The Red Bulls and Spurs kick off the Barclays New York Challenge tonight at Red Bull Arena as Tottenham is the first English side to come to Harrison.  Tonight is also memorable as its the debut match for Thierry Henry in a Red Bulls kit.  Its fitting that he takes the pitch vs. Spurs, as he has been a thorn in their side a numerous occasions as a member of Arsenal, their North London rivals.  We expect Henry to start the match and play as much as 45 minutes.  We also expect the media to be out in force.  We asked head coach Hans Backe and players Juan Pablo Angel, Carl Robinson, and Andrew Boyens for their thoughts on the tournament.

Watch these videos and more on the official video player.



  1. alex Says:

    about time! i was expecting this yesterday

  2. christian Says:

    i watched i vid from practice and henry gave richards a perfect cross and richards missed the BALL! that guy is horrible

  3. Starks in Tampa Says:

    cant wait for tonight. I hope Henry plays at least the first half.

  4. emilio Says:

    This whole Richards bashing is ridiculous, he is the blame for everything that is wrong with the team, lets just point out every time he makes a bad pass etc., but lets never point out when he creates chances which leads to goals, he isnt perfect and neither is anyone else on the team, and for this team to win we need Richards to perform, he is currently our best wide midfielder, thats just the way it is. Richards is just “our” latest whipping boy as was Mike Magee in the past.

  5. Yabor Says:

    agre with Emilio , Richards when confident and inform is not only our best wide player but one of the best in the league. he proved that already . Redbull fans just always find a player to dog when things dont go their way.

  6. Victor Says:

    Let’s see what the RedBulls though against tottenham. hope to see henry play and for the Redbull arena to be packed.

  7. Emilio richards | Dminsitedemo Says:


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