The New York Football Challenge is about six weeks away (TICKETS), but the transfer talk surrounding the teams involved is already heating up.  You have heard the rumors about what the Red Bulls plans are for after the World Cup (a DP or two?) but here is some of what is being said about the changes that can be expected at Man City and Spurs:

Man City talk

Spurs talk

With the timing of the tournament and the transfer window, its possible that New York, Man City and Spurs could all debut newly inked players during the three days of matches.  Who do you think are some likely targets for the clubs?  Who do you wish they could go after?  Do you think the new players will make their debuts that weekend?  Have you purchased your tickets yet?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. jspec Says:

    It is only a matter of time before RBA is sold out. Again stay away from those wkday, non-holiday game. The NY Football challenge should be a good tourament.

  2. Darwin Says:

    Just name our new DP’s already!!! Lol

  3. Slayer Says:

    Not that it has any chance of happening but I would be first in line to buy a Joe Cole red bulls jersey!

  4. Pauline Says:

    And I would be the second in line!

  5. Al Says:

    Unfortunately, Joe Cole is most likely going to go to Tottenham.. They are very interested in him and they let go of quite a few players, so they will probably get him..

    • DRENK Says:

      arsenal was also interested, i read he even talked to Arsene Wenger before flying out to south africa (if you want to believe The Sun)

  6. emilio Says:

    Ballack is available and 33 might he consider a move to NY, maybe our German connections can make it happen?

    • Al Says:


      I definitely wouldn’t mind having Ballack play for the Red Bulls.. Actually, I’d LOVE for that to happen.. Imagine him, Angel, and Henry.. SWEET!!! Anybody else hear about Ronaldinho in talks to sign with LA Galaxy for four years ($6,000,000 each year)? We BETTER get some good talent if we want to play as well as galaxy lol.. But so far we’re doing good..

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