A Red Bull Arena Bullshop employee has a big job to complete, and is on a deadline to finish it.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.


  1. nando Says:

    nice video but it only makes more antsi. we all know who it is already but we just wanna hear the name already so we can start looking forward to the playoffs and most likely an MLS final in Toronto. now if ya throw a twist and its somebody other than henry than i would be shocked

  2. MetroTron Says:

    Thierry Henry is the newest Metro!

  3. MetroTron Says:

    we need a creator in the midfield to get the ball to Henry and Angel, step it up RBNY

  4. That_Guy_in_114 Says:

    This is TORTURE! Can’t wait!

  5. jason Says:

    if it s not henry am protesting

  6. Dario Says:

    it must be Henry!

    it has to be.

  7. emilio Says:

    Its probably Henry, and I’ll welcome him in, but I wouldnt protest if its someone better than him, because there are many players better than him.

  8. Cubillas Says:

    12 more days guys and all the rumors will be put to rest…

  9. tommy w. Says:

    Now if you come on down to Jersey
    You can see Thierry Henry
    He is the best player you will ever see
    Thierry-erry Henry

    He used to play for Juve down in Italy
    For a team that they called the old lady
    But when a call came from a place in Jersey
    There was only one place that he was gonna be

    • Jeff Says:

      Nice man, I have that song(the Arsenal version) on my ipod. Congrats to New York if it is Titi, I hope he scores when the Red Bulls lose to FC Dallas.

  10. bryan Says:

    its henry cause look at the rack of jersey in the beging of the video the only rack that is empty is the one next to angel… so come on lol… and yes we need someone in the middle to give these two guys up front the ball if we can do that….. its light out my friend

  11. Dario Says:

    Get Henry,

    and a Diego/Wesly Sneijder like player…and we are SET!

  12. Uncle Mike Says:

    Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry. Born is the king of New Jersey. Just in time to muss up Spurs like he used to for The Arsenal.

  13. Lisa Says:

    Is French Nat’l Team going to be done with their group therapy round by the 14th? J/K. Group men who throw fits like they’re in Chuck E Cheese don’t need THERAPY. Silly me.

    Seriously, whoever it is, I’m already so thrilled & proud of the Red Bulls so far and will continue to come and cheer at every match. The MLS and particularly the Red Bulls are blazing trails in a county that is supposed to “hate football”. Keep it up 🙂

  14. Monty Says:

    it is henry because when the guy was laying down the first letter i could just make out that it was an H! im excitedd

  15. Has RBNY Already Mishandled Henry’s Arrival? « All Things Footy Says:

    […] the Chivas USA game prior to the kickoff the World Cup, and continuing through a series of cryptic web and TV ads that make clear that Henry is in fact coming, the focus has been on creating a sense of […]

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