, with JP Dellacamera and Taylor Twellman calling the game! We’ll be doing live commentary on the match via our Twitter account (@newyorkredbulls). Enjoy the match!


32 Responses to “RED BULLS-FIRE PRE-GAME”

  1. agnigrin Says:

    On paper we look great! Now we need to deliver on the field! Go BUlls!

  2. david Says:

    lets go bulls !!

  3. Walter Says:

    We have a strong squad, lets kick some behind……………

  4. karbaz Says:

    Cmon you Bulls!!!!

  5. redbulls4ever Says:

    Very energetic game so far.

  6. lou Says:

    is it just me or does lindpere seem hurt? He doesn’t have his usual burst and his touch has been off. hope he is alright.

  7. harry Says:

    Henry, good try, almost there

  8. harry Says:

    Almost, I smell a goal, common Henry

  9. chrisg Says:

    Lindpere is def the weakest player on the pitch right now. marquez looks off sometimes as well. Im not a fan of the formation we are running either. I think a 4-3-3 would be better.


    • lou Says:

      i agree, id like to see a 4 3 3 but backe said he is sticking with a 4 4 2. i prefer lindpere in the center of the field, but i think his poor play tonight is due to some sort of injury that he is playing through. He and Tchani have been weak for most of the game.

      • karbaz Says:

        Have you seen our defense? Do you know what would happen to us when albright and miller fail to track back when we give up possession? We would get cut to pieces, Albright isn’t getting any younger and he is susceptible to injuries, he wouldn’t have the stamina to attack and then track back, Miller is already a suspect defender as it is. Again, we do not have the full backs for 4-3-3, 4-3-3 would be the death of us plain and simple.

        Regarding Henry, read this

        scroll down to where it reads, “PLAYING OUT OF POSITION”, educate yourself a little. 4-3-3 is a fail for red bulls.

    • karbaz Says:

      No, you are wrong, one of the reasons why henry disliked playing in Barcelona was because of that formation, he wants to be up top, not play as a winger/forward. Backe knows that aswell which is why he’s partnering up with Angel.

      We dont have the full backs to play 4-3-3, part of playing a 4-3-3 is using your full backs as make shift wingers and we don’t have those kind of full backs.

      • lou Says:

        both miller and albright are good in the attack, we absolutely do have those type of fullbacks. thats why the decision to stick with a 4 4 2 has more to do with backe wanting to stick with a setup, and henry’s lack of willingness to play on the wing. It’s great that he disliked playing on the wing, but the sort of production he had his first year at barcelona playing on the wing (the year before he got injured) was impressive to say the least.

  10. harry Says:

    Smart call, keep Henry fit. Common Richards show us what you got?

  11. Dario Says:

    OY, I hope Henry is ok.

  12. Reese Says:

    No sound where I am watching the game. Why was Henry subbed out?

  13. david Says:

    buzz kill henry left with head injury well hope he heals and be fit for us when we take on toronto FC also i hope richards play good like he did against man city

  14. bryan Says:

    seemed like he was grabing his groin…..

  15. bryan Says:

    he new what it was.. he grabed his groin muscle and pointed to the bench knowing what it was… thats nothing weird its just him trying to get into shape…

  16. harry Says:

    How many more chances are we going to get?

  17. emilio Says:

    we played one of our best games of the season, Richards played well also.

  18. david Says:

    red bulls had a really good game first time i see them in the 2nd half with the ball a hole lot but we should have won

  19. karbaz Says:

    We should have won this game by at least 4 goals. Once Marquez and Henry up there fitness to where they can play the whole game we’ll be good.

    All in all a good game, once Marquez left it really showed how good he is, our mid practically died when he was subbed. I wouldn’t have started Tchani, he did well but I think he’s to offensive minded on an already offensive minded team, I would have like to see Ubi start ahead of him, he controls the ball better and is a better passer.

  20. Dario Says:

    When was the last time we could say the RB’s played better than the opposition 2x in a row on the road(aside from this year.)

    WE are improving on the road. Today again we were the better team and deserved to win.

    1. We keep Chicago at bay behind us.
    But Tor pulled closer and Col. pulled ahead.

    we need to start winning some games. The game v. Toronto is another game we Cant lose.

    Come on RB!!

    • david Says:

      yep we must beat toronto cuz there ready to take our 2nd place and mess up are goal to take 1st place back

  21. david Says:

    oh and seth stammler plays alot better when he comes from the bench

  22. david Says:

    how many shots did kenji miss that we could have won the game if he made one

  23. agnigrin Says:

    The Bulls were just very unlucky… We dominated the match…next time we will win a game like this with a huge score line…It just wasn’t meant to be last night!

  24. Jessee Says:

    Sean Johnson saved the day for Chicago, without him Red Bulls have a party in Chicago.

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