A tough result for the Red Bulls, who came into the match with a chance to take the lead in the Eastern Conference. However, a first half goal from Emilio Renteria and a good strike by Brian Carroll in the second half gave the Crew the three points and extended their lead in the division to five points. New York next returns home to face Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday night before taking on Manchester City as part of the Barclays New York Challenge. We caught up with head coach Hans Backe, who was critical of the team after the match, as well as Carlos Mendes, Macoumba Kandji and Thierry Henry. Henry arrived in Columbus earlier today and was watching the match from a suite.

Red Bulls 0, Crew 2 – Post-Game Reaction

39 Responses to “RED BULLS 0, CREW 2 – POST-GAME”

  1. Dario Says:

    There was not anything positive to take out of this game.
    It was 100% failure, on everyone involved.

    IDK how a team can come out flat in a first place game, and really not show up for 90 mins.

    Pathetic, our whole midfield has no class. Not one player with any ability on the ball.

    We might be getting Herny, but who will give him the ball. He will be comp. isolated.

  2. GunneRR Says:

    I love Backe’s honesty: “We would have changed the whole team at halftime if it had been possible.” But now he has to come up with a solution. That’s two terrible matches is a row. TH14 can’t solve this without the midfield waking up. Awful.

  3. Dario Says:

    No offense, but Richards SUCKS!!! as does Ubi who was once again USELESS tonight. The whole midfield stinks..all of them. We have no wingers, nor creativity in the middle.

    I am sure 1/2 of the redbullsreader fans have more creativity, composure and speed than these lugs.


  4. tommy w. Says:

    Roy Miller was very wasteful with his corner deliveries early on. They were all being over hit, towards the far post. Richards quick speed might have been good enough to hide all his other deficiencies, and he served the club well, but we can’t keep rolling the dice to see if we get good Dane or bad Dane. Stammler played okay, but Tim Ream constantly makes “little mistakes” that really puts the back line under a lot of unnecessary panic. Things need to clean up away from home.

  5. Matt Says:

    Not good enough. There are at least a half dozen guys in this current squad who should be worried about their jobs.

  6. Jcr Says:

    Besides Miller’s corners, everyone of his crosses were awful, Ubi has sucked ever since coming back from his hamstring pull, Stammler except for that one shot was slow on the ball, this a mediocre game from Lindpere, Ream’s passing wasn’t it’s normal self and those mistakes on defense. I thought Bohrmann looked the best and wish Backe had kept him in the game. Tchani was OK although I wish he would take it forward more and Kandji OK

    • Cubillas Says:

      You are absolutely right; Jcr. Ubi s has not being the same since he got hurt. I have said this before but Stammler and Lindpere do not work in the midfield together. I feel that Stammler only wants to take the role of attacking midfielder and not worry about defending when needed. There is a fluidity that is not there in the midfield and a hunger to win a game against the Crew that I have not seen since the first game we played against in 2008 at Giants Stadium.
      I will say it again. I LOVE THIS CLUB and all its supporters but I can’t accept any player who wears our colors and not give it the respect it deserves. Many players yesterday embarrassed us with a dismal and substandard performance. I would prefer that Backe would play some of the kids instead, they play with more heart. There are tons of good committed players in MLS that would love to play for us, maybe we need to take a long hard look at some of the people in our roster and get rid of the ones with NO CHARACTER only then we can strive to get better every game.

  7. JT Says:

    Let’s hope that Sinisa never gets on the pitch again. Does absolutely nothing right. Stammler has to pick it up and so does Richards. Interesting to see the lineup when Thierry and the new midfielder are playing.

  8. kahlva Says:

    Columbus was challenging for every ball and hustling.

    Red Bulls were not.

    For a team vying for 1st place, that’s unacceptable.

    Thierry Henry must be wondering what the heck he got himself into.

  9. Cindy Says:

    i really wish Dane would be traded or released, it’s aggravating waiting to see if this is the game he’s going to show up in or not. 5 out of 6 games Dane sucks and has no finish or vision, it’s not worth the 6th game where he does well.

    also i agree with the Ubi comments too, he did nothing well save for one nice pass to Dane in the 18 that Dane wasted anyway.

    the rest of the boys need to pick up their game immediately, there are actual jobs on the line with needing to make room for two DPs! get to work!

  10. David Says:

    they played like there were in last place in the east yesterday night

  11. BlancDaBody Says:

    I have to say the most culpable player to me has to be Luke Sassano. I mean, c’mon, he didn’t complete one pass going forward. I did see him attempting to overlap along the right wing, but he did it at completely the wrong times.

    The combo of Ubi and him along the right wing last night…

    Hans, why didn’t you start Hall at Right Back?? He’s shown quality, and has been strangely absent from the lineup since he great performance against Juventus. I say give Hall a shot a RM, I don’t know what he’s done to end up in Hans’ dog house

  12. Eugene Says:

    I think they were all distracted by the hoopla in the past week, coaching staff included. The wrong team took the field against the Crew, it just didn’t make sense.

    Dane has never consistently played well up top and the combo of Lindpere and Stammler, with Ubi or Roy Miller, doesn’t work well together. Robinson also confuses the issue. Better to play Ubi and Tchani together, who seem to have more chemistry, at least in the Open Cup games.

    People forget that Ream is a rookie, with all this discussion of national team and rookie of the year awards. To show his competency, he really needs to do it on a consistent basis for more than one season. He’s been up and down so far.

  13. David Says:

    backe needs to dump the 2009 players from are team and start up new

  14. Chris Gibson Says:

    Sell the team

  15. tommy w. Says:

    Let’s not forget that a lot of these players are the very same ones culpable for one of the worst MLS seasons ever. Motivation and a “winning mentality” can only get you so far before things settle back to normal. MOAR SIGNINGS. We have to continue to elevate the team’s overall skill level if we want to win the way we think we deserve to.

  16. Starks in Tampa Says:

    can we please see irving garcia in the mid please???? and put tchani in there,so what they are young, they have more talent in finger then sinisia, ubi and anyone else backe starts….

    • kyplyr07 Says:

      Agreed. I think the kid can distribute the ball better and open the game up. With Tchani on the right, they can understand themselves better and make plays. They got more heart and talent. No doubt about that.

  17. Jessee Says:

    Yeah start Tchani and Garcia remove sinisa and richards.

  18. STEVE_NYRB Says:

    I hope we see Conor Chin and hopefully Garcia get some playing time. Garcia would make a excellent wing. Every time I’ve seen him play he’s been great. There’s definitely going to be some major adjustments next week. I think all rookies are pretty great. The starters should be nervous about their jobs.

  19. Tyler Says:

    Puts some energy in the game. Shake it up with Conor Chinn and Garcia. They are creative, and put pressure on the opposing team.

  20. emilio Says:

    And where are you gonna start Connor Chinn, in place of Angel or Henry, because Chinn is a striker?

  21. emilio Says:

    Yeah, bad result, but considering where we are today and where we were last year we need to relax. Last year we had 21 points in the entire season, so far in 16 games we have 26 points. We cant expect that in less than a year we would go from arguably the worst team in MLS history into the best team in the league. Backe and Soler have made some positive additions, but they cant transform the team completly in less than one year. There is still work to be done, Henry is coming on board, possibly Marquez and im sure the team will address in the offseason upgrading the midfield, and lets not forget the team tried to do that with Nielsen who is highly regarded, but injuries curtailed that, he still can be a factor at the end of the season. Im not going crazy this isnt last year where we had 10 points, 20 plus games into the season with no hope in sight.

  22. STEVE_NYRB Says:

    Play Chin next to Angel with Henry up top. So more of a 3-3-4 formation.

    Or maybe Henry plays behind Angel because he has more speed and 1-1 skills. Just an idea.





    • Yabor Says:

      are yous serious Homes, thats a crazy line up , Chin has no ball skills he’s a finisher period , he would be no use o the wings. Angel is a Finisher with limited ball skills and he’s slow . he cannot play on the wings. Garcia as much as i like him , is not a central Mid . who is going to provide us with the necessary defensive cover ? That line is stupid and I’m Glad some of you have no say in how Backe manages this team.
      If you were going to play a 4-3-3 Line up it would have to look something like this until the 3rd Dp gets here .



      —–Lindpere—- Robinson– —Tchani——-


      to play 4-3-3 you need guys who can control ball possession in the middle and defend at the same time . these three can do that.
      and on up to you need skill and speed, Henry and Kandji have that. with Angel as a finisher.
      If Marquez comes we replace Robinson with him.

  23. el Says:

    You cant play that lineup, Chinn and Angel have the same skill set they are the same player, with Angel having the superior talent of the two. I havent seen anything to warrant playing Garcia and that midfield setup isnt adequate.

  24. el Says:

    To play a 4-3-3 you need two outside forwards with speed and skill on the ball you cant play 3 out and out strikers and expect results.

  25. STEVE_NYRB Says:

    Well Angel has been falling back so much he’s practically a midfielder. Garcia has been great every time I’ve seen him play. He’s creative and not nearly as conservative as most playing midfield. He has good awareness and makes good passing decisions forward.

  26. emilio Says:

    Angel is a number 9 period, with Henry he will play up top more and drop back less. If we want to improve we arent going to change players positions, remember last years fiasco? We saw Garcia get meaningful minutes against Juventus in a friendly and two cup starts, including against Harrisburg where the midfield was non-existent. Its funny how we can create something and turn it into reality, Garcia played well in a meaningless friendly for 20 minutes and one cup start against Philly. We need to address the needs in the off-season and play what we have thats best, if Backe thought Garcia could be that player he would play him.

  27. STEVE_NYRB Says:

    If he played well, he played well. What does it say when veterans play like they did, in a very important match? If you can’t step up for the big games maybe you need to take a seat and let the rookies get a shot. I’m not saying it’s the most tactical choice, but I might snap some of these guys out of it.

  28. emilio Says:

    What important match, in the most important match against Harrisburg he was non-existent, a friendly against Juventus is a meaningless match, its what it is a friendly.

  29. STEVE_NYRB Says:

    I’m talking about the starters against the Crew. And I didn’t see the Harrisburg match. Were you there? So he plays well against Juventus and it’s not worth noting and he has a “non-exitent” performance against Harrisburg and it means he should get a shot? You’re not very consistent.

  30. emilio Says:

    Obviously Backe sees him in practice every day, I cant just say he deserves to start because he played a good 30 minutes against Juventus. If we dont trust that Backe can determine if Garcia should be starting, than obviously you dont think he is doing an effective job, I choose to believe he isnt playing for a reason.

  31. STEVE_NYRB Says:

    I trust Backe actually. I’m sure he has his reasons. But we do need speed on the wings. Perhaps Backe has just resigned himself to a possession game because we don’t have speed and experience. And the midfield is sucking at it.

  32. Tim F. Says:

    Marquez is NOT worth a $9 million transfer fee; get a competent #10 from South America instead.

    It is unfortunate that the Red Bulls did not show more effort and fight in a game that meant a lot; that is worrisome.

    I would like Tchani to get a start and I hope Ubiparapovic can regain his pre-injury form. Tchani and Ubiparapovic play well together. I would like to see this lineup against Houston:

    ……. Angel ….. Henry

    Kandji …………… Ubiparapovic

    Lindpere …… Tchani

    Borman … Ream … Mendes … Albright


    Subs: Hall, Garcia, Richards, Robinson, Salou (or Agudelo), Stammler and Sutton

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