The Atlantic Cup is within the Red Bulls grasp as New York hosts rival DC United on Saturday.  We have talked a lot in this space about the team slaying dragons this season.  Road win: Check.  Win at Kansas City: Check.  The 2009 season. Check.  Points at Colorado on the 4th of July.  Check.  But there are a few more that need to fall under the Red Bulls’ sword, and this weekend is another.  The Atlantic Cup has not been in New York since 2003, and the DC supporters and front office have made that known over the years.  But with a 2-0 road win in the first meeting, a win or a draw (or a loss that isn’t 2-0 or by more than two goals) brings the Atlantic Cup home to Red Bull Arena.  Leading up to the match, head coach Hans Backe and players Seth Stammler, Salou Ibrahim and Bouna Coundoul share their thoughts on the match, the Red Bull first at their home grounds since June 5.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.



  1. Dario Says:

    This is a must win game…No excuses for a loss here.
    A win is the only acceptable result.

    D.C. Stinks!!! HAHAA!

  2. chrisg Says:

    completely agree. loss is unacceptable.

  3. chrisg Says:

    Some good chances but we need more consistency in the midfield.

  4. George Rodriguez Says:

    Trying very hard to LOVE the ReadBulls, but either the management or coach or players dont show HEART. That was a sad, depressing game (even more, after World Cup games). Poor passes, no team approach, no connection with each other as a team, loosing the ball & doing nothing to get it back, long passes up the field with no teammate to receive, let the ball out at the end line with no hustle to get it, etc… etc… etc…
    Do you think Henry by himself is going to fix all that? Can’t players TRY to emulate the good soccer we just observed in the world cup?
    How can we fill our beautifull stadium with games like that?

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