In case you missed it this morning, Kevin Goldthwaite made an appearance on Fox 5’s Good Day New York with Chrystal Young, to provide some World Cup basics and to show Chrystal a few moves.  While Chrystal might not be suiting up anytime soon, her enthusiasm for the World Cup is what we hope to capture, as a new group of soccer fans will be initiated into the love for our beautiful game over the next month.  The anchors might not have had all their info straight, but their viewership seemed likely.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SEGMENT.



  1. jspec Says:

    Why didn’t RBNY have the starting 11 doing this segment instead of one player? This organization needs to realize that when they don’t sell out, oe can piont to things like this. RBNY needs to intergate themselves as part of the fabric of the Tri-State area. Come on you have 4 wks of nothing but soccer.

  2. jpjm77 Says:

    Two main reason I assume why.
    1 is that this was not organized by the Red Bulls, but good Morning New York.
    2 is that (if you listened to Hans post game on Saturday) the players have a few days completely off – so most of them may be out of town right now.

    Finally, do you think that if all 11 players were there instead of 1 we would fill the stadium? The segment was about the world cup and soccer in general not the red bulls. Having more players in this segment would have no difference on tickets sales at all

  3. the special 1 Says:


    to go along with what jpjm77 said, im sure most of the players, besides the locals (woly, petke, etc) are probably on vacation with their families or returned home since they are off until the cruziero friendly. i also think the team has been doing a much better job with getting involved in the local communities (harrison, newark, kearny, etc) this year as opposed to past seasons. the full brown media blitz will probably come after the transfer window opens and theyll be able to announce with the superstar signing is officially.

  4. jspec Says:

    I’m just saying some people are still surprise to know that their is a pro soccer & new Stadium in the area. I’m just saying. It seems to me that MLS has already divi up the tri-state audience. RBNY is really an NJ team and that’s great. MLS2 in Queens will be awesome. The more I see how they are marketed it seems the framework has been laid.

  5. Cubillas Says:

    I do agree with jspec, that every opportunity we get to market the club to the masses that we should try to go all out. Maybe the starting 11 were not available but we could have gotten at least 3 or 4 players and get the demos done at RBA. Our marketing machine should always be all over opportunities like this but they need to prepare and know what needs to be done when any one of the tri-state are day shows comes calling.

  6. kmb499 Says:

    He looks healthy. I think he’s faking it! *sarcasm*

  7. kimmy Says:

    “He looks healthy. I think he’s faking it!” –> i agree! 😀

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