New York looks to finish the Barclays New York Challenge on a high note as the Red Bulls take on Manchester City today.  We get to see some more from Henry today, as he looks to follow up his impressive debut.  Juan Pablo Angel will also take the field today, though more likely in a reserve role as he is coming back from a knock he sustained at Columbus in New York’s last MLS match.  New York Red Bulls:







Subs: Sutton, Borman, Sassano, Petke, Chinn, Angel, Albright, Ubiparipovic, da Luz, Peixoto, Boyens, Garcia

Manchester City FC:





Subs: Taylor, Zabaleta, A. Johnson, Lescott, K. Toure, Bellamy, Cunningham

No Robinson today as Tchani takes his spot in the starting lineup.  Also, there is no limit on the amount of substitutes, so there are a lot of players available to Backe today.


1′ And we’re off…

4′ Jo sneaks in onsides, but Coundoul comes off his line to thwart the attempt.

7′ GOAL NY!! Richards beats Wayne Bridge down the sideline and sends in a cross that Kandji redirects into net.  1-0 NY

17′ NY is still controlling possession, but the match has settled into the midfield somewhat.

21′ Tchani sends a long cross to Stammler, but he heads it wide.

21′ Henry with a half chance, but he rolls it wide from a tough angle.

26′ Adebayor gets in a nice chance that Coundoul parries and Ream clears out of danger.

28′ Hall sends a long diagonal towards Stammler, but he can’t quite redirect the header and it goes wide.

29′ Another dangerous cross from Richards goes begging, and Tchani blasts it over later in the play.

30′ Yellow to Hall.

31′ A through ball from Richards to Henry comes up just short.  Richards is very dangerous tonight.

33′ Miller’s cross is header wide by Kandji.

38′ Richards is down.  Didn’t see what it was.  Could be a muscle strain.

40′ Richards appears to be ok.

41′ Right away, Henry feeds Richards on the right, who’s cross is batted out for a corner.

HALFTIME: 1-0 NY on a Kandji goal.

HALFTIME: NY subs: Robinson, Borman, Sinisa Chinn and Albright on; Hall, Lindpere, Miller, Henry and Stammler off.

HALFTIME: Cunningham and Taylor for Ireland and Hart

46′ And we’re back

55′ Goal MCFC.  Jo finishes off a cross from Cunningham.  1-1.

62′ NY sub: Sutton for Coundoul

63′ MCFC subs: Toure, A Johnson and Lescott on for Jo, Boyata, and Mee.

63′ NY sub: Boyens for Ream.

69′ Tonight’s attendance: 23,228.

69′ Onuoha with a powerful header off a corner, but it goes over.

70′ GOAL NY!!  Richards with a blast from the top of the area across the goalmouth.  2-1 NY!

71′ NY subs: Salou and Petke for Kandji and Mendes.

75′ Borman whips in a cross that is just out of the reach of an open Chinn.

76′ Chinn gets in on Taylor, who makes the initial save.  Salou almost gets to the rebound before its cleared.

79′ Sinisa with an effort from the top of the area, but Taylor gobbles it up.

81′ NY sub: Peixoto for Richards

82′ Peixoto is a Brazilian trialist.  He is playing on the left with Sinisa on the right.

88′ Salou with a shot from the top of the area, but Taylor makes the easy save.

FULL TIME: 2-1 NY with another win in an international friendly here at Red Bull Arena.  This time a Premiership side.



  1. Dario Says:

    Come on Red Bulls!!

    but…no one get hurt, in the end this is a meaningless game. We need all our bodies healthy for the Houston game.

  2. Jessee Says:

    Hope red bulls win.

  3. christian-mtvernon Says:

    nice to see da Luz, Peixoto, and Garcia

  4. lou Says:

    I hope da luz, garcia, and Peixoto get sometime today. I hear luke rodgers is on the verge of being signed (hopefully that means no more richards in the starting XI), and that marquez has been signed, so things are looking up.

  5. David Says:

    lets go bullssss beat the man city

  6. David Says:

    did richards saved his skills for henry or what hes playing good so far 1-o go bullssssss

  7. chrisg Says:

    everyone except Stammler looking real good. Hes the only one I havent been impressed with

  8. chrisg Says:

    what a botch! ARGH

  9. Dario Says:

    1-0 at halftime. Nice.

    Now lets get 2 more goals, and not concede.

  10. cb Says:

    the Red Bulls are looking sharp. I hope we get to see some of Peixoto.

  11. sicote Says:

    Surprised to see the stats just now–City have 6 shots on goal to our 4. Somehow it felt like we’d had more. Surprised we’re playing so well. Or is City playing so poorly? Will Mancini last there? Doubt it…

  12. David Says:

    wow now 1-1 don’t we suck without henry and we have no good forward playing damn i won’t be shock it with lose again cuz we look bad this 2nd half

  13. zack Says:

    come on bulls how can u let them score on us

  14. zack Says:

    is the richards of 2008 back now????

  15. lou Says:

    What a goal. Where has this dane richards been?

  16. david Says:

    yes red bulls won they had a great games today i hope they play like this in MLS games

  17. Tom Says:

    I take back all the terrible things Ive said about dane richards. he looked good today, I just WISH he would bring this to mls matches :/ well played from all today, absolute joy to watch

    • christian-mtvernon Says:

      wayne bridge was out of form and gave dane alot of room, this wont happen much in mla games. hope im wrong

  18. Dario Says:

    Overall a good game from the NY Red Bulls!

    If we continue to play with that kind of passion, we should be able to make a deep playoff run. Even most of our subs played well today.

  19. sicote Says:

    Wow, the 2nd half started very shaky but they pulled together.

    It must be said, again, though, that City did not look good, not fit, not together at all.

  20. lou Says:

    I wish garcia and da luz had gotten a chance to play, as i can see them becoming our future right and left midfielders. Backe didn’t give much time to peixoto either, so i can’t tell if he is a good player. I thought chinn worked hard, that tchani had a solid game, that richards played like someone else, and that the back line across the board was solid (except hall who looked shaky at times). Overall great game for the red bulls, and if we can keep up that level of play, i could see an LA vs NY MLS final happening.

  21. sicote Says:

    I thought Tcani was very good. That’s the first time I’ve seen him play like that, though I’ve heard good reviews of other performances from him.

    Too bad Angel’s ankle didn’t allow him to play. I was curious to see the pairing with Henry. In the post game interview, Henry described Angel as a “box player” and said he likes to move around more. That’s interesting–they could complement each other very well if they play like that.

  22. emilio Says:

    Richards is playing because he is a better player than Garcia and da luz, Backe sees them in practice every week while all we do is make assumptions. The coach wants to win, he put his best out there. We need a Richards on form, with an open attacking style he could create havic.

    • lou Says:

      Richards is a good player when he is on his game, and that has only happened three times this year. Once against dc, and twice in meaningless friendlies (when he conveniently plays his best soccer). The reason why he plays so well in these friendlies is because the defense has no idea how to handle him. Think back to his first two seasons in the league. The defense in the mls had no way of stopping him, simply because there has never been a faster player in the mls then richards (not even close actually). Sooner or later though he was figured out, and defenders realized that all you had to do was double team him and trap him against the line, where his constant running in a strait line would lead him right out of bounds.
      Da luz hasn’t played because he has been injured the whole season, it doesn’t have to be simply because backe doesn’t think he is good enough. Garcia has been the best player on the field in nearly every game he has played in, and i would suspect that his lack of size (even though dane is small too) and young age has had something to do with his lack of time.
      Backe had said from the first day that he wants to utilize richard’s speed by playing balls behind the defense for him to run onto, and besides those three games i’ve mentioned, that tactic hasn’t worked because he is a one trick pony. If we ever hope to win a championship, we are going to need dynamic wing players (perhaps the brazilian can produce that, although it’s much to early to tell).

  23. emilio Says:

    Tchani is younger than Garcia and he plays, I dont recall any game where Garcia was the best player on the field. Against Harrisburg is a cup game against an inferior oponent he had a chance and he didnt do much with it. Get off this Garcia bandwagon, I hope he becomes a player but right now he isnt good enough to start or being on the final 18.

    • lou Says:

      Garcia played extremely well in nearly every open cup game he played in (excluding the harrisburg game in which he was admittedly average), and against Juventus. Tchani may be younger but he also doesn’t have much competition at his position (stammler has been moved out wide where he is ineffective, and robbo has been hurt most of the season). Tchani was also a top draft pick, so the coaching staff obviously signed him with the intentions of getting a player that could help quickly.

      With regards to da luz, he doesn’t even play richard’s position. He plays on the opposite side of the field, so backe not playing him because he feels as though richards is superior is just flat out not true.

      Richards has only played well in the games i’ve mentioned in my previous comment. That’s three games, so maybe you should hop off his bandwagon. He isn’t an MLS championship winning side quality winger, and he isn’t at an age where he can learn to become a better player.

      • emilio Says:

        his play in 2008 took us to an MLS Cup final, im not on any bandwagon i want our best 11 out there and currently he is our best wide midfielder. So thats why he plays.

  24. emilio Says:

    I remember last year how Lou was so high on Nick Zimmerman, whatever happened to the great Nick Zimmerman, huh Lou?

    • lou Says:

      It wasn’t just me that was high on him, anyone could see he was one of the few bright spots during that abysmal season. What happened to him? He was traded to a crappy team, with a crappy coaching staff, and as a lot of 23 year olds do, he has struggled to see playing time. He’s played in 6 games, and scored 2 goals in another 2 games while playing for the Harrisburg city islanders (same team that beat us in the open cup).
      So yeah, I don’t really see the point you’re trying to make, because what you’re saying is neither here nor there. Richards is apparently (according to you and only you), our best wide right midfielder. Never mind the fact that he only played well in 3 games, and that the only other wide right midfielder we have is a late round rookie. So calling him our best wide midfielder isn’t saying much at all.

      You know who else took us to the 2008 finals? Danny Cepero, and look where he is right now. Just because richards played well for us consistently during that playoff run (which is the last time he did so), doesn’t mean he is above loosing his spot or being traded. As the years went on, defenses figured him out (as I’m sure man city would do if they played us a second time) and he has been largely ineffective and wildly inconsistent since then.

  25. emilio Says:

    Sir, Hans Backe thinks he is our best wide player and I think thats more important than what the posters think. So now you know more than Hans Backe and the Philly coaching staff as well. Seriously, my point is some people talk with limited knowledge.

  26. emilio Says:

    Maybe Im crazy or something but I seriously doubt Hans is playing Richards because he has a great personality, I assume he plays him because he thinks he gives our team the best opportunity to win. I trust Hans 30 plus years in football over the people posting on RBR, maybe thats crazy of me?

    • lou Says:

      You keep saying hans knows this and hans knows that, but i’m asking you to look at how richards has played this entire season. We aren’t at practice, fine, but we are at games. I’ll give credit where credit is due, but other then those three previously mentioned games (two of witch didn’t even count), richards has shown NOTHING. Maybe hans sees something in practice, but during game time, what has Dane done?

      And maybe, just maybe, Hans is going with richards on the right because he is the only veteran wide right player we have, the only other wide right player we have on the entire roster being a tiny, late round rookie.
      Hans has tried players that aren’t wide players, out wide, stammlers, ubi, and tchani being a few, certainly if the outside midfield positions were deep, he wouldn’t have to do this.
      Richards is at best, a temporary band aide, and the weak point in the starting XI. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next few games, hans again tries to put a player that isn’t an outside midfielder, out wide (i’m referring to kandji) to try and strengthen the lineup.
      And let’s not go bragging about the intelligence of the philly coaching staff, their team hasn’t looked much better then ours from last year. If your going to deny that zimmerman was one of the bright spots last year, then you might as well sell your credibility.
      I’m not going to claim i know more then coaching staffs, but since your in the business of bringing up players I’ve been high on, why don’t we bring up some more players? I said from day one (on these boards) that hall wasn’t as great a player as he was made out to be, I raved about ream, was always against osorio’s south american signings and was high on lindpere since the moment i saw him in the mickey mouse cup. How quickly you forget those.
      But like i said, this talk of who i liked and didn’t like from years past is neither here nor there, this is about richards and he hasn’t been good enough.

  27. emilio Says:

    My point is this, Richards is playing because Hans thinks he is the player at that position that gives us the best opportunity to win, whats so hard to understand about what im saying?

  28. emilio Says:

    You were very high on Hall last year, and Zimmerman didnt show much last year, he had a powerful shot thats what he showed.

    • lou Says:

      powerful shot, composure on the ball, good cross, but no you’re definitely right all he could do was kick the ball hard.

  29. emilio Says:

    This has nothing to do with your knowledge of players, I know Richards is a flawed player, but he is the best option we have at that position currently. We cant deny he has played very well the last two games.

    • lou Says:

      I was high on hall for his job as a fill in at right back, but when he was first drafted and it was announced on this site, i said he wasn’t as great as he was hyped up to be. if you want to check for that comment you can. And again, richards is the best option at a position that is our weak point and only has 2 players that can fill it… that’s not good at all. We need a better player at that position if we want to beat the galaxy, and you know it.

      • emilio Says:

        yes the galaxy has a better team, we need upgrades. my point is richards is the best we have at that spot.

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