Red Bulls Reader hopped on a very early flight this morning from New York to catch the MLS All-Star Training Session held at Robertson Stadium, as the team prepared for their match tomorrow night against Manchester United at Reliant Stadium. It was hot and humid as would be expected in Houston this time of year, as the players, including sole New York representative, Juan Pablo Angel, underwent a light practice. The players did some light jogging and participated in possession games before doing some shooting drills to round out the 40-minute session. Angel arrived in Houston on Monday, so this was his first practice with the team.

For Angel, this is his third trip to the All-Star Game. He was the Most Valuable Player in his first match in 2007, scoring the game-winning goal in a 2-0 win over Celtic FC at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. We caught up with Angel to discuss his thoughts on the match (he claims at the end of the video he had never beaten Man U in league play while with Aston Villa), as well as Houston Dynamo head coach and All-Star assistant coach Dominic Kinnear and Colorado Rapids midfielder Jeff Larentowicz for their impressions of the Colombian striker. We also asked Kinnear for his insights into a potential Angel-Henry tandem. Kinnear and the Dynamo face Angel, Henry and the Red Bulls at Robertson Saturday night at 8:30 PM.

Make sure you catch the All-Star game tomorrow evening at 8:30 PM on ESPN2. What are your thoughts on the All-Star Game? How do you rate their chances against Manchester United? How many goals do you think JPA could score? Let us know!



  1. alex Says:

    that all depends??? how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would??? Angel if u hurt ur ankle b4 the dynamo game i will hunt you down!!! You will play with Henry in Houston!

  2. Tim F. Says:

    Just why again did they select Houston in August as the site for the All-Star game??? Conditions must be barely playable.

  3. Stu Says:

    I think they’re playing in an air conditioned stadium… who’d’a thunk it?

  4. Dario Says:

    70,000 strong. The ASG is going to be very good this year.

    MLS 3-2 MUFC!

  5. rbfan Says:

    Intrest in Kandji from European clubs?? Red Bulls aparently won’t be able to find a spot for him on the field and are going to need cap space soon, time for a transfer?

  6. Cindy Says:

    i guess Angel can just stay in H-town til the rest of the team comes through eh?

    good luck Juan, please don’t let anyone hurt you!

  7. Juan Pablo Says:

    Hi, I’m Juan Pablo Angel.

    I know I have blamed the lack of service in the past 2 years but unfortunately I just realized in this All-Star Game that it’s my lack of speed that has been the problem.

    Sorry to assume that it was my teams fault without taking a hard look at myself.


    Your 1.9 Million wasted dollars (But hey I have a beautiful home now! Thanks!)

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