After a long layoff, the Red Bulls returned to action tonight in a friendly match, and ran into a very tough opponent, dropping a 4-2 decision to Cruzeiro tonight at Red Bull Arena.  All 18 players got into the match, and the club got goals from Juan Pablo Angel and Conor Chinn, who has made a habit of scoring in non-MLS matches.  After the match we got reaction head coach Hans Backe and players Angel, Chinn, and Tim Ream.

What are your thoughts on the match?  Did you think Cruzeiro was the best side the team has played this season?  Did you attend the match?  Are you glad the team got this match in before returning to MLS play next weekend away to Kansas City?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Cindy Says:

    good to not get complacent

  2. Cubillas Says:

    Unfortunately, I could not make the game but hopefully we will get some highlights of the game.
    From Tim’s comments, you can get the sense that we were humbled by the speed, power and ability of Cruzeiro. This is good, there is always something to be learned from a formidable opponent friendly or not. Playmaking is something we can certainly improve on. We need to exploit all the rsources available in the team and give our young players the opportunity to show what they can bring to the table.
    We should always fight, never surrender.

  3. kofix5 Says:

    playing both right and left mid mid Tchani played strong and took on defenders distributed the ball well.

    Borman worked his a** off and was very productive switching up and down seamslessly with Jeremy along the left flank while Tchani was on the right.

    Stammler and the defensive backs were repeatedly burned by the pace of Cruzeiro, but this was kind of to be expected from a top Brazilian team. I’m sure lessons were learned as the Foxes put on a major clinic.

    Bouna time came out to play in the first half. A couple of stellar saves .

    I wish Garcia had been able to have more time but he showed well.
    Chinn showed up and scored a sliding goal off of a strong Woly cross within 5 minutes of coming into the game. Thanks man.

    Agudelo played ok. He only had a few minutes to show his stuff. He had a couple good moves and looked confident but kind of rusty. From what I saw, he needs to train his footwork more.

    All in all it was a good game. The Brazilian fans were fantastic as usual. Great music, dancing, singing Axé upon Axé & enough Bundão for everybody. Love Brazil. I can’t wait till we get a couple exciting Brazilian players on our team.

    I’m happy I was able to make it out to the game. Even though half full, the place was rockin and loud. Veery good game energy. Sorely missed the ESC though

  4. Andrea Says:

    thought it was a good game… I grew up watching cruzeiro. cruzeiro is the team that has my heart. Red bulls come a very close second after I have been in new york so many years).
    i did not think the gamre had enough publicity nor did I think prices were accessible to a family who loves soccer and would support a team like the red bulls(you guys are such a United Nations of Soccer and such a beautiful team!)
    I wish I would see more audience, more people in the house even if the tickets were given to not-for profit agencies.

  5. Matt Says:

    Valuable as a warm-up as we get back into the season I guess but the sort of people who come out to these games are not coming back to support RBNY – or at least not many of them.

  6. Edoardo Says:

    Anyway I’m italian and I a supporter of red bulls. I think I can bring the italian management of the team and player for the red bulls but I don’t know who I can ask to. I have a close relative working for Chievo Verona now. Can Anyone help me? Thank you.

  7. C. Says:

    Can we get some hi-lites of this game?

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