New York looks to extend its winning streak to four when they take on the Colorado Rapids tonight at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO. The hosts are expecting a capacity crowd but it has been cloudy over the past couple of hours with intermittent rain in the area. Let’s hope it clears up!

Here is the lineup for your Red Bulls (8-5-0, 24 pts.), who enter the match looking to catch up again to Eastern Conference leader Columbus (27 pts.) after the Crew’s 2-1 win over Chicago last night:






Substitutes: Sutton, Miller, Chinn, Hall, Sassano, Petke, Ibrahim

A few notes to get you started:

– The team is coming off a 3-0 win over the Kansas City Wizards last Saturday with Juan Pablo Angel, the MLS Player of the Week, scoring twice and Salou Ibrahim tallying the eventual game-winner. New York also fell out of the U.S. Open Cup with a 1-0 extra time loss at Harrisburg last Tuesday.

– One change from the XI that played against the Wizards on Saturday with Ibrahim making way for Dane Richards, who will be playing his first match since he injured his hamstring in a 2-1 win over the Houston Dynamo on June 2 at Red Bull Arena.

– Joel Lindpere will function as a second striker just behind Angel to help New York keep possession on the large pitch here in Colorado and provide service to the Colombian forward.

– Angel comes into this match with four goals in four games (one vs. NE, one vs. HOU, two vs. KC). He went into the weekend in a tie for second in MLS in goals with Dwayne De Rosario, one back of Edson Buddle.

– Bouna Coundoul and Mike Petke were both former Rapids players before joining New York.

– The Rapids, coached by Gary Smith, are 6-3-3 with 21 points and are currently behind the Galaxy and Real Salt Lake in the Western Conference. They most recently tied Houston, 2-2, last weekend.

– Typically, the Rapids play a 4-2-3-1. Here is their lineup:

———————- Casey———————





Substitutes: Joyce, LaBauex, Kimura, Clark, Thompson, Lopez, Amarikwa

Kickoff is at 9:00 PM and will be televised live on MSG, with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing calling the game! We’ll be doing live commentary on the match via our Twitter account (@newyorkredbulls). Enjoy the match!


  1. lou Says:

    No garcia? and good idea putting lindpere somewhere where he can run a lot on the this large pitch. Good lineup overall

  2. walter Says:

    Common Redbulls lets get three points.

  3. chrisg Says:

    I dont like that fact JPA is a solo forward here. Seems a drawish formation

  4. chrisg Says:


  5. redbulls4ever Says:

    This cannot be happening?

  6. chrisg Says:

    bad lineup choice imo

  7. harry Says:

    JPA, wake up, we need you?.

  8. chrisg Says:

    not his fault, hes not getting to touch the ball with 4 defenders marking him.

    • lou Says:

      didn’t angel miss the ball passed back to him by ubi, which resulted in the turnover/break away where colorado scored? so yeah he isn’t getting much service, but when he does get an easy ball, he shouldn’t be doing that.

  9. chrisg Says:

    could we play any worse?

  10. harry Says:


  11. chrisg Says:

    as a redbull fan for several years now, they really make me want to smash my head into hard objects every year.

  12. lou Says:

    surprisingly great ball from dane, and a horrendous touch from angel.

  13. lou Says:

    and he makes up for it. GOAL

  14. chrisg Says:

    GOAL!!!!!!! JPA!!!! SUCK IT RAPIDS!!!!

  15. harry Says:


  16. agnigrin Says:

    suck it… Angel with goal #9! Matches his jersey #! 1-1! Woo hoo!

  17. chrisg Says:

    who needs a boat lol?

  18. chrisg Says:

    nice shot by dane.

  19. Chris99 Says:

    Dane actually hit the net. Wow.

  20. Chris99 Says:

    Colorado going with 3 at the back now?

  21. chrisg Says:

    not sure, but it looks like it

  22. chrisg Says:

    poor defense

  23. chrisg Says:

    looks like they are still running 4 in the back, just kimura is pushing up real high

  24. Chris99 Says:

    Better play from RB. Sinisa just doesn’t seem to be on the same page as everyone tonight.

  25. chrisg Says:

    yeah, i would sub him soon as well. those facebook questions must have unsettled him 😀

  26. chrisg Says:

    Ream and Tchani are playing well again tonite. Ream has really been a boost for our back four.

  27. Chris99 Says:

    Facebook questions? I’m not updated on Sinisa’s drama lol

  28. Chris99 Says:

    MSG having some serious technical difficulties.

  29. chrisg Says:

    yeah, im watching the rapids stream, announcers suck

  30. Chris99 Says:

    Tchani is such a solid man in our midfield. Ream has been great all year, but it’s great that now another youngster has stepped up and played so well.

  31. chrisg Says:

    yeah Sinisa answered some facebook questions from the fans through NewYork Redbull official.

  32. chrisg Says:

    Ibrahim coming on

  33. Chris99 Says:

    Wow. What a rip by Ballouchy.

    And just as I say how good Tchani has been Hans takes him off.

  34. chrisg Says:

    Yeah i dont understand why hes being taken off as the better move would have been to replace sinsia. Then you could do this
    JPA – Salou

  35. Chris99 Says:

    Game getting sloppy.

  36. chrisg Says:

    Yeah just kicking it around it seems now

  37. Chris99 Says:

    This is starting to look like the first 15-20 minutes of play. With Colorado controlling the game and RB sitting back in a defensive shell.

  38. chrisg Says:

    Yeah, it feels like we are playing for a draw now

  39. chrisg Says:

    which sucks cuz Crew won

  40. chrisg Says:

    I think the weather is killing the feed.

  41. Chris99 Says:

    I’d take a draw here though. We’re only halfway through the season. We have never played well in Colorado.

  42. Chris99 Says:

    I’m watching it on TV. But the weather is nasty right now at Dicks.

  43. chrisg Says:

    Yeah, have we ever played Colorado well anywhere. Im fine with a draw now. Looking forward to July14 and Henrys announcement

  44. Chris99 Says:

    Hope Henry 😉

  45. Chris99 Says:

    JPA off for……. Roy Miller. Without a doubt Hans going for the draw.

  46. chrisg Says:

    Yeah I think its him. I would like a super creative midfielder personally bc I like JPA and Salou, but I will def be happy with Henry, no complaints whatsoever.

  47. chrisg Says:

    Yeah, sit back and counterattack if the chance comes with Salous speed.

  48. Chris99 Says:

    Have a bad feeling Colorado may get another one soon…

  49. chrisg Says:

    Hopefully not…

  50. chrisg Says:

    Petke on

  51. Chris99 Says:


  52. Chris99 Says:

    Ream is a BEAST

  53. chrisg Says:

    Wish we would have played more attacking. Buddle just scored so JPA is 2nd in MLS now. Oh well.

  54. Chris99 Says:

    Very hard earned point. Great job by RB. Ream MOTM for me.

  55. chrisg Says:

    Yeah I would def hold on to Ream for as long as possible. I can see him going overseas eventually

  56. chrisg Says:

    Yeah Ream MOTM without a doubt. Well cya next game, Ill be on here.

  57. Chris99 Says:

    Yeah, I can see him leaving too. Hopefully not for a while.

  58. Walter Says:

    Well at least we got a point.

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