Good evening and thanks for joining us tonight as your Red Bulls face the Columbus Crew in a top of the table clash at Crew Stadium. It is warm and sunny here in Ohio’s capital as New York hopes to extend its unbeaten streak to six, while the Crew looks to get back to winning ways after falling to Kansas City, 1-0, on Wednesday. For the Red Bulls, who are currently at 26 points and two behind the Crew, a win would give them first place in the Eastern Conference.

Here is the lineup for the Red Bulls:





Substitutes: Sutton, Petke, Chinn, Robinson, Hall, Tchani, Kandji

A few notes to get you started:
Late update: Chris Albright out of the original starting lineup after feeling his right knee in warm-up. Luke Sassano takes his place at right back and Jeremy Hall takes Sassano’s place on the bench.
–  The Red Bulls are coming into the match on a five game unbeaten streak and are 3-0-2. They most recently tied D.C. United, 0-0, last Saturday at Red Bull Arena, helping them win the Atlantic Cup.
–          Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe made one change from their lineup that faced D.C. United, with Roy Miller coming in for the injured Salou Ibrahim (right foot sprain). It is Miller’s first start since a 3-2 loss on May 29 at against New England.
–          Carl Robinson traveled and could make a second half appearance. He missed time after he underwent surgery on May 26 to repair a torn lateral meniscus in his right knee.
–          Macoumba Kandji could make an impact after making his return for the first time in almost three months last Saturday, playing the final 14 minutes.
–          New Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry is in the audience tonight. Henry flew in today and participated in the team stretch and pre-game meal. He is expected to make his debut on Thursday against old rival, Tottenham Hotspur, at Red Bull Arena in the Barclays New York Challenge.

Columbus, which defeated New York 3-1 on May 20 at Red Bull Arena, is playing its third game in eight days and shuffled its lineup from Wednesday. Here is their Starting XI:






Substitutes: Gruenebaum, Francis, Padula, Brunner, Rogers, Oughton, Garey

Kickoff is at 7:30 PM and will be televised live on MSG, with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing calling the game! We’ll be doing live commentary on the match via our Twitter account (@newyorkredbulls). Enjoy the match!


52 Responses to “RED BULLS-CREW PRE-GAME”

  1. Bahij Says:

    Can’t watch tonight but good luck Red Bulls.

  2. Starks in Tampa Says:

    not a good start for redbulls as usual

  3. Starks in Tampa Says:

    why is sassano starting????????????? he is absolutely awful. Where is jeremy hall?

  4. karbaz Says:

    Finally, it took the crew long enough. We look utterly terrible.

  5. Starks in Tampa Says:

    honestly the redbulls suck…..they have no movement whatsoever….they pass the ball and stand still…such ugly soccer, division 3 college soccer man its disgusting.

  6. Starks in Tampa Says:

    iv never seen a team that doesnt know how to possess the ball as bad as the redbulls….we need a good midfielder beyond belief

  7. emilio Says:

    No they dont suck, take it easy, Sassano is better than Hall.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      sassano better then hall?????????? ur joking right? all sassano is good for is dumb fouls and dumb cads….he has no soccer talent whatsoever

      • emilio Says:

        everybody is horrible. they might as well quit right, takje it easy please.

        no im not joking, hans backe knows more about soccer than you mr.

    • Cubillas Says:

      I have to agree with starks. Hall is better than Sassano. Especially, when you see Luke giving an unispired, half hearted performance like the one he gave tonight. He did not deserve to start.

  8. Starks in Tampa Says:

    boy roy miller is horrible

  9. Starks in Tampa Says:

    the crew is in a different class then the redbull, we have no midfield and no backs….

  10. emilio Says:

    we are missing Henry and Albright, we will be ok take it easy the game isnt over and the season isnt over no matter what happens today. I hope Nielsen gets back soon.

  11. Starks in Tampa Says:

    how did the redbulls do early in the season with hall in there? pretty darn good, not saying he is great but much better then sassano…..hall is MUCH MUCH better with the ball then sassano, sassano is not an asset he s a liability. plain and simple he SUCKS.

  12. Starks in Tampa Says:

    over the last 6 weeks this has been the same play, same horrible play its getting tiring.

  13. rbfan Says:

    this starks in tampa guy sounds more like a Crew fan than a Red Bull fan. Take it easy bud, if your team is losing they suck, if they are winning they are the best team ever… thats just how almost every fan reacts.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      i grew up in nyc moved to tampa a few years ago…..

    • Cubillas Says:

      But you have to agree rbfan that tonight we played crappy football and there are no excuses or explanations that can justify our performance tonight. I love this club and I support it but when you see players in the field disrespecting your colors I can’t support that.
      Dane Richards is not a starter and he will never be, he does not have the acumen to create or provide effective support, he’s only good as a sub.
      Why are we playing Danleigh Borman as a fullback and Roy Miller in the midfield? Their roles should be switched. Danleigh is more aggressive and can provide better service. I know this should be Brian Nielsen’s position but he’s being placed in the injured list.

  14. emilio Says:

    last 6 weeks, we are unbeaten last 5 games?

  15. karbaz Says:

    Starks is just pissed his Tampa team is long gone so now he’s a fake red bull fan.

  16. David Says:

    red bulls are good just a bad day for them today but hey true red bull fans never give up they keep haveing hope remember the game is not over till the fat lady sings

  17. karbaz Says:

    This game cannot end any faster.

  18. David Says:

    ummm okey red bulls are getting a beat for the 2nd time by damn crew not good 2-0

  19. chrisg Says:

    crew is just a better team right now than our beloved redbulls. i hate that we are losing, but considering last year, this year has been a def improvement

  20. David Says:

    red bulls trade richards plzzzzzzzzz hes fast for nothing

  21. Tim F. Says:

    MLS soccer lists Kandji at left back and Miller at right mid. Is this an error or did Osorio recently take over for Backe?

  22. David Says:

    well as i can tell and feel red bulls lost this game period

  23. christian Says:

    sassano cant even make it to my high school soccer team, heisnt good enough to be a rbny reserve.

    tchani and hall should be starters

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      thank you that is what I have been saying for the longest, sassano has no talent… he is just a warm body that is it!

    • emilio Says:

      Hall is not MLS starting material either, we need Albright to be healthy.

  24. That_Guy_in_114 Says:

    I’m sick of watching Dane Richards…Dane had good speed, awful control and a HORRID foot. He can’t strike a thing.

    Time for the Red Bulls to ditch: Richards and Sassano.

    Good to see Carl Robinson out there finally.

  25. chrisg Says:

    completely agree, why either Richards or Sassano is even near our starting lineup is beyond me

  26. chrisg Says:

    Crew may not have JPA or Henry, but they are far ahead of us as far as team play right now

  27. emilio Says:

    We got beat by a better team, hopefully we can get everyone healthy and lets see what happens.

  28. David Says:

    boy oh boy was there a time when we were better then the crew?? WHAT HAPPEN NOW!???????????????

  29. chrisg Says:

    good point

  30. That_Guy_in_114 Says:

    What happens is we trust Backe to ditch the dead weight.

    IRVING GARCIA, you have been so UNDERUTILIZED this year.

    JEREMY HALL, YOU ARE 1000x BETTER than Sassano.

    CARL ROBINSON, thank GOD you’re back.

    …just sayin..

  31. christian Says:

    i hope henry isnt regreting coming to ny

    • David Says:

      i don’t think he is… he knows red bulls got more games to make up the loss and this time they will have him playing

  32. That_Guy_in_114 Says:

    I’m hoping that Backe turns to Henry and says: “What do you think?” Who gets cut?…now that Henry has seen the guys at practice and in the game. I wonder if he’ll have any input into the decision…they need to make it by the 31st.

  33. David Says:

    well red bulls have to get to first place by beating other teams they have left to face and play alotttt better now that henry is going to play with them and the 3rd DP

  34. tommy w. Says:

    Dane Richards, you are the weakest link, goodbye.

  35. David Says:

    its sad that we got Brian Nielsen who was so pose to be are best LM and where is he on the DL epic fail Brian Nielsen…….thank god hes on a loan hes done nothing but be on the DL list for us

  36. Luigji Says:

    the way they played last night not even Henri can help them they really really sucks
    we need a new roster because how is henri going to play with the garbage players that do not know how to trap the ball which you learn when you are 8 years old in youth soccer. One guy cannot win the mls cup i dont care what his name is.

    Last nights performance was “STREET SOCCER” that’s what we can it from where I come from.

    Shame on the Red Bulls, embrassing NY and our new player Henri, why did he arrive at the game in a yellow taxi cab….come in something has to give!!

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