As you may have noticed when this morning’s New York Times hit the newsstand, the Red Bulls have signed French international forward Thierry Henry.  This coup of a signing is the second Designated Player signing for New York, and demonstrates the serious commitment to creating a winning atmosphere within the club.  After opening Red Bull Arena in March, this next step could propel the Red Bulls to the top of the table.  Article  and video links after the jump.New York Red Bulls sign international star Thierry Henry

Dyer: The waiting is over and he has arrived

Watch an exclusive segment of the first sit down interview with Henry regarding signing with New York

Take an exclusive behind the scenes look at Henry’s New York Red Bulls photo shoot

In case you missed them, here are two videos the club used to tease his arrival:

Watch all of these videos and more on the official video player.

98 Responses to “BIENVENUE!!!”

  1. Cubillas Says:

    Awesome!!! He’s finally an official Red Bull. Welcome Thierry to your new home. We expect great things from you.

  2. DRENK Says:

    Welcome Thierry!!! Now lets cut the pleasantry and get your @$$ out there and score some goals, CHOP CHOP!!!!!

  3. agnigrin Says:

    Bienvenue Titi! Allez Red Bulls!

  4. Starks in Tampa Says:

    freaking awesome!!!! Thank you Redbulls Organization for bringing in a top flight player who isnt far removed from his best years and will be an absolute stud in this league. I can not wait to watch this team with Henry playing….

    Hopefully this will put us over the top in the east and compete with the Galaxy in MLS CUP this year.

  5. Cindy Says:

    love it!!! no more speculation!!! see you on the 22nd Thierry!!! let’s go Red Bulls!!!!!

  6. EastTerracer Says:

    Unfortunately the Red Bulls have just alienated the Irish population of New York with one signing. I’ve been a season ticket holder but no more. You’ve lost at least one loyal Red Bulls supporter today.

    • DRENK Says:

      SERIOUSLY….? Come on man, I think after watching the WC its obvious officiating has become a bad joke. I understand your dislike for Henry, but you can’t take it out on the whole team

      • NYC_Rebel Says:

        I second EastTerracer’s opinion…appalling and offensive signing for any Irish person…I won’t be renewing my season ticket either…the guy is past it anyway…

    • the special 1 Says:

      if you are leaving the team after this signing then i truly question how much of a “supporter” you were in the first place

    • alex Says:

      and you know what? Im gonna buy a season ticket just because of henry and trust me there are a lot more people that will buy more season tickets then not buy them anymore. i dont think anyone in the world that supports any team stops supporting their team because of one player. but suit urself. hope you had a good seat so i can take it over.

      • DRENK Says:

        very good point, besides i’m pretty sure there are more fans of henry, then there are bitter irish supporters in the tri-state area

    • Julian Says:

      I think the two less ticket season holders won’t over come the hundreds of new ones….

  7. frank Says:

    juste un petit mot pour te souhaiter bonne chance dans ton nouveau club.
    thierry henry just the best

  8. Dario Says:


    HENRY is a RED BULL!!! Here we come MLS CUP!

  9. alex Says:

    Really? well if your not gonna come because of one player then it really does not matter because for all the new people that will be coming to see him play your ticket has no significance. get over it.

  10. halftimewhistle Says:

    I just have to say that on the one hand this is a fantastic signing for NYRB. However, Henry is most certainly not in his prime – not even close in fact. However, I think it’s a good move for both Henry and MLS and I hope it works out well.

    • DS Says:

      You know he’s actually only coming off of 1 bad season. In 08-09 he scored 26 goals in 42 matches for Barca. How is 1 bad season being ‘not even close’ to his prime?

    • emilio Says:

      The truth is he is only 32 and he lost his spot on arguably the best club team in the world, he would have been a starter on practically most top European clubs, he is a great signing. He is one year removed from scoring 26 goals and winning the league, cup, champions league, european super cup, spanish super cup, and club world cup.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      u kidding me? Henry may not be in his PRIME PRIME but he is still a great player and the best player to ever play in MLS hands down. 1 year ago he was one of the top players in La Liga get the facts straight my man.

  11. Dombrowski Says:

    EastTerracer: stfu or gtfo!!!!

  12. Raymond Says:

    You have hired the worst cheater in the world ! Congratulations.
    More than that this guy has taken hostage the french soccer team.
    The sport minister called him as a “immature caïd” at the french nationnal assembly :

    He don’t have the level to play in Europe anymore.

    That’s why he is on the run from Europe and move to your team.

    Good luck anyway you will need it.

    • Bob Says:

      So what about all the players who dive to gain an advantage? Is that not cheating? If he was that bad why would west ham have offered him all that money and wouldn’t benzema have been in the france squad instead if him? He is still a very good player especially in the mls. You sound like an idiot!

  13. luis c Says:

    Welcome Mr. Henry.remember we still need a creative midfielder.

  14. Aaron Says:

    This is good for RB and MLS. Just a suggestion, plan a few “impromptu” visits with Henry into urban neighborhoods. Have him and some other players come out this summer while kids are still out of school. Do something to get him out in the community. He’s a great personality, stands for good causes (Stand up to Racism) and could be a great ambassador to the game here, especially where the game needs more exposure, in urban and immigrant neighborhoods.

    • ShoutOut Says:

      He stands for good causes??? What causes would that be “Throw Your Arms around the World (and the ball)” Stand up to Racism? What about Stand up to Cheating?? He is a disgrace and should have retired after that handball…bad enough that he coming over here to milk one last payday out of the Red Bulls…as a regular Red Bull fan I will not be seen there again.

      • Metro-211-7 Says:

        Then, what about Maradona (in 1996 vs England)? In Maradona’s case, Maradona actually scored the goal. Henry trapped the ball with his hand and then made the pass for another player to score. Neither one sounds good, but Henry’s case not as good as Maradona’s, IMHO!

      • Metro-211-7 Says:

        I meant Maradona in 1986…

      • Raymond Says:

        Nothing to compare between Maradonna the king and Henry the cheat.
        Maradonna scored during the Falklands War and in the same match he scored the best goal ever.

      • BlancDaBody Says:

        Happy Trails!!

      • the special 1 Says:

        bitter much? he is not milking anything as he had offers from european teams including west ham in the EPL. i think that indicates he is still thought of highly and can still play the game at the top levels. Yes he lost his starting role at Barca, but on just about any other team in the WORLD he would be a starter. And let the hand ball thing go bro seriously. Players are (or atleast should be) taught at a young age to play on until a whistle is heard whether it is a foul, handball, ball on the line, etc. I guarantee if Duff or Keane had committed the same infraction they would have played on as if nothing happened because they are tough competitors and the official blew the call. The world cup should be an indication that refs are far from perfect. go support the union in their minor league stadium if you hate henry so much!

      • Chris Says:

        You do realize he owned up to the mistake and said it was wrong? He’s never denied that he cheated and did something wrong. So please, get over it and move on. FIFA could have called for a replay match but passed. Point your anger and bitterness to them, not Henry

      • Aaron Says:

        give me a break. I love people acting like he should be banished to exile and never allowed to touch a football again. get over it.

        He’s a great player. In every interview I’ve ever seen he seems like a decent guy. He has a diverse background, grew up in tough urban neighborhoods, and could be a great ambassador to urban youth soccer in this country.

  15. Johnny Says:

    Well done on signing a cheat, Next thing you know he will be on TV saying “he did not have “sexual relations” with that woman!”

  16. Dario Says:


    and look at this…his first game as a RB is against SPURS!!
    The gunner fans should help fill the arena.

    How much does anyone want to bet he scores if he plays v. Spurs.

  17. eltigreferoz Says:

    Worst-kept secret that still brings a fist pump from me.

  18. Dario Says:

    Roy Keane Calls Out Irish Mentality on Hand Ball
    on youtube…

    It was not Henry’s fault comp. The ball should never have dropped in the box.

    • the special 1 Says:

      thank you!!! there is also no guarantee the irish would have won if the game went to pks. it sucks yes, but wouldnt have been a promise they would ahve won!

    • DRENK Says:

      VERY TRUE! If the Irish really wanted to win it, then they should’ve scored first.

      I seriously doubt that if an Irish player had the chance to handball in order to get a goal, he would pass it up. Every player thinks they’re an honest player until the chance comes, look at Suarez in Uruguay!

  19. BlancDaBody Says:

    He SHOULD be on the bench vs the Kolumbus Klan

  20. Situma Says:

    That is a new begining in the multy talented football legend,enjoy in your new club

  21. Thierry Says:

    He is on the run, nobody want him anymore in Europe.

    • emilio Says:

      He had offers from West Ham and other British clubs.

      • Leftie10 Says:

        Yeah maybe TH14cheat thought it was an offer from the New York Knicks…he’s better with his hands than he is with his feet these days…

      • the special 1 Says:

        @leftie10: your ignorance is remarkable

    • alex Says:

      how do u figure?

    • Victor Says:

      west ham united wanted him I think Arsenal would also be happy to have him back.

    • Henry is the best Says:

      No he´s in New York cause he won everything in Europe. He´s world, european champion, won the champion´s league, the english and spanish leagues. How could he be interested in playing for West Ham or a club without big ambitions and with whom he has no ties ?
      Moving to the US is a new challenge, personaly (the chance to live in NYC) as professionaly.

      • DS Says:

        Don’t forget that he also won the French Ligue 1, as well as the domestic cups in France, England (only 3 FA Cups) and Spain, so there is no real desire to go back to his native France to play.

  22. Erika Says:


  23. P A Says:

    At this point the handball comments are so tiresome. Wasn’t having the French team implode so spectacularly at the World Cup enough? The karmic debt has been paid. Seriously, it’s time to move on.

  24. hahaha Says:

    who cares about the irish?most irish ppl were too drunk to even remember the hand ball anyway

  25. alex Says:

    Most people that criticize players usually only know the surface of what goes on in the actual football world. y dont you ask messi what he thinks about henry. i can put a 1000 bucks that he would beg to differ with all the people that say he is washed out and a cheat. he would have a lot less goals if henry wasnt there to assist the ball to him perfectly.

  26. Peter Says:

    Bienvenue Monsieur Henry!

  27. Alle Says:

    All the haters need to gtfo really, especially those who continue to mention his handball, which i’d like to point out: he didn’t score, gallas did so move on already. Maradona scored with his hand, so henry’s case was nothing compared to that, People tend to forget the career he had after that nonsense. This is a player who, even at 32 or 33 years old, will still continue to play well and I’m confident of that. Bienvenue titi et bonne chance!!!!!

    • the special 1 Says:

      spot on alle! numerous players, including maradona and messi, have scored big goals with their hands, and are still embraced by loads of fans despite their infractions. bottom line, lets see what he does on the pitch before we judge! go red bulls and go henry!

      • barbazan(french in France) Says:

        yeaaah! we’ll see him soon.
        he hadn’t many training session…so let’s be patient with him!

  28. Thierry Says:

    And what about his comportement in the nationnal team in south Africa.
    He prevented his teammates of training using violence.
    French politics are thinking of a sanction.

    • Henry is the best Says:

      That´s wrong !
      He didn´t use violence, he didn´t prevent anyone to train.
      If you have this information, please give your sources.
      One of his ancient team mates (Thuram) has even reproached him to have done nothing.
      After the world cup he was invited for a talk by the french president because of prestigious career. His voice is heard and he is respected by the politics contrary to some new french players.

    • alex Says:

      using violence??? what paper are you reading?

  29. Victor Says:

    well I’m glad it’s finally official. welcome to new york TH14 hope you score some goals and help the reds bulls win the mls cup. I think he will score at least 10 goals by the end of the season.

    • emilio Says:

      Victor take it easy, he isnt scoring 10 goals in 14 games, thats extremely optimistic and unrealistic, yes I think he will help, but not to that level. He isnt that type of player anymore.

    • Dario Says:

      but next year he could be a golden boot candi.

      This year he has to adjust to the team, the league, the country….but this is a GREAT signing.

  30. JW Says:

    Henry! Henry! Henry! Finally!!
    RBNY please sign an attacking midfielder and game changer now!!!

  31. Henry is the best Says:

    Being French I am glad to see how much NY fans can recognize and appreciate the great player that is Thierry Henry. I wish him and his new club good luck.

    I would like to add that Irish fans need to move on. They are obsessed with the handball, it´s hypocryte and pathetic when you know football.

    There are lots of wrong decisions from referees every game. Especially during this world cup. There have been other goals scored after a handball (Maradona, Fabiano during the world cup : 2 handballs…) people are not complaining months and months like little kids. The game between Irland and Georgia was also a shame, you never hear Irish people about it (

    The handball, every player would have done the same, that´s football. If you don´t believe it, you don´t understand anything about football, it´s about winning (how many players dive to get a penalty or score a goal when offside, do you hear them saying : “Oh, yes we should replay the game…”). Henry admitted he played the ball with the hand, the ref had to stop the game, it´s not Henry´s responsability. Irish didn´t score, they got what they deserved. End of the story.

    BTW the US national team has also been a victim of bad refereeing decisions (vs Slovenia). I don´t think US fans will be whining months about it. They may have something Irish have not : brain and balls.

  32. Starks in Tampa Says:

    oh happyyyyy day!!!!! I thought I would never see this, Henry playing for New York? Holy cow!

  33. Ceez Says:

    Magnifique!!! Henry, vous etes le meilleur! J’aime mes Red Bulls. Bonne chance, monsieur!! 🙂

  34. tommy w. Says:

    Finally, the day is here. I knew it would come, and like the new stadium, I just had to wait. For me, it doesn’t get bigger than this

  35. karbaz Says:

    Rumor has it, Angel swap for Freddie Ljungberg. I swear to god this better not be true, I do not want Ljungberg, we already have a good midfielder in Joel Lindepere.

  36. Top Posts — Says:

    […] Bienvenue!!! As you may have noticed when this morning’s New York Times hit the newsstand, the Red Bulls have signed French […] […]

  37. Ken Says:

    Karbaz I agree completely. I will be so pissed. Ljunberg is always hurt and a complainer. But you never know our team has always made stupid trades and Hans loves him. JPA IS NY!

  38. cb Says:

    Happy Bastille Day Red Bull nation! TH14 is here!!!

  39. Le Gaffer Says:

    Great news for the club!

    I will definitely drive down to NYC and watch NYRB, and probably buy a #14 shirt!

  40. David Says:

    im happy hes with us now and angel got help up top now i wish he could play against the crew but got to wait next week oh well

  41. barbazan(french in France) Says:

    Hello happy RBNY fans!
    Here i come to tell you how lucky you are to get Henry in your team.
    He’s a great player ,and not only in the pitch…he’s a leader and known for his friendship and kindness with fans and staff.
    I never watched a MLS game, because in France, there is no broadcast, but not for long time…
    His signing made me want to see the NY games.
    Sorry for the english.

    A french new NY fan…and also a girondins de Bordeaux fan…

  42. Loco Says:

    You guys don’t needs a cheater.
    In South Africa the US team was 10 time better than the frensh one.

    • alex Says:

      hey genious were talking about henry not the french team u fucktard

    • barbazan(french in France) Says:

      it is not the question.Sure,US team,even less talent,but more motivation, was better!!
      it’s a pleasure to watch Donovan,but,also Bradley is a top player,and,Altidore, the best one(for me)

  43. barbazan(french in France) Says:

    What about Raymond?you’re not happy to see henry in New York?Is “Raymond” a nickname in tribute of Raymond Domenech?
    so cute…

  44. EastTerracer Says:

    ok – I pi$$ed a lot of people off yesterday so I want to try and put my comment in some context. I never said I hated Henry – I agree that he has been a superb footballer over the years and I am not questioning the value he will bring to the Red Bulls.

    I’ve been attending Irish international games for over 30 years – it is my footballing passion and I have seen over 160 International games. I was in Paris, in the stand, when that game was played. Ireland have only ever qualified for three World Cups so we don’t get many chances. As a result, to lose the play-off game was very painful (particularly in the way that it happened). Ireland may not get that close to a world cup again in my lifetime. I never asked for or expected a replay – that is not in the rules of football. It didn’t make it hurt any less though.

    My comment yesterday was meant to convey that it would be very tough for me to support the Red Bulls with Henry as it brings back some very painful emotions from that night. I did not ask anyone else to boycott the Red Bulls or not to buy tickets – go and enjoy yourselves.

    Sorry if I offended anyone (which I clearly did judging by the comments). I’m not a hater, I’m a football lover. Henry will add a lot to the Red Bulls but I need to get over my feelings before I can participate in that. My one seat is meaningless in the context of all the new fans and I accept that. A lot of stuff was said on here yesterday so I just wanted to clear that up.

    Henry is one of the best footballers I have ever seen (and I have seen him live many times in London, Dublin, Barcelona and Berlin). What happened in Paris in November hurt but that’s for me to deal with. Hope you all enjoy the new signings.

    • Henry is the best Says:

      Mistakes happen all the time in football. Sometimes you´re the lucky one, sometimes the unlucky one.

      Too many games are won because of “refereeing mistakes” which creates lots of injustice, frustation and suspicion about the aims of the organisations (FIFA, UEFA…) and the impartiality of the referees.

      There is too much money in football.

  45. soccer predictions Says:

    that’s good news Thierry Henry in Redbull team!

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