Before we turn the page completely and focus on his MLS debut Saturday in Houston against the Dynamo, lets take one more look back at the event that was his introduction to the New York media.



  1. Tim F. Says:

    … before we announce the signing of Rafa Marquez tomorrow

  2. christian Says:

    they anounced it on the 27th in rafas OFICIAL website

  3. Juan Pablo Says:

    Hi, I’m Juan Pablo Angel.

    I know I have blamed the lack of service in the past 2 years but unfortunately I just realized in this All-Star Game that it’s my lack of speed that has been the problem.

    Sorry to assume that it was my teams fault without taking a hard look at myself.


    Your 1.9 Million wasted dollars (But hey I have a beautiful home now! Thanks!)

    • christian Says:

      youre not a RB fan are u?
      no problem, angel is probably using all that “wasted money” to bang your mother so you have a reason to be angry!

    • Cindy Says:

      because clearly the walloping the All Star team was all Juan Pablo Angel’s fault. nothing to do with congested schedules, lack of group practice time and weighing the winning of a friendly match on a player who literally was still getting over a hurt ankle.

      stop complaining

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