In a match that seemed destined for a draw, Juan Pablo Angel’s last gasp golazo gave New York the three points in a 2-1 win over the Houston Dynamo tonight at Red Bull Arena.  It was a chippy affair that saw seven yellow cards and the woodwork being unkind to New York once again, but the club was able to regroup and snap its four match losing skid.  After the match, we got reaction from Hans Backe, goal hero Angel, John Wolyniec, and Tim Ream.  NOTE: MSG is going to re-air the match in its entirety tonight and again tomorrow, as they experienced difficulties on their broadcast.

What are your thoughts on the match?  Where will Angel’s wonder strike rank in New York history?  Is he a shoo-in for Goal of the Week (we need to vote often for him next week)?  Will this carry the Red Bulls to more points on Saturday against Chivas?  Share your thoughts below.



  1. Jeff Says:

    Fantastic strike by JPA……great pace and location. World Class!

  2. drenk Says:

    great goal from JPA, id say he really earned his paycheck last night

  3. Cubillas Says:

    I have to say that Juan Pablo made it happen when we needed the most. That goal has to be the best of the week.

  4. BlancDaBody Says:

    Under the circumstances, I’d have to say that this may be THE golazo of Angel’s RBNY career.

    Happy I was in the Arena to see it. Lets get 3 more on Saturday.

  5. eltigreferoz Says:

    Still speechless. If you’re going to win, man, that’s the way to do it.

  6. Juan Carlos Says:

    Great game overall for everyone !! I’m glad that it did not end as a draw. The Red Bulls deserved the win they outplayed them from start to finish. I’m glad Juan Pablo scored on the free kick at the end because he missed a few opprtunites in the first half.
    Keep the momentum and kick ass against Chivas !!!

  7. soccer lou Says:

    JPA comes thru in the 90+ minute and the red bulls win
    great game i was at the arena great crowd. I have to say this JPA has lost a step no doubt about it he’s not the same speed wise but his effort his desire and his passion still there . No one was more frustrated that him when he lost the one on one against the dynamo keeper but no one was going to take that fk away from him and that alone means a lot on my book . Wao the crowd when crazy and it was awesome see the ball take off hit the post and then hit the back of the keeper GOLAZZOOOO!!!!
    ESC you guys really have the stadium going but just one idea i t would be very nice if you guys can handle some kind of planflet of brochure with the songs on it so everybody can sing with you guys there was a lot of people who want it to join u but didn’t know the song it would really makes the arena a nightmare for visiting teams if everybody at the arena is singing at the same time “Let’s go Red Bulls clap, clap, clap , clap, clap”

    • BC-Sec.130 Says:

      The Supporters group was great, I brought 3 people to the game that were never there before & they enjoyed the supporters just as much as the game. Great idea Lou, I would love to know the words of the songs so I can sing along.

    • soccer lou Says:

      Irving “the jet” Garcia should get minutes saturday him and Connor should be the first two coming off the bench. It’s time for “the jet” to show what he can do mls style

  8. Stu Says:

    I agree with the idea of getting the songs out to the rest of the crowd somehow. The guys and gals in the supporters clubs have done us all proud and really make a huge impact. Keep up the good, loud work and lets go rb!!

  9. Dario Says:

    we rule.

  10. cb Says:

    Angel saves the game as times expires. Great cliffhanger. The team played well throughout the match, too. Way to go Red Bulls!

  11. Slayer Says:

    Garcia should start against Chivas!

  12. rdb fan Says:

    we want garcia!!!!!!! garcia garcia garcia garcia garcia……..

  13. Chan Says:

    I went to the ESC site, where they have MP3 files of the songs. I did not see lyrics; are they written out somewhere? I agree that the crowd when nuts when the Angel goal went in off the post. Great night!

  14. Nick Says:

    WOWW angel rose to the occasion he had many chances and seemed like a differnt player they we going angel

  15. DRENK Says:

    any word on richards and lindperes injuries…? will they be fit for saturday?

  16. Conrad Says:

    Question for you all.
    Been to many RB games in Giants stadium, but tomorrow is my first in the new one.
    I’ve heard that parking is haphazard, and there is no tailgating allowed. Is this true?

    • Chris Says:

      That is correct. There is also construction being done on the street near Red Bull Arena right now making travel by car even more difficult.

      If you can I would HIGHLY recommend either taking the PATH train or parking in Newark and walking across the bridge (or just taking the PATH from Newark if you can’t walk that far).

    • BC-Sec.130 Says:

      I park at lot number 1 and we tailgate at every game. There is parking at an old warehouse right next to the stadium & I don’t think there is tailgating there, but you don’t want to park that close to the stadium anyway becouse it will take you forever to get out!

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