A difficult loss for the Red Bulls, who had the run of play for much of the match and were able to score two goals on the road after conceding twice. However, the red cards to Carlos Mendes and Roy Miller in the second half made it an uphill battle for New York, which will be looking to get points next week against Houston (Wednesday) and Chivas USA (Saturday) at Red Bull Arena before the World Cup break. Red Bulls host Craig Hutchinson was there after the match and caught up with Coach Hans Backe and goalscorers Seth Stammler and Juan Pablo Angel.


13 Responses to “RED BULLS 2, REVS 3 – POST-GAME”

  1. BlancDaBody Says:

    The referees won this game for the Revs. They weren’t interested in letting the Red Bulls play at all after halftime (and that injury to the keeper).

    USSF needs to look into this ref because he looked like he was just randomly pulling whichever card he touched first.

  2. Eugene Says:

    Start winning damn it. Make some changes Backe, this sucks. We’ve gone from heroes to zeros in 4 games

  3. Matt Says:

    Someone please have a word with the league about the generally atrocious standard of refereeing. Deserved a point but got nothing because the idiot got it wrong.

  4. Cubillas Says:

    I hate to say it but we should have sent the Baby Bulls to get the job done and show our first team how it’s done. Dane should not start any games anymore. He does not deserve that honor. Especially, since he was paired with Angel on top and he was nowhere to be found for most of the game except for those 2 or 3 times when he tried to create something.
    Why is that no one rushes into the box whenever the ball is delivered in any attacking play? It looks like if the ball does not land on someone’s feet that they don’t think it’s worth going for it.
    Hans should start Garcia and then later on in the game sub Dane in to take advantage of his speed. Garcia has shown me in USOC play that he has the potential to be a great playmaker,someone we need desperately today.
    Here is an idea. why don’t we let the Baby Bulls face the Dynamo on Wednesday?

    • lou Says:

      Why do you hate to say that? it’s the truth. The “reserves” are getting it done and work well together, a lot of them should be starting.

      • ellie Says:

        i agree the baby bulls r doing amazing the first team not so much. dane may have speed but dont know how 2 shoot it very well

  5. Cubillas Says:

    Where in the world is Juan Agudelo?

  6. Qeens_BRNY_Fan Says:

    Believe me, I was that fan last season that was totally fed up with the Red Bulls, from the top to the bottom!

    But this season has been very good and very promising, our baby bulls are on their way to proper open cup action and I personally think they can go all the way.

    Our First team (like a lot of people) have been critical of just like the next guy, but this game, they fought the midfield battles, they possessed the ball well, and they created a fcuk of a a lot in the box.

    Unfortunately we are New York and expect perfection (I know) and people all over are saying that Backe does not know what he is doing. I say please give him a chance, the football… er soccer our team has been playing has been organized and attractive as well. Please watch some tapes of last year and compare to this year and you will see a motivated and hungry Red Bull team, and it will pay off!!

    I say our Red Bulls played a great match given the circumstances and mistake are going to happen on EVERY Team, it happens, even Manchester United have bad matches.


  7. Luigj Says:

    does anyone know whats going on with nelson i know they said he is injured first they said his pluse is high looks suspicious to me
    what you guys think!!!!!!

  8. Pauline Says:

    I hope Nelson wasn’t injured, Luigj.

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