Red Bull New York will be unveiling its newest Designated Player, Rafa Marquez, at a press conference tomorrow, August 3 at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ at 1:15 PM ET. Marquez, members of the Red Bulls Technical Staff and Major League Commissioner Don Garber will be present.  The stream will begin at 1:15 and there will be a pre-show hosted by Red Bull MSG announcers Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing prior to Marquez taking the dais to speak publicly for the first time as a New York Red Bull.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE NEWYORKREDBULLS.COM VIDEO PAGE



  1. Dario Says:


  2. david Says:

    ima watch

  3. Walter Says:

    fantastic, I smell victory this year.

  4. Dario Says:

    to the rest of MLS.

  5. Eugene Says:

    I just read that Marquez may be made captain sometime in the future and almost vomited in my mouth. Is it not enough of a stretch to ask us to accept him?

    If he is ever made captain, you will see Red Bulls supporters walk over to the Cosmos camp.

    • alex Says:

      lol except for the fact that he is an amazing captain. get over what he did! dont be like the Irish. whats done is done. move one and look forward

      • alex Says:

        *move on

      • Dario Says:

        I back you Alex, Marquez is intense. RBNY needs that.

        Until Angel leaves, Marquez can not be capatin. Now JPA is a free agent at the end of the year….

        if we win this year, and Angel leaves…Marquez would be a choice.

      • Eugene Says:

        It doesn’t work that way for me man. Is it a memory for you or just a fact that you’ve seen or heard? I saw it live early in the morning hours watching that game. One of the dirtiest moments I have ever seen in this beautiful game.

        Once a villain, always a villain. I can “ignore” him being on the team, if he becomes the leader, I can’t support this team. I do have some ideals to look up to.

      • alex Says:

        you say this like it has never happened before. like if no one has ever forgiven you for anything before. if every time i did something wrong people hated me forever i would be in a world of pain right now

    • christian Says:

      what did he do?

    • agnigrin Says:

      Eugene…. weren’t you the one that always wanted some kind of trophy for NY? Now the Bulls are within getting that and you want to jump ship? What the hell is wrong with you… Besides what Rafa did to the USMNT was light years ago… as Alex and others have said move on…

    • smh Says:

      eugene hes a great captain…..just because he plays with the greatest heart for other teams doesnt make him a villan at the new york red bulls…any team he plays for he plays with everything he has.

  6. Jessee Says:

    I guess people think NYRB are the new evil empire now for some reason, can’t blame them they want to win the Cup year after year, and are willing to spend dough to do so. With the big three for the next three to possibly four years, they will be a force to be reckoned with. I hope they win, would be very exciting for the league.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I do not think there is any question that this is the most exciting times for this franchise and their fans in their history. I have never ever experience and felt this much excitement rooting for this organization before and the same can be said for MLS the league itself. I hope one day we will one of the top soccer leagues in the world and this is a good to go about it.

  7. agnigrin Says:

    Welcome Rafa!

  8. Starks in Tampa Says:

    dude who cares what this guy dide years back to the US national team players, thigns are done on the pitch all the time, the fact is Rafa is here and obviously wanted to be here, is still a very good player, has the right mindset and team mindset, and will help us win….why so much of the hate for this guy?

    I for one welcome you Mr. Marquez I hope you have a long and successful career with the NY Redbulls.

  9. Dario Says:

    We have a huge game v. the Fire coming up. We can extend our lead over them to 10 pts. They have 2 games in hand…it is a game we cant lose.

    Marquez might get 45mins in that game.

  10. bryan Says:

    hahahha everything marquez has done against team usa…. lol… cause jones is a angel right lol.. that man is as dirty as marquez the only problem is marquez gets caught lol….. the tim howard thing is no bueno… however sometimes your passion and emotion get the better of you… i would rather have a passionate player who shows that he wants to win that lossing is no good and gets pissed about then some player who is here just to make the money and could care less about winning cause he never has won anything in his life……you bring in players who start spreading this culture of winning around the teamand only good things will happen.. yes sometimes he commits boneheaded mistakes… who is perfect?? for a organization who has been the laughing stock since it first came into the league i for one am happy we are bringing in people with a pasion and desire to win… lossing is not a option and they are not content with lossing…..

  11. Dario Says:

    remember guys

    you need to sign it. We need that WC.

    • Dario Says:

      I’m going to post this a lot everywhere.

      I have already went nuts on facebook…I think I am resp for at least a few thousand signatures.

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