After a month of nearly non-stop soccer, the Red Bulls play the first of two matches this week as the team nears the MLS World Cup break.  With four league losses in their last four MLS matches, New York seeks to head into the break with some momentum, and look to begin their turnaround tonight against the Houston Dynamo.   The Dynamo, coming off a home loss to Philadelphia Union, are going to come into the match aggressively. New York welcomes back Salou Ibrahim to the lineup, but will be without Carlos Mendes and Roy Miller, both of whom received red cards in the match away to New England on Saturday.  TRAFFIC NOTE: The City of Newark is currently performing maintenance work on Market Street west bound right before the Jackson Street Bridge.  They are condensing three lanes of traffic down to one lane and it will result in heavy congestion at the time of the match. Please attempt to avoid this approach to Red Bull Arena tonight. New York Red Bulls:





Subs: Sutton, Agudelo, Chinn, Garcia, Tchani, Hall, Sassano

Houston Dynamo:







Subs: Hall, Landin, Ashe, Cochrane, Oduro, Waibel, Ngwenya

NOTES: Ibrahim is unable to go tonight as he did not pass a fitness test, so Wolyniec will take his place in the starting lineup, and Agudelo will join the 18 on the bench.  Oduro is on the bench to start the match for Houston, along with Designated Player Landin.

Wolyniec’s start tonight is his 100th MLS start.  Congratulations Woly!!


1′ And we’re off…

3′ NY applying high pressure early.  Let’s see if it develops into something.

4′ Richards with a run through the middle of the Houston defense, but his shot goes wide.

5′ Wolyniec keeps it alive in the area, and Linpere goes down in the area, but there is no foul call and Stammler’s ultimate shot from distance goes wide.

8′ NY carrying play right now, but finishing and not possession has been the issue recently.

10′ Richards’ cross is broken up at the last moment by Mullan.

12′ Richards is down at midfield and being tended to by the trainer.  He seems to be ok.

13′ Yellow to Mulrooney for a push from behind on Wolyniec.  Nearly a red card offense there.

15′ GOAL NY!!  Angel’s free kick is blocked, Albright’s rebounded shot gets to Sinisa, who puts it home.  1-0 NY.

15′ NY sub: Tchani for Richards, who left with an injury.

17′ Weaver gets a header on frame, but its right at Coundoul.

18′ NY in a diamond midfield, with Stammler on the left, Sinisa on the right, Tchani in the holding position, and Lindpere in the attacking position.

20′ Richards left with a right hamstring strain.

23′ Davis takes a chance from 25 yards that goes wide.

28′ Robinson with a hard foul on Wolyniec, earning a yellow.

31′ Yellow to Borman.

36′ Stammler with a through ball that feeds Angel in alone.  He dekes Onstad, but he gets a hand up and the last second to deflect it. A bit of luck but we are sure Houston will take it.

38′ Stammler with a chance from distance, but its well over.

40′ Yellows to Albright and Mullan for a small fracas on the sideline.

44′ Lindpere slips one through to Angel, but his off balance shot from a tough angle skims just wide.  Would have a been a great finish.

HALFTIME: 1-0 NY on a Sinisa tally.  Could have been more, as the Red Bulls controlled play for most of the first interval.

HALFTIME: HOU sub: Ashe for Mullan.

46′ And we’re back.

47′ NY sub: Hall for Lindpere, who appears to be injured.

48′ Still in a diamond, but Tchani at the top, Stammler behind, and Hall on the left.

52′ The MSG feed is back online.

53′ Hall with a nice run and cross to back post, but no one is there.

54′ Lindpere left with a left calf contusion.

56′ Tchani feeds Wolyniec in the area, but his shot is off the post.  NY is unlucky again.

58′ Tchani feeds Angel, but his shot is deflected just over the top.

59′ Yellow to Hall for a rough challenge.

61′ Houston sub: Oduro for Weaver.

65′ Goal Houston.  Ching gets the ball with space in the are, and he calmly puts it away to pull the Dynamo even.

66′ Sinisa feeds Tchani, but his shot goes just high.

70′ Houston has had the better of play since the goal.

75′ Moments after a non call on a push on Angel, Petke gets a yellow for a foul on Oduro.

77′ Tchani finds the ball at his feet off a deflection, but his shot is off balance and goes over.

80′ Corner coming for NY.

81′ Hou sub: Ngweyna for Ching.

83′ NY sub #3: Chinn for Wolyniec.

86′ NY is pressing for the winner.  After all the close call, will they find it?

89′ Yellow to Palmer for a foul on Sinisa.

90′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

90+’ Tchani’s cross for Chinn is pushed out for a throw in.

90+’ Angel with a free kick from 28 yards that gets by Onstad!!  GOAL NY with moments to play!!

FULL TIME: 2-1 NY!! Angel with the heroics!!

Check back later for post match reaction.


124 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. DYNAMO: MATCH DAY”

  1. big t Says:

    Good luck guys. Garcia lets go

  2. DRENK Says:

    TCHANI, GARCIA, SINISA need to start

  3. nyrb fan Says:

    i agree give us a good game

  4. Slayer Says:

    Irvinho!!! The fans want to see him play! Give it a shot! Couldn’t get any worse, right?

  5. Toma Says:

    Lets go bulls we need redbulls to pull this win out cuz 4 stright losses is not gonna win us the mls title


  6. lou Says:


    The goal keeper is up in the air for me, i think sutton deserves a start, but i think he won’t be getting one anytime soon. Garcia will probably not start but hopefully he gets playing time. Lindpere has a great work rate and a good amount of pace, so without the injured nielsen, I would give him the nod on that side of the midfield.

  7. Starks in Tampa Says:

    we need a win a BIGGGGGGGGGG way tonight!

  8. Ethan Z. Says:

    Wheres Roy

  9. Neil Suri Says:

    millers out with suspension

  10. Ethan Z. Says:

    forgot about that, thank you

  11. sicote Says:

    I love Woly. Not the most skillful guy, but he works his !@# off. Come on , Donkey, grab a goal for us tonight.

  12. sicote Says:

    Wobbly defending, man.

  13. sicote Says:

    Where are you guys watching? I’ve got a stream going on my computer while listening to the MSG audio.

  14. sicote Says:

    Ubi! Get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  15. lou Says:

    does anyone have a link for a stream?

  16. sicote Says:

    Here you go Lou:

  17. sicote Says:

    Lou, I tried to post my link but it’s “awaiting moderation.”

    go to this site (take out the space between www and justin): http://www.

  18. sicote Says:

    Lou, I tried to post my link but it’s “awaiting moderation.”

    go to

  19. sicote Says:

    Man, we are all over Houston tonight. Gotta put one more away…

  20. sicote Says:

    THe eejits at MSG just cut the audio and switched to a fecking boxing match.

  21. sicote Says:

    Lou–mess around with the sound button on the site. It took a little monkeying with.

  22. sicote Says:

    Funny to hear the Houston advertisements for local Houston joints on their broadcast.

  23. sicote Says:

    Crap–You’d bet the house that Angel would score that chance.

  24. sicote Says:

    Come on now. Gotta score one while we’re this dominant. COME ON DONKEY! PUT ONE AWAY!

  25. sicote Says:

    This ref is a fecking tool box. He’s the classic demonstration of the saying “Players win games, managers lose games and refs ruin games.”

  26. PsycomBiglia Says:


  27. sicote Says:

    Goals from Donkey-Woly & Angel would do nicely. COME ON!

  28. sicote Says:

    Donkey on his 100th MLS start!?! COME ON WOLY–YOU GOTTA SCORE TONIGHT!

  29. PsycomBiglia Says:


  30. sicote Says:


    Come on Donkey, you gotta score tonight!

    My favorite RedBulls player, bar none.

  31. sicote Says:

    For sheer effort, man, DONKEY IS KING!

    Ubi’s been really good tonight, no doubt, though.

  32. sicote Says:

    Lindpere off? Must be injured… damn.

  33. PsycomBiglia Says:

    DONKEY ! hehehhehe
    I prefer calling him Old man

  34. sicote Says:


    I can’t call him Old Man… I’m much older than him now!

    Donkey’s not really fair either, cuz he works real hard, but I call him that anyway cuz he’s not Mr. Skills. Still love him though.


  35. Queens_NYRB_Fan Says:

    Better feed on the dynamo guy one is very choppy and sloooow.

  36. sicote Says:

    Come on
    come on
    come on

    we need another goal to seal this up.

  37. sicote Says:

    Dynamo’s working fine for me, but whatever works for you all, boys.

    Is the Atdhe site our announcers or theirs?

  38. sicote Says:

    Ubi’s really growing on me.

  39. sicote Says:


  40. PsycomBiglia Says:

    Ubi’s the best. (deleted) dynamo, bulls!

  41. sicote Says:

    See, that’s why I call him donkey, man, he’s got sledgehammers for feet half the time. THat pass for Ubi was way too heavy.

  42. christian Says:

    angel is missing goals that even chinn would have scored

  43. sicote Says:

    This ref’s determined to send someone off, as usual.

  44. Queens_NYRB_Fan Says:

    both same feed but just I thought it looked better on the atdhe. does not matter if it looks good keep with it,but both are dynamo announcers.

  45. sicote Says:

    dunno, I feel like angel’s maybe finally finding his groove again… He looked really quick on that last run & shot.

  46. PsycomBiglia Says:

    angel apears to be having problems to score

  47. sicote Says:


  48. sicote Says:

    Dammit. Ching out of nothing.

  49. sicote Says:

    How many guys were offside right in Bouna’s face there?

  50. lou Says:

    horrible defending by petke. can we stop blaming all the defensive errors on ream now?

  51. PsycomBiglia Says:

    Houston: You have a problem, named ubiparipovic

  52. e Says:

    Petke is just plain awful.

  53. karbaz Says:

    It doesn’t matter how well we play, how much we improve, we are still new york and we still give up goals all the damn time. It just wouldn’t be us if didn’t give up a lead.

  54. sicote Says:

    Ubi was not offside, was he?

  55. Cindy Says:

    Brian Ching i wish you were with the damn World Cup team. [both for the Bulls and because i have no faith in Findley]

    Come on Red Bulls — let’s pull this one out! stop the bleeding!

  56. lou Says:

    without lindpere, this won’t turn out to well. put garcia and chinn in.

  57. lou Says:


  58. sicote Says:

    We’ve used all our subs, haven’t we?

  59. jmp Says:

    Great first half. Should have been up 3 0. Getting punished now, bad luck, just as in the last game. Lindpere is soooo important in preventing the opposition space.

  60. karbaz Says:

    He had enough time to control that what a terrible decision.

  61. sicote Says:

    Yeah, jmp, we needed to score in that dominant stretch… we’re in rough shape at the moment. Very wobbly.


  62. karbaz Says:

    Ubi is terrible on corners.

  63. jmp Says:

    ..goal was an offside, and a the Houston player pulling Wollys shirt should have been sent of

  64. sicote Says:

    Whozzat? Chin coming on for… ?



  65. jmp Says:

    come on please nyrb – one more 100% chance… please

  66. sicote Says:

    Come on Chin. Let’s see whatcha got then.

  67. jmp Says:

    sicote: first half was great – full control. but we have to show that attidtude in all games, then we will start winning again – this game will be a draw 😦

  68. sicote Says:

    first draw of the season for us then? If we make it there, I’ll be relieved, to be honest.

  69. jmp Says:

    srry about spelling… but this result is so unfair

  70. sicote Says:

    Big fecking save from Bouna!

  71. sicote Says:

    COME ON!

  72. karbaz Says:

    Last chance lets screw it up.

  73. sicote Says:

    come on… JPA shouldn’t be shooting from there, should he?

  74. karbaz Says:


  75. sicote Says:

    great screaming jesus, yes he should!

  76. karbaz Says:

    Oh i’ve never been so happy to be so wrong, CMON YOU BULLS!!!!!!

  77. sicote Says:

    Holy fecking hell… Angel wins the duel with Onstad after three crossings of their swords! Unbelievable.

  78. Tom Says:


  79. lou Says:


  80. sicote Says:


    I thought he played well tonight–despite the two misses–he looked really mobile and much, much quicker than I remember him being.

  81. Tim F. Says:

    Gracias Juan Pablo!

  82. jmp Says:


  83. sicote Says:

    Man, and I thought he shouldn’t shoot from there… so glad to be so fecking wrong.

  84. sicote Says:

    Interesting: on the replay, they showed him run over to the side line and jump up to hug… Richie Williams, and, pointedly, not Backe.

    • karbaz Says:

      You are trying to insinuate something, I think JPA realized Backe’s an old dude and didn’t want to hurt him. He was looking right at him.

      • sicote Says:

        maybe it’s meaningless but it seemed a little weird. hopefully it’s nothing…

    • Cindy Says:

      he hugged your donkey Woly, not Richie… Richie was wearing the blue RBNY gear… the players wear the gray shirts [just FYI]

    • jmp Says:

      sicote: think your reading to much into it. Maybe they share a special bond on the training field or something. angel speeks postive about backe, and vice versa

      • jmp Says:

        really… my spelling sucks.. some drinks during game. its 3.40 here in oslo 🙂 congrats to the lads

  85. christian Says:

    wow, that wal like 60 yrd out!!

  86. jmp Says:

    to be honest: i turned of the stream, was so dissapointed – and then i log onto this site to check on comments after the game, and i see 2-1. well deserved 3 pts. first half was all about what the redbulls should build on.

  87. Cindy Says:

    Angel — you are amazing. that’s all there is to it. can’t say how happy i was to see Onstad sitting there dejected after blanking Angel over and over. beastly.

  88. sicote Says:

    What a duel between Onstad & Angel.

    • jmp Says:

      you got a link for that goal? 🙂 i wanna have a look at it. good for angel, he should have taken his chances in 1st half

      • sicote Says:

        No, man, sorry.

      • Queens_NYRB_Fan Says:

        highlights should be up tomorrow 😀 Also, if you are away for a while; I know it has come in handy for me, and i feel like i have contributed a little, by getting the mls streaming deal, I can watch all the games not televised all year for only 40 bucks and full matches as well anytime after the match.

  89. christian Says:

    if angel hadnt scored then all the comments would be about how he lost us the game and deserves to be benched

    • sicote Says:

      No, I’ve been saying all through the game that I thought he looked sharper tonight.

      I would have been carping more about the shaky defense, to be sure, but I think most of us are still in shock.

      • jmp Says:

        sicote: agree on angel. the defence was pretty perfect first half, don’t you agree? we operated good as a defensive unit… more or less i think

  90. jack Says:

    thts why we love you angel

  91. drenk Says:

    that ref made this one of the most frustrating games ive watched!! he was too harsh on Hall

  92. sicote Says:

    Aye, that ref is a horse’s a$$.

  93. sicote Says:

    I’m still not too sure on the defense. Maybe Albright will make a big difference after he settles in, but I’m having my doubts about Petke/Ream lately.

  94. karbaz Says:

    Ream had an amazing start to the season, sooner or later he’s was bound to have a few games here an there, he’s still a rookie and so much is expected of him.

  95. sicote Says:

    I agree–Ream was bound to hit a rocky patch. I guess the big question is can he and Petke get over it and solidify the defense.

    What do you think of Albright?

  96. karbaz Says:

    He did alright I thought, I think he’s got some pressure on him being that he was hurt for a while, he needed a decent performance and he gave one.

  97. sicote Says:

    Right, well gang, I’m signing off. So long & goodnight.

  98. Ken Says:

    Love my man Angel and most of all what have I been saying all year. Good Midfield play creates chances. Linpere awesome first half. Hall crappy second half.

  99. Dario Says:


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