A lot happened today, and let’s try and catch you up on all that we have put out on the official site:

Thierry Henry officially presented to the media

Backe’s happy dilemma: How to best use Henry

Red Bulls look set to make another big splash

Watch the replay of the live stream of Henry’s introductory press conference

Full version of the first interview of Henry prior to his introduction


  1. Tim F. Says:

    This coverage of today’s events has been excellent.

    Please use the third DP slot on a center midfielder that can serve as a playmaker even if the player doesn’t have name recognition. If the team wins, the club and players will attract attention and fans.

    Please DO NOT bring on Freddy Ljungberg. We want a team player and not someone who is not trying for the club he currently plays for. I don’t know whether it is true or not, but Freddy doesn’t have a good “locker room” reputation in news reports.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Henry is so articulate and i love everything he is saying in all his interviews! he is focused and has his head screwed on tight and feet firmly planted on the ground! so excited!!!!!

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