New York dropped a 2-1 decision to English Premier League side, Tottenham Hotspur, tonight in the opening match of the Barclays New York Challenge, but there were good signs to take away from this match.  First and foremost was the debut of Thierry Henry in a Red Bulls kit.  He proved dangerous the 45 minutes he played, and gave New York an early lead with his nifty goal.  We also saw 90 minutes from Mac Kandji, who is coming back from injury, and some good minutes from Carl Robinson, who is also regaining match fitness.  While the result is disappointing, the Red Bulls showed themselves well against a Champions League side, and proved to be dangerous throughout.  Head Coach Hans Backe and players Henry, Tim Ream, Joel Lindpere and Kandji share their thoughts following the match.



  1. malou Says:

    Thank you so much Thierry !
    Merci d’avoir rebondi et de prouver à tous que tu n’as pas cessé d’être l’immense joueur que l’on connait et l’homme que j’admire.

  2. alex Says:

    i cant wait to see what else he holds for us in the regular season. he played so well int eh first half and he looks like he is already comfortable with the players but mostly he looks like he’s actually having fun out there. with angel out there they will be unstoppable. i wasn’t even expecting him to score in the first game!

  3. emilio Says:

    I doubt they will be unstoppable, it takes more than two forwards to form an unstoppable team, the team will be improved, but the midfield needs to step up and we cant make silly mistakes like Hall and Sutton did last night, it takes a team 11 players to form a solid unit.

    • alex Says:

      i agree but then again hall and sutton wouldnt have played if it wasnt a friendly

      • emilio Says:

        Your right, but if you read these boards everyone is calling for Hall to start, and I would love it he were playing well, but the truth is he hasnt played well in a long time. Even early in the season he was a liability defensively and was contributing anything on the attack, those were those games early on where he was getting beat by his defendor constantly yet the opposition wasnt capitalizing and we were getting results despite his play. Just because he was a first round pick, that shouldnt blind us, many times in MLS later picks turn out better than high picks. If Kandji can play effectively as a winger and learn from Henry to release the ball and play a quicker game he can be a valuable player in the midfield. Henry will be huge but we have to eliminate silly mistakes.

      • alex Says:

        Kadji played very well last night. he deffinatly deserves a spot on the field with angel lindpere henry and cough marquez Cough

      • Cindy Says:

        Hall needs to not be playing RB he needs to be midfield but all he’s been playing for the past two years since he started in MLS is RB and now he can’t even get on the bench so it’s unlikely he’s ever going to be given a chance to play midfield and play consistently and well again. he’s probably trade bait at this point though.

  4. Matt Says:

    Henry was great, but our substitutes in the second half cost us that game. Hall, Sutton, Petke, Ubiparipovic and even Tchani looked terrible. This may have only been a friendly match, but these guys need to realize that efforts like this are going to cost them real game time (or even a roster spot) down the road. Curious why Mendes was taken out at half – hope it was just to rest him. We’re in trouble if he’s hurt.

    • emilio Says:

      That was to rest him and give Petke 45 minutes of action. Plus they play on Sunday. It is clear that Mendes is clearly ahead of Petke, he is a superior player.

      Richards played well also, he practically gifted Stammler a goal, and he blew it, imagine if Richards had been on the receiving end of that pass and blown the goal chance, these boards would have been attacking him at will, but when he plays well no one gives him an credit.

      • christian Says:

        richards had one good game, that doesnt make him a good player.stammler is consistently good and missed a goal thats why it wasnt a big deal.+ its a friendly when was the last time richards played well in an important game?

      • emilio Says:

        Richards has played well most of the times we have won, if you look at the goals we score he is involved in a great deal of them, and he helped lead us to MLS Cup in 2008, his play was the catalyst. Like I said when he plays well we overlook it when he makes a bad pass we criticize him, etc etc. If he had turned the ball over against Columbus in the middle of the pitch like Angel did, which led to our loss we would have practically crucified Richards but since Angel did it we just overlook it and blame a bad touch on one play or a poor cross by Richards as the reason we are losing. In all honesty I trust Hans Backe as our coach and Richards is the best wide midfielder we have on our club.

  5. kahlva Says:

    Amazing to see Henry in a Red Bulls uniform – and easily the class of the pitch, for either side.

    Welcome Henry!! You are indeed here.

  6. Dario Says:

    Welcome Henry!!!

  7. David Says:

    word on the streets rafa is a rebbull and they will say it next week ppl so good for redbulls

    • Dario Says:

      Yeah, 4 years at around 4 million per season.

      Attendance should go up even more.

      • emilio Says:

        The truth is we didnt sell out last nights game with Henry, it was 80% full which isnt bad but I dont know if even Marquez will get us significantly close to selling out consitently. New York football fans cant compare to fans in Seattle,Toronto, Philadelphia, and thats unfortunate.

        So im happy from the standpoint that it will improve our team, and not really focusing on what it can do to attendance.

      • David Says:

        it go up more cuz rafa is the star of mexico

      • DS Says:

        Last night’s attendance was for a friendly and was on a Thursday, you can’t judge the Henry effect by that. You have to wait until a Saturday night MLS match, and you can’t judge it on the Galaxy match because that will always sell more than most games. Lets see what it’s like for the Earthquakes on Aug 28 or Colorado on Sep 11. Then we can see if there has been an effect.

  8. emilio Says:

    If Marcos Paullo could prove to be an effective attacking midfielder, we could have a lot to look forward to.

  9. Ethan Z. Says:

    I think it wasnt sold out because people get turned off by the game having no meaning whatsoever….I think the Man City game is sold out….more starpower

  10. Alex Says:

    Well done Titi !
    NY is fortunate to have him because he people think that he was not efficient in Barcelona last year but in fact the year before that he score 25 in the spanish league and was then replaced by Pedro who is very young. If Marquez would come to NY too the team would have an excellent defender and would still lack a top class midfield player.

  11. Dario Says:

    I guarantee if Marquez comes(which is brilliant from NY) the stadium will sell out.

    Look at how the great Mexican supporters load the buildings NT wise. We will avg. over 20,000 per game easy with Marquez.

    • David Says:

      rafa is a red bull already the spanish news even said it that they will say hes a redbull next week watch

      • Uncle Mike Says:

        Don’t quote the Spanish media. If they tell the truth, it’s by accident. Marquez may be coming, and that may be a good thing on the field and a great thing at the box office, but the Spanish media have even less credibility than the English tabloids. Yes, that’s possible.

  12. Pierre Says:

    Will you translate some articles in french now ? ^^

    And for a 3 DP ? Zidane maybe ? you have a french very good player as a striker, now take a legend to boost your midfield 🙂

  13. Tim F. Says:

    In the official tournament magazine for the 2010 Barclays New York Challenge, the squads are listed out; Red Bulls have 28 players: the 2 on IR, the 2 homegrown players and the rest of the 24 player roster. The one player missing is John Wolyniec.

  14. karbaz Says:

    Well my fellow red bulls fans, Im off to see Thierry Henry and our boys kick some Man City butt. Enjoy the game everyone.

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