Another star took to the field at the Red Bulls training facilities in Montclair, NJ Tuesday.  NBA Phoenix Suns  all-star star guard Steve Nash took the field with friend and newcomer Thierry Henry and the Red Bulls squad.  Nash, an avid soccer fan and partial owner of 2011 expansion Vancouver Whitecaps, didn’t fail to impress.

“Yeah, he is good.  It’s pretty amazing that he can come out on the soccer field and compete with us,” midfielder Jeremy Hall said.
When jokingly asked if he was the 3rd Designated Player rumored to be joining the team, Nash said with a laugh, “hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself.  It was fun.  The guys were great.  Everyone was really welcoming and made me feel like part of the team.  It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun.”

Nash, who spends his summers in New York City hosting his annual charity event, The Showdown in Chinatown, was impressed with what he saw in his training session with the team.

“I think the team right now looks great.  They have a great team spirit.  They are very organized and have a belief, so I think it’s an exciting time to be a part of the team and this organization.”

Hall also hopes new and current fans see the excitement from Nash.  “Obviously he has a lot of followers, for him to come out to our practices and games it helps our exposure.  Hopefully that and our new signing Henry will translate into new fans.”

With the upcoming Barclays New York Challenge bringing in top European teams, Nash thinks fans should be excited. ”When you bring in Sporting Lisbon, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur it’s a phenomenal time to be a soccer fan in this area.  Hopefully we can convert some more people in this area into Red Bull fans.”

This wasn’t Nash’s first go around with the Red Bulls but it looks like it may be his last, at least for now.

“My summer in New York is coming to an end so this is my sending off party.  I feel lucky they let me come out.  I had a great time.”

-By New York Red Bulls communications intern Nick Hall



  1. Larry Stevens Says:

    I have been a dedicated athlete for decades. I played soccer in elementary school and college. I have watched your team for years now and there are 2 major flaws I see that, not only, will prevent you from ever winning anything, but are terrible soccer and exasperating to watch:
    1. Your lack of defense. Your players put very little pressure on opponents, virtually allowing them to pass, dribble and bring the ball up. You need to start PRESSURING THE BALL (I suggest, much tighter man-on-man defense.)
    2. You need to start bringing the ball forward with more speed and determination. Often times your players are passing BACKWARDS more often than forwards!!! Your whole team seems to need an infusion of heart and backbone.

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