Red Bull New York will be unveiling its newest Designated Player, Thierry Henry, at a press conference tomorrow, July 15 at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ at 1:15 PM ET. Henry, members of the Red Bulls Technical Staff and Major League Commissioner Don Garber will be present.  The stream will begin at 1:15 and there will be a pre-show hosted by Red Bull MSG announcers Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing prior to Henry taking the dais to speak publicly for the first time as a New York Red Bull.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE NEWYORKREDBULLS.COM VIDEO PAGE



  1. Jason Says:

    Am not going to be able to watch it will there be any re-runs of it anywere ?

  2. Flintstone Says:

    I can`t wait. Keep bringing over these over priced foreign players that take away playing time from American players. No wonder our National Team never makes it far. Also MLS can be like the old NASL which went under, after over spending on too many foreign players. GOOD NIGHT NURSE!!

    • Jessee Says:

      That’s why they made a salary cap, unlike the old NASL…….

    • alex Says:

      i disagree, bringing over these players will help the American players by bringing them some experience and a mentor. also it’s to help future generations so that they get interested and go out and give the sport a try. there are good American players and their opportunities are not being withheld. they will become better if the quality increases. you can only be as good as your competition (for the most part) or a little better but unless you have better people to play against you cant improve. think about all the defenders that will learn how to cover a player like this. they will have to learn how to stop him and improve the way they cover attackers as to not let him through.

    • tp Says:

      It seems like most American players would rather just play in Europe than in MLS. The majority of the US team was made up of Americans who play in Europe. So, why shouldn’t MLS teams bring in more foreign players.

  3. David Says:

    some sounders fan told me angel was going to there team and i told him u wish he was cuz your team is almost in last place

    • Victor Says:

      You can tell that JPA isn’t going anywhere and Freddie is the one that’s coming to NY.

    • alex Says:

      i heard angel for freddie… that would never happen because angel is playing very well this year and freddie is not. it would be a terrible trade. plus the angel henry thing was preconceived. getting rid of angel would make the redbulls attack far less dangerous.

  4. Martin Says:

    Grow up flint, the reason we suck at soccer is because we dont pay our soccer players, any person with athletic attributes in this country considers the real paying sports beofre soccer. We just dont breed soccer players. So please stop being so un-intelligent.

    Welcome Henry, Hope you contribut, GO RED BULLS

    • Cubillas Says:

      I agree with Martin. We need to find a system where we can begin to breed soccer players like for example, Brasil does.

  5. BlancDaBody Says:

    Wow, we couldn’t even get this broadcast on ESPN News Channel or something like that? Lebron gets a 1 hour special and we can’t even get 20 minutes for the greatest player that MLS have ever seen…

    America really hates them some soccer LOL

    • alex Says:

      lebrons special was a total flop. i dont think its because they dont care about henry i think its cause they dont care about mls.

  6. JW Says:

    I think he’ll have an immediate impact scoring, and also opening up Angel because defenses will be keying on him. I seriously hope we get Rafa to come here too. I think he would be a perfect addition in midfield.

    BTW anyone know where we can get the “I RBNY NY” t shirt Henry was wearing during this interview:

    Just wondering.

  7. Starks in Tampa Says:

    wtf Bondy????? asking about the french debacle in South Africa….this is a day about MLS and Redbull, kick that dude out, I usually like Bondy too…prick

  8. Jessee Says:

    Now I think LA,NY,RSL,and COLU will become the big four of the league just my opinion, gradually I believe that’s what will happen.

  9. Says:

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