The Red Bulls closed out the Barclays New York Challenge with a 2-1 win over Europa League bound Manchester City this afternoon at Red Bull Arena.  Dane Richards put in a Man-of-the-Match performance, setting up Mac Kandji’s opening goal with a nice run down the right side and cross, and tallied the game-winner with a Santos-esque crack from long range.  In front of a near capacity crowd, the Red Bulls controlled play for stretches of the match, especially the opening half with Thierry Henry on the pitch, and should be confident heading into their next league match, away to Houston next Saturday.  Following the match, we received reaction from head coach Hans Backe and players Henry, Richards, and Carlos Mendes.



  1. Jeff Says:

    Pre-season or no, MLS teams are showing the world they can compete with any team in the world. 2, 3 years ago, even against pre-season teams, MLS sides would lose. Now, pre-season sides are going to get beat by MLS sides. Take a bow RB, KC, LA for taking out ManU, ManCity, AC Milan.

    • tommy w. Says:

      Yes, the strength of US soccer is turning a corner.

      In 1994, a member of the Colombian national team said that they would always beat the USA. Even a 70% Colombia could beat the USA. They were a punching bag of the international stage in the earl 90’s. Fast-forward to today and the USA team can take on any team with confidence of getting a result. Similarly, MLS teams would roll over for teams from Europe up until only a few years ago. The results that we’re achieving this summer is a sign that our domestic league is also making the leap up in class…

      …lolzjk it’s the heat that is wearing the Europeans down.

      • Victor Says:

        don’t get to excited because this are only friendlies. and i doubt any mls team will win the concacaf champions league this year. and of course when A mls team beats a mexican team in Mexico then you should celebrate.

      • DS Says:

        victor, the problem with winning the champions league is two fold and neither issue has to do with how strong MLS teams are. The first issue is that we only have 24 man rosters, and most teams do not have enough depth to rotate their players to stay fresh enough to compete on multiple fronts. The second issue with the CONCACAF CL is it’s schedule. MLS teams are on the opposite schedule, we are tired and at the end of the seaosn during the group stage against fresh teams and if we do more on to the knock out stage we are in pre-season while everyone else is in mid season. It’s the same thing with Russian teams in the UEFA CL, their season is opposite the tournament so they can never compete on even terms with the other countries

      • emilio Says:

        The excuse of we only have a 24 man roster is a cop out, a 24 man roster is normal, Mexican teams dont have a 30 plus man roster, 24 is a normal roster, thats not a valid excuse. A more valid excuse is to say at times MLS teams havent taken it as seriously as they should, similar to how the US Open Cup has been neglected. We have to beat them to prove we are at that level, but the roster excuse is a cop out now.

      • DS Says:

        It’s not the number 24, its the fact that there is a numerical restriction. We are unable to bring up academy players whenever we want, we are unable to have a reserve team of players getting experience and staying game fit. Every other country can bring players into the team whenever they choose, we cannot. This makes prioritizing the league a necessity. There is no choice in the matter. The league is most important and there are not enough bodies available to fight on multiple fronts effectively. That is the bottom line. The roster size is not an excuse, it is an undeniable reason. But as I said earlier, the timing of the competition puts MLS teams at a disadvantage and that has been the most difficult hurdle so far.

  2. Tim F. Says:

    Great job Red Bulls!

  3. Walt E. Says:

    Nice job by the Red Bulls against 2 very strong EPL squads. Even though they were friendlies, with liberal substitutions from both sides, both teams wanted to win. The Red Bulls gave supporters a glimpse of what good football they are capable of, and now with Henry to go along with Angel, and possibly a 3rd player arriving soon, Red Bull Arena will be a fun place to be!

  4. Dario Says:

    its undebateable….the MLS is growing and getting stronger. The league is really taking shape with the new arena’s as well.

  5. bryan Says:

    i heard a good comment on tv earlier today where they said with the league before mls it was alot of older stars playing here there was no great effort put foward to discover good american soccer players and devolpe them however with MLS these young good american players are being given a chance to show case there stuff and possible be picked up by other stronger leagues then come back and play for team usa.. OR they can stay here progress and still make the usa roster.. point being in years past or decades past when some of these kids would never be given a chance to possible make team USA now they are… which only makes the national team better and deeper…… if you talk to people who dont have a stake in american football they are all saying the same thing….USA played a excellent world cup and some even say wish my country played the way the USA did… lets be honest USA soccer started in 94 thats when things started… more time and effort was taken into putting together a good team fast foward to 2010 and the united states is in the top 20 of the world…

  6. Starks in Tampa Says:

    listen folks, yes this was a preseason game for Man City and an exhibition game for the Redbulls however lets not forget this is LATE in the preseasn where teams are supposed to be in game shape if not very close to it for Man City and they played some of their better players in this game and we still played very good. Now that is not to say we will see this attractive soccer every game in MLS because the MLS is more physical and less space however one thing is clear, MLS is improving and the redbulls should be in the MLS Cup vs Galaxy no doubt about it and for the MLS that is a great thing..

    I cant wait for MArquez to come here (yes I know he is a douche but the mexican fans will bring their passion and love for Marquez to the redbulls) and I can not wait to have this organization finally be a true contender to and one of the top teams in North America heck probably even South America.

    Great job redbulls and thank you redbulls organization for bringing big time soccer to thsi city starved for great soccer all these years. Kudos.

  7. Starks in Tampa Says:

    When I say this city I mean NYC even though I live in Tampa now, NYC when it comes to sports love will always be home, Yankees, Rangers, Giants, Knicks, Redbulls/Metrostars.

    • Dario Says:

      how about you change that Yankees to Mets. lol.

    • herozg Says:

      Starks — support your local club, be it soccer or any other sport. Every other person in Florida is from somewhere else and still roots for their “home” teams. Tamps is now your home. Support the Rowdies.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        I can not do that. it doesnt come naturally for me to root for the Tampa teams. I am not a fair weather and say oh ok I am down here now so I must be a Bucs or Rays fan, it will never happen. and BTW you talk about Tampa being something other then NYC south. Everyone and their mothers are from New York or New Jersey.. but as far as their teams, I can not stand them so not thanks I will continue to root for my NYC teams because it just comes naturally…

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        rowdies I might start to go a few games here and there, I wouldnt mind going to watch them play and Big Stein field.

  8. bryan Says:

    i am drooling over henry/angel at top… and marquez who will bring a calming influence in the midfield.. and if ream can learn from marquez that will only improve him…. plus i bet the galaxy would love to have got there hands on marquez.

  9. Tim F. Says:

    ………… Henry Angel
    Lindpere Kandji
    ……….Tchani/Ubiparapovic Marquez
    Miller/Borman Albright
    Ream Mendes/Boyens/Petke

    Sub: Garcia, Ibrahim, Richards, Robinson, Stammler, Sutton, Tchani or Ubiparapovic (whoever doesn’t start)

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I like it but man I do not like Borman at all…I have not seen anything from this kid EVER!

      • nando Says:

        i beg to differ, i think borman has done well and has effectively taken over roy miller’s position at left back. don’t get me wrong, he’s not “great” but a very solid left back and for the price we pay him, he is a steal

  10. bryan Says:

    i dont like miller… i just dont know what it is about him i dont like him lol…

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I dont like miller either but I havent seen anything from Borman at all this year either. Miller hasnt showed much if anything as well so really its a moot point.

  11. emilio Says:

    I like both Miller and Borman, we are well covered at that position. Miller has been played out of position at times cause of injuries etc., but I prefer him starting over Borman.

  12. bryan Says:

    its not that miller has played bad or anything i think he has done a ok job.. but i just dont like him

    • emilio Says:

      so do you have something personal against him? So you think he has played well but dont like him, thats interesting.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        the thing with miller is simple, he has not shown much if anything at all during his play, whether that is because he is playing out of position as someone said earlier I dont know but he just doesnt look good, comfortable with the ball at his feet, doesnt make good judgements distrubiuting the ball from back, defensively he hasnt shown much….what else can be said?

      • bryan Says:

        i just dont like the way move with the play i agree i think i dont like him because he isnt in the flow he seems like he clogs up plays when the ball goes to him

      • bryan Says:

        dont get me wrong we could have someone who is alot worse then him.. but then i again i think we could have someone who is better… for now i guess i can live with him out there lol.

  13. Starks in Tampa Says:

    saw on the daily news from Brian Lewis that Wolyniec will be cut. He seems like a good dude, I played with him a few times when I lived in NY and I wish him well.

  14. ps vita Says:

    ps vita…


  15. arts Says:



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