There is a new jersey hanging in the Red Bulls locker room.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.


  1. larry Says: the stories of Jamie Moreno comming are true after all

  2. Binks Says:

    Nope. But at this point I’d welcome Moreno over Henry.

    • emilio Says:

      Henry isnt great anymore, but he is better than Moreno.

      • the special 1 Says:

        he might be past his prime, but will be the best player in MLS once he arrives. The only person that one would be able to argue is better right now is Landon and even that is not a clear cut right answer.

      • emilio Says:

        Its not that cut and dry, yes Henry is past his prime, he will be the best player to have ever played in MLS, but I dont know if he will be the current best player in the league, Donovan right now is a better player, career wise Henry is at a different level, but the years dont lie. I think if he is allowed to play in space in a wide open type style he can flourish with NY, and having Angel as a partner helps as teams will have to pay attention to Angel as well.

      • lou Says:

        donovan is clearly the better player. in his prime, henry was at a different level, but as of right now that isn’t the case.

    • the special 1 Says:

      Then you instantly lose all credibility and are an idiot.

      • alex Says:

        LOL! Henry will do well and he will also bring the best out of lindpere and angel. i thnk henry coming over here will raise the level of the team as a whole.

  3. RBNY fan Says:

    You can see the bottom of the 4 in Henry’s #14 kit. Nice

  4. emilio Says:

    So any word on who is gonna get released once Henry is signed and Kandji come off the injured list. 2 players will have to be dropped.

    Wolyniec and Boyens look like the odd men out, or maybe Hall will be traded, he has lost his place on the squad.

    • Steve Says:

      I would think that Sassano, Nielsen, and Boyens should be concerned.

      • emilio Says:

        Nielsen is a player they have high hopes for, if anything he may be put on injured reserve. Sassano has eclipsed Hall and Boyens in Backe’s mind, and Wolyniec is in danger as he is behind Salou and Chinn and is seldom on the game day roster.

      • lou Says:

        woly, boyens, hall, richards (i can dream), all should be on the hot seat. i’ll even throw kandji in there.

  5. Alle Says:

    Moreno over Henry lmaoooooooo, what a joke! I heard Danijel Ljuboja’s name being tossed about as well after he confirmed that he was contacted by “a club from New York”. I hope it’s Henry though, he may be old, but give me a break, he’ll do well, in Henry we trust (I trust anyway!).

  6. Brouhaha Says:

    Ha ha ha a “New Jersey”…

  7. Dario Says:

    Henry will make a positive impact on the league if he comes. Expect ticket sales to increase.

    Remember he is also 2 years younger than Angel. And lets face it Angel was barely putting the goals in before he came here, and now look at what he has done.

    Imagine what Henry can do…

  8. Dario Says:

    In Angel’s last 2 seasons in the EPL he scored only 10 times in over 60 plus appearances…

    Henry 2 years younger than Angel, has scored a bit over 30 in his last 2 seasons.

    Not to mention he is a GREAT WINNER, and can bring a new attitude to this team. He is also an adv. machine, we can get some publicity perhaps with his arrival.

    He is more suited to MLS than Becks, b/c he scores goals.

  9. Dario Says:

    BUT…I still wish we could also get a Sneijder/Diego esc feed them the ball.

    We would be unstoppable.

    BTW: Props to Mendes!

  10. emilio Says:

    Henry isnt a leader, as witnessed by the France fiasco at this years World Cup, as long as he plays and guys like Angel and Stammler remain the team leaders we should be fine. Henry also accepted his reduced role at Barca this year without problems, so his ego appears in check, from scoring 26 goals in one season he became Pedro’s back-up and he accepted it citing that how could Pedro be removed from his position based on Pedro’s current form.

    • Alle Says:

      Henry is a leader, he just wasn’t named captain and that disturbed him a bit. And being told that you won’t be starting can have a mental effect as well, so let’s get the facts straight before jumping to conclusions. He came there with the mindset that he was “filling in the extra space” basically. If he had the armband instead of Evra, none of this would’ve gone down in the first place (ofcourse I can’t predict things like that, but knowing Henry as a fan, he definitely would’ve set the record straight).

      • emilio Says:

        I dont know what he would have done and nodody else does either. You dont have to be a team captain to accept and let what happened occur. A veteran player with that amount of clout could have done something, I doubt a Platini, Zidane would have allowed the team to basically quit and humiliate themselves in the football world. All those players especially the veterans will have to deal with that, Henry’s international carreer ended in shame and thats a sad fact.

      • DS Says:

        I don’t care what anyone says but the debacle that was France at the World Cup was due to the French Federation and Raymond Domenech. He should never have kept his job after the Euros and their capitulation was ready to bubble over at any point.

        Henry never should have been benched by France, he never should have had the captaincy taken from him, Anelka should not have been played up top alone and shouldn’t have been sent back to France during the tournament. Henry was a great leader at Arsenal and for France when he had the armband and to blame any of this on any actions he took is ridiculous. The fact that the team stood up to the coaching staff for both Henry being benched and Anelka being sent home shows that all the players were behind Henry (and Anelka).

        And both Zidane and Platini are more hardheaded and egotistical than Henry and would not sit idly by as Domenech led their national team into the ground.

        Also, we don’t even know if Henry is the player who’s arrival we are all preparing for.

      • Cindy Says:

        completely agree with DS. completely!

    • Alle Says:

      Emilio: True, but at the same time, he wasn’t playing, who would’ve listened to him? And let’s not forget who the coach was. Sure, it’s not good to disrespect your coach at any time, nor is it good to skip practice, but Domenech has lost respect since day 1 (and I’m talking about since his nomination in 2004). We didn’t get to the World Cup final in 2006 because of him. We got there because Zidane rallied the troops and imposed his own style on them behind Dom’s back so this isn’t really the first we’ve seen of Domenech being disrespected – it’s just that this was more high profile with the media involved and Evra and the lot. And as DS says, Zidane and Platini are definitely more hardheaded than Henry. To say that he’s not a leader though, that’s not true at all. Both with Arsenal and France he proved himself – don’t just base this on South Africa and say that he’s not a leader. You have to know what he’s been through. Benched by Barca, captaincy stolen, benched by Domenech – who didn’t have a clue what he was doing. Anelka shouldn’t have played in the first place (he was horrible already during preparations)!

      DS: +1 by miles.

  11. emilio Says:

    Henry is a good passer so he can be a playmaker type.

  12. jmg Says:

    I don’t think Nielsen is an option to be dropped. He is in on loan afterall and like someone else said, Backe thinks highly of him. I would hate to see Boyens go but good riddance to Woly.

    I hope that Henry is available for the Columbus game on the 17th. I already bought my tickets to make the trip.

    • emilio Says:

      They wont have all this hype for a little known player, its obvious its Henry. The players and the coaches all contributed to the disgrace that was the French National Team, players representing a country cannot refuse to play, thats an embarrasement. Blanc has his work cut out for him. Lillian Thuram, a great leader for past French teams stated that Evra should never play for france again for his antics.

      • Alle Says:

        Blanc doesn’t care about what Thuram thinks, he’ll meet with the players himself and decide.

    • jensph Says:

      “good riddance to Woly”? That’s harsh – after all the years, work, and some key goals he’s put in for this team…

  13. emilio Says:

    Has anyone heard about Rafa Marquez possibly joing us as well?

    • Freddy Says:

      Please, no….

      • emilio Says:

        Marquez is one of the better defenders in the world with regards to starting the attack from the back, his long range passing is superb and he is a top set piece specialist. Considering he is only 31 this would be a great signing, and he also has experience playing as a defensive midfielder and enjoyed success there in his early career with Barcelona and most recently with Mexico.

      • Freddy Says:

        No matter…he still Mexican.

      • emilio Says:

        so what if he is Mexican? why is that a problem?

      • Richard Says:

        um emilio, before you jump to racism, it’s called USA’s biggest rival

  14. Freddy Says:

    During the US v England game at RB Arena I was talking to a staff member who told me the team realized the need for someone to feed the ball to Henry and Angel and they were already in the process of signing someone of great caliber for that role.

    He couldn’t tell me who the team had in mind but they were talking to multiple players hoping to get one before the end of the year. We’ll see….but considering that Henry is allowed to score with his feet, head and hands, we might not need anyone else after all.

    • Dario Says:

      we were, but 2 deals crumbled…now we are left only with Henry.

      Dont expect any other name. But we can hope!!

    • alex Says:

      It was Robert Pires and Patrick Vieira but viera extended him man city contract 1 year and pires decided to go with birmingham

  15. Hrdina Says:

    Best Bastille Day Evar.

  16. That_Guy_in_114 Says:

    We shall see, gents, we shall see! Either way, signing a DP should raise the game and the visibility of the club, which is good for Red Bull, the Arena, and the League…not to mention the fantastic nearby restaurants.

    In Hans we Trust. We got your Backe!

  17. Victor Says:

    I think Henry would do great in the MLS. true he isn’t the player that played in Arsenal but I think with more playing time he will be in tip top shape in no time.

  18. Laurent Says:

    Thierry – AKA titi is going to score trust me, technically he is above any defender in this league and probably still faster for that level. good passer, good free kicker, give him 3-4 games to come back in the grove and by september you will see world class. key is his integration to a new lifestyle, new style of soccer and new teammate and fans. expect to see my french flag in the stands too. lets go red bulls

  19. Starks in Tampa Says:

    all you fools that feel Henry is washed up and will not be that good in MLS is just that a fool….two years ago he had a MONSTER season in La Liga, is he in his prime no, however he isnt that far removed and he will be a great player here.

    • alex Says:

      i dont understand how people can say he is old and washed up. he is no where near washed up and the mls are lucky to get him at 33. at 33 he still has legs and is no where near calling it quits yet. but you will see… once he is here and scoring no one will hate him anymore and they will forget everything they said about him just as fast as they thought of it.

  20. Cindy Says:

    how soon would our DP actually be able to play a game? the 14th itself?

    • Cindy Says:

      clearly there’s no game on the 14th but i wonder if he’d be fit and ready to go against the Crew on the 17th

  21. Andy in SLC Says:

    My guess goes to Henry. Why? I’m just going out on the limb here and saying that the announcement is on the 14th signifying player number 14. That’s my best guess.

  22. Dario Says:

    Henry will dominate!!

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