New York Red Bulls forward Juan Pablo Angel was added by MLS All-Star coach Bruce Arena to the 23-man MLS All-Star Team that will face legendary English side, Manchester United, on Wednesday, July 28 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas at 8:30 PM ET (TV: ESPN2, TeleFutura). It is the third career All-Star selection for Angel, who is second in MLS in goals scored this season with nine.  READ FULL RELEASE



  1. Dario Says:

    Congrats JPA you deserved it!!!!

  2. alex Says:

    agreed! i am so happy that Henry will be up front to help him out. there will finally be someone that can really bring out the best of angel and visa versa. i think we are gonna see some great goals scored.

  3. Cindy Says:

    JPA definitely deserves a spot! congrats to him! so many snubs this year, beastly

  4. Tim F. Says:

    Congrats Juan Pablo!

  5. luis c Says:

    Congratulations .Let the Red Bulls know that you guys need a creative midfielder,I read they are going to bring Marquez I hope is not true.

    • alex Says:

      Rafa would bring a lot to the team. he turned the Mexican team into a fantastic team just by keeping his players under control. + is is one of the best CD as well as DM. he can link up players like the Redbulls have never even seen b4 and create that pass forward to set of Henry and angel. He tackles with precision and can control his line better than anyone else that plays his position. Although in the US he is not very well liked we should all get past that because people need to know that in the heat of the moment people do stupid stuff. US/Mexico is a huge rivalry and things get heated when there is a lot of pressure. Besides lets try not to be like the Irish please and move on. He would be a fantastic add for the Redbulls and really turn this team into something special. the quality of the play would skyrocket and it would allow players like Lindpere to retake the positions that they are best at.

    • David Says:

      luis are u kidding me Marquez is the best why u say u hope its not true the team needs all the help they can get and u are not helping so don’t hate on him cuz hes mexican really….. if u know soccer u know red bulls need to get him fast

  6. Dario Says:

    Alex, I back your statement.

    I also would like to bring Marquez to the Red Bulls as well. For the reasons you pointed out.

    • alex Says:

      i forgot to add that Angel would also not be forced to drop back like he did at columbus. Angel will need to be as far up as he can for the Henry Angel Pair to be effective

  7. emilio Says:

    Marquez is a quality player, who is at arguably the best club team in the world for a reason. He will be an upgrade at central defender or defensive mid. No one is saying he is an attacking midfielder, but he can dictate the play and is a wonderful passer of the ball. One of the top passing center backs in the world. Any learning to play the Barca way im sure hasnt hurt.

  8. Dario Says:

    on a side note, I think Mexicans in the Tri-state will come to more Red Bull games b/c of Marquez…similar to Blanco in Chi town.

    I am sure the RB attendance will increase with Henry and a Marquez like name. Hopefully to over 20,000 per game. After that we can say we have a better home crowd than the Rangers, Knicks, Devils, Isles and Nets.

  9. luis c Says:

    I still believe we need a creative midfielder I rather spend the money
    on that than on Marquez,and people will go to the games no matter
    from where as long as the quality is good.

    • alex Says:

      dissagree. people want to see a name then quality with the name. Its the name of the player that attracts the people that havent seen a game yet. then its the quality that will keep them coming. by adding an unknown with quality people that have never seen a game will stay at home and not care. you might keep the people that are already coming but the goal is to bring in new crowds. rafa will pull a huge crowd as well as quality.

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