The Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee today fined New York Red Bulls Head Coach Hans Backe $2,500 for public criticism of MLS officiating. His comments appeared in the May 30 edition of the Boston Globe following his team’s 3-2 loss to the New England Revolution. No suspension is likely.


29 Responses to “HANS BACKE FINED BY MLS”

  1. BlancDaBody Says:

    Why doesn’t MLS actually investigate its officiating and stop covering up?

  2. Backe Fined $2500 For Post Game Comments - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] MLS has come down hard on Coach Hans Backe for his post game reaction to Roy Miller’s ejection. […]

  3. Adama Says:

    I’m with BlancDaBody. MLS needs to improve their officiating and quit fining individuals.

  4. jackv Says:

    That ref from the Rev game was off base on the Roy Miller red card the player ran right into his hand .that red card was a bogus call giving the Rev a win on the bulls bad luck .The boys played the best they could being two men down .but i would like to see Juan paired up with someone other than Richards sorry that guy can not finish.Maybe next time a win i hope! Go redbulls!

  5. Devil500 Says:

    YOUR JUST A Mickey Mouse League.

    Oh yeah RBR please inform us when this said ref comes to town so we can heckle the crap out of him. Thank you.

    • Claude Says:

      Careful, the PC police might boot you from RBA should you use harsh language on a crappy ref like this one. The ref we had against Seattle at home was also another blind mouse. I guess the league is full of these unqualified people.

      • Devil500 Says:

        Aw can’t take a bit of constructive criticism? He’s lucky he’s not Howard Webb who if he ever steps foot in Poland is dead.

      • Formerly_DisgustedFan Says:

        I think they’re step-brothers.

  6. Cindy Says:


  7. agnigrin Says:

    Andrew Chapin has given the Red Bulls their only 3 red cards this season! He is a joke of an official and should be removed immediately. If he refs another Red Bull game at RBA I think we should do what Devil500 said!

  8. Choclo Says:

    Fine for that??!
    Come on this happens on any single league of this world.

  9. gigi Says:

    gotta love freedom of speech

  10. christian Says:

    maybe hans wouldnt have to say anything if the ref wasnt blind/drunk/high/having sexual intercourse with rev players

  11. Queens_NYRB_Fan Says:

    So they won’t take into account that this ref has red carded the Red Bulls more than any other team in his “illustrious career”! What a sad state of affairs. The only good I can see coming out of this is that it will GALVANIZE us Red Bulls fans!



    • Formerly_DisgustedFan Says:

      I hear you Queen!! It’s a whole new week my man, and we’ll be makin’ noise in 114!!! (Yes…as you can see from my name change…I’ve healed since Tim broke my heart last week)


  12. el Says:

    Its ok that they fined Backe, but they also need to look at controversial and poor calls by officials and in cases where they made clear mistakes a fine and suspension should be in order as well. In other countries cards are rescinded in cases where officials made poor calls, and officials have been suspended from further matches. MLS needs to do the same.

  13. eltigreferoz Says:


    Anyway, respect to Backe for speaking his mind.

  14. Alex Says:

    Wow! its funny because i was saying the same stuff during the game about how both of those calls were ridiculous and MLS refs really need to learn how top ref professional soccer and not little leagues! If i were good enough to be a soccer player i wouldnt last a season after having a ref like that. i think i would loose it and start hitting him!

  15. Brookdalepark Says:

    A post in Big Apple Soccer quotes Mr. Backe as saying, “If this had been in Italy there would be an investigation if the referee was bought.” No matter the merit of Mr. Backe’s complaints, that sentence alone, if it is quoted accurately, leaves the league no choice but to impose the fine.
    Having said that, my understanding is also that Mr. Chapin has issued 8 red cards in 26 career MLS matches — do people go out of their way to commit heinous acts when he’s officiating?

    • Formerly_DisgustedFan Says:

      I thought I heard Steve C. say that it WAS only his 8th MLS match…but your numbers make more sense. Remember, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared right after his 8th red card. (ok, maybe I’m making that up, but you get the idea).

      Chapin, you suck.


  16. Tom Says:

    I’ve got his backe on this one.

  17. Toma Says:


  18. Tony Mondaro Says:

    Total Bull(deleted) Grow up MLS !!

  19. Pauline Says:

    I agree with eltigreferoz.

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