The Barclays New York Challenge kicks off tonight with the host New York Red Bulls taking on English Premiership side, Tottenham Hotspur, at Red Bull Arena.  Spurs are the first English side to take the pitch at Red Bull Arena (if you don’t count the England Saxons rugby team).  Tonight is the first match play for Thierry Henry as well.  Couple of extra story lines for tonight.  Carl Robinson is seeing action tonight after returning from action against Columbus last weekend.  Robinson has some close ties to Spurs, as Harry Redknapp was his manager when he played for Portsmouth, and Robbie Keane stood beside him as the best man at his wedding.


New York Red Bulls:







Subs: Sutton, Tchani, Borman, Petke, Chinn, Ubiparipovic, Hall

Tottenham Hotspur:

Starters: Cudicini, Hutton, Bale, Huddlestone, Jenas, Keane, Modric, Naughton, Kranjcar, Corluka, Walker
Subs: Button, Taarabt, Rose, Townsend, Mason, Obika, Smith


1′ And we’re off…

1′ Huddlestone gets off the first shot, but its right at Bouna, who makes the easy save.

6′ Stammler with a header from a Borman cross, but its wide.

7′ Henry breaks in alone, but Cudicini stonewalls him.  Looked like a sure goal.

10′ Henry creates space and slithers in a cross that Cudicini bobbles, but holds onto before Richards can pounce on the rebound.

11′ The Red Bulls offsides trap is working well so far.

12′ Henry is showing his class (but a touch of rustiness) early on, getting into space but blasting it wide.

13′ Stammler just missed a sitter, as a Richards cross found him alone in front of the net, but the ball hit his planted foot and bounded away.

25′ GOAL NY!! Henry finishes off a Lindpere pass to the far post. 1-0 NY!!

40′ Sorry for the delay.  Lots of computer issues here.  Ream just headed the ball away from danger.

HALFTIME: 1-0 NY at the break.

46′ Subs for NY at the half: Sutton for Coundoul, Petke for Mendes, and Tchani for Henry. For Tottenham: Taarabt for Corluka and Townsend for Walker.

50” SAVE SUTTON! Stops a Kranjcar shot off the full volley.  Ensuing corner handled easily by NY

53′ Bale with a run down the left flank, but his cross is blocked by Ream

57′ Stammler does well to turn his defender but the left-footed shot goes just wide

60′ SAVE SUTTON! Denies Keane off a lovely through ball from Bale

61′ Keane chance, blocked out by Ream. Corner for Spurs

62′ Corner cleared out by Petke

63′ Goal Spurs.  The ball finds Keane on the back post, and he puts it to the back of the net.

63′ NY subs: Sinisa for Robinson and Hall for Albright.

72′ Goal Spurs.  Bale takes advantage of a New York defensive miscue and nudges it into the net.  2-1 Spurs.

76′ Spurs sub: Mason for Modric.  NY sub: Chinn for Stammler.

78′ Almost the reverse play for a New York goal, but Chin’s attempts goes out for a corner.

79′ After some fancy ball work, Kandji finds Richards in the area, but his blast goes wide.

80′ After a scramble, Kandji puts one over.  NY pressing for the equalizer.

81′ 20,312 in attendance tonight.

FULL TIME:  2-1 Spurs, but Henry scores in his Red Bulls debut


34 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. SPURS: MATCH DAY”

  1. el serge Says:

    hey wat up RedBUll FANS!! Will we see our hidden star Irving G. play against Tottenham?? i hope to see him play along with thierry henrry. that would be a great combination of explossion (garcia) and accuracy (thierry) up in front. Dont u guys think that?? Arrriva la San Luis and YUMA!!

  2. Ethan Z. Says:

    why is Stammmler on the left, we need speed or creativity

    put irving or da luz on the left the brazilian dude and put lindpere to the left

  3. Footballer Says:

    Hey Serge, what Yuma, Arizona team are you talking about?

    Also, are you talking about SLP from Mexico?

  4. chrisg Says:

    My god another questionable lineup.

  5. David Says:

    richards noooooooo i hate him watch him do nothing again idk whyt backe keeps playing him really im getting stick of it or does richards beg to not be taken out the starting line up and i hope we still win or if we lose at least give a good fight lets see what henry can do for us

  6. chrisg Says:

    i think backe keeps playing richards bc of his pace, shame he has no touch or finishing ~_~

  7. Footballer Says:

    How’s the attendance at RBA for this? Are the hosts of foxny morning show there?

  8. David Says:

    how did stammler miss that we could have been 1-0 damn hes been haveing bad games lately

  9. chrisg Says:

    So far weve looked decent. Good attacking chances. Should be 2-0 us.

  10. chrisg Says:


  11. Victor Says:

    Henry scores his first goal for the new York redbulls!

  12. Footballer Says:

    Although failing to win the USOC was hella disgraceful by NYRB, it looks like they will still requalify to the CCL next year now that they have Henry and Angel together.

  13. sicote Says:

    Great little flick from Henry, no? Heh, heh, heh…

  14. David Says:

    damn sutton damnnnnnn 1-1

  15. Footballer Says:

    Alright Tottenham!!! Go Spurs!!

  16. chrisg Says:

    blargh blargh!

  17. sicote Says:

    Wow, what the eff just happened to Sutton and Hall?

  18. Footballer Says:

    Dale Bale!!!

  19. christian Says:

    what was sutton thinking?im not saying the 2nd goal was his fault but if youre gonna get scored on do it with dignity, dont flap like a fish at the ball LOL

  20. David Says:

    hall damn u and sutton this is why u never be are starting GK

  21. David Says:

    we are about to lose again off a mistake

  22. Footballer Says:

    The idiot yank announcers called him Christian Bale!! What idiots!!! That’s the Australian who played the American character Bruce Wayne.

    Yanks are (deleted) commentators and can’t even get cast to play an American character. Foreigners have to come in and take your jobs! HAHAHA!!!

  23. sicote Says:

    The “color man,” and former player was absolutely awful. Who is it? Paul Cagliari? Horrendous commentary.

  24. David Says:

    yup we lost thanks to hall and sutton

  25. Billy S. Says:

    noo we lost thanks to tcani and hall, sutton had the ball before tcani headed it out of his hands and the 2nd goal hall miss heads a ball and dosnt even rocket towards his man and sutton tried saving the ball but couldnt, so i would have to blame tcani(sadly) and hall(even sadlier lol) but sutton also should take a bit of the blame

  26. Tyler Says:

    Within second of comming into the game Chinn almost scores. He constantly puts pressure on the goal. We need more of his energy in the game.

  27. emilio Says:

    So was it Richards fault that Hall and Sutton were awful in the back. I wonder why Hall hasnt been starting, what a great player right?

  28. rbfan Says:

    we only lost because in 2 instances we had a breakdown in communication and a breakdown in concentration. Other than that we dominated the game and looked pretty damn good. Chinn was a bit selfish after that shot hit the crossbar, if he would have left it for Joel he could have most likely slotted it in pretty easily. I guess he has to impress Hans though so of course he is going to go for goal.

  29. THFC6061 Says:

    Not a bad display from Spurs, who were still resting their 10 World Cup Finals players.

    Especially considering that it’s still pre-season, while New York are well into their stride with half their season played already.

  30. BlancDaBody Says:

    Sutton needs to be more sure of himself in the box. Tottenham owned him. On the first goal He needs to come out and claim the ball on that cross by really getting in there for it. If he comes out, he should come away with the ball no questions asked.

    On the 2nd goal, he was too tentative like as if somebody else was going to make the save. Hall heads to the ball backwards, he should have immediately been rushing out to punch that away…or at least close down the angle. Instead he just kinda half stood and took a step or two out, putting him in “no mans land” where he couldn’t do anything.

  31. Dario Says:


    Bouna time rules.

  32. Matt Says:

    Mental mistakes = losses… 2009 all over again… no wonder those guys normally ride the bench.

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