We take a closer look at the Rafa Marquez introductory press conference and hear from Marquez as well from head coach Hans Backe, Sporting Director/General Manager Erik Soler, and Head of Red Bull Global Soccer Dietmar Beiersdorfer.  We also get a look at Marquez in training with the team.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.



  1. bryan Says:

    hans backe coach of the year… i watch red bull games and come away saying man we need to do this and this… i know i am no expert but if i can notice it then something is wrong in the past redbull coaches and ignored these problems backe seems to know what this team needs and is trying to put it all together… if there was any doubt about him being named coach of the red bulls those fears are being put to rest.. he is proving that that he knows what to do… he is the stone figure leading this team that has been lacking in the past with redbull/metro managment… he has made no excuses in the past in wins and losses about what this team did wrong.. and when you own up to your mistakes in the new york market the media and fans will respect you even more.. something past coashes failed to do…..

    • rbfan Says:

      I believe hans is definately a candidate for coach of the year, but he faces tough opposition in FC Dallas’ coach…they’ve only dropped two games all year, thats astonishing, especially without any marquee DPs on the field. That team must just truly work as one unit and you have to believe its their coach who is leading the way.

  2. alex Says:

    i think coach of the year would be appropriate not only for what he has done to the team but what the red bulls have done to the league. they have made every team see that getting players like Henry and Marquez is not impossible. if the whole henry angel and marquez things go as planned and the red bulls make it to the mls cup i think hans will have coach of the year no question about it.

  3. Gigi Says:

    Also if u think bout it hans pulled a rumplstilskin and weaved pure poop from last year into gold. and not that fake kaka that turns green under water either its like legit BLING BLING BLAH

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