A very difficult loss for a Red Bulls team that had to win three MLS qualifying games to get to this point. Both teams were fairly even with good chances for the nearly 120-minute game but the City Islanders were able to snatch a late goal before the penalty shootout. After the match, the team offered no excuses for their performance and gave credit to Harrisburg’s hard work and organization. video correspondent Craig Hutchinson caught up with head coach Hans Backe and midfielders Jeremy Hall and Austin da Luz after the match.

Next up, Colorado on July 4th. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. redbulls4ever Says:

    Very fustrating

  2. andy Says:


  3. Cubillas Says:

    We don’t want excuses or explanations, we just want results. Losing to a USL2 team is unacceptable. Enough said…

  4. Matt Says:

    “We didn’t have much possession”???

    Against a team of part timers. Nice.

  5. pam Says:

    the revenge of danny cepero. hehehe

    • Cubillas Says:

      He should be proud of his performance because from the posts I read
      last night, he denied us time and time again to prove that he’s the good keeper. We never should have let that kid go.
      We need to look at the tape of this game and see what we did wrong so we can fix those issues and move on.
      Will the video of the game be available for viewing at all?

  6. Steve Says:

    Sad, very sad. Once again we have lost to a lower division side. This should never happen. I’m glad I didn’t make the 6 hour round trip to watch the game like I was thinking of doing.

  7. Cindy Says:

    that sucks. ah well.

  8. Jonathan G (StarMetroSC) Says:

    Nice silhouette of Backe? What is this.. a Martin Scorsese movie??

  9. Footballer Says:

    WTF. The Red Bulls struggled to make it to this point, only to piss it all away. Once you get to the OctoFinals, you gotta play a good amount of 1st teamers. Where was Angel???

    This game was like a playoff qualifying game. The USOC is equivalent to a Conference Championship. You can’t take it lightly. What a shame!

    Now the Bulls will have to take a much difficult route to return to the CCL. That’s just great. F this team.

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