Good evening and thanks for joining us today, as the Red Bulls look to get back to winning ways when they take on the New England Revolution tonight at Gillette Stadium. Here is your starting lineup for New York:





Substitutes: Sutton, Borman, Tchani, Hall, Garcia, Wolyniec, Chinn

A few notes to get you started:

– The team is coming off a 3-0 U.S. Open Cup win over the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday to reach the Open Cup tournament’s Round of 16 (third round). This is the second time this season that the Red Bulls and Revolution have faced off, with New York earning a 3-0 victory in U.S. Open Cup action on May 12 at Red Bull Arena.

– Two changes for the Red Bulls from their 3-1 loss to Columbus on May 20 in the team’s last regular season match. Joel Lindpere returns to the lineup from a groin injury while Carlos Mendes, who earned his first assist against the Crew since May 20, 2006 versus Chivas USA (also his only MLS assist), replaces Chris Albright at right back. Albright was left in New York to rest his knee and the coaching staff took into consideration Gillette Stadium’s artificial turf surface.

– Roy Miller moves to the left side of midfield after playing centrally against Columbus.

– This is the first game in a span in a time in which the Red Bulls play three MLS matches in eight days.

Here’s New England’s lineup:



Sinovic———-Phelan —–Niouky————–Alston


Substitutes: Shuttleworth, Smith, Boggs, Jankauskas, Mansally, Videira

Kickoff is at 8:00 PM and will be televised live on MSG, with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing calling the game! We’ll be doing live commentary on the match via our Twitter account (@newyorkredbulls). Enjoy the match!


  1. karbaz Says:

    Cmon you Bulls, burry the new england scum.

  2. karbaz Says:

    come on already? jeez.

  3. christian Says:

    does petke call thet defending?

  4. karbaz Says:

    Garcia should have started.

  5. karbaz Says:

    What a goal, im not sure he meant that though.

  6. redbulls4ever Says:

    My heart even as a redbulls fan goes out to Burpo.

  7. harry Says:

    The flying Angel, beautiful header of a goal.

  8. Walter Says:

    Mendes, what are you doing?

  9. Tom Says:


  10. Devil500 Says:

    (deleted) this team. They had this game won, and the (deleted) it up. Well done and you wonder why no one bothers going to games for the most part.


  11. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    The broken leg was NOT RICHARDS FAULT!

    The REF WAS TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. He let his emotions run this match and really made a mockery of his profession. The first call I can see, but the second call, and just making sure the revs won this one, he should be ashamed of himself. As for the Revs, i hope they feel like they won for Burpo, because they had to take us down 2 players to do it!

    Keep your heads up boys you played tremendously I am proud! GO RED BULLS!!

    • Tom Says:

      amen. Who was this ref? absolutely absurd the way the match was officiated. We played hard and fought to get back into the game and the officiating robbed us of any points. Speechless, glad to think I wasnt the only one who felt this way.

    • DisgustedFan Says:

      Queens: That was NOT “tremendous play”. It was sloppy, with bad passing, poor control, and Tim Ream falling apart. This is the 3rd game that Ream has cost us by my count. Pathetic.

      • Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

        I agree, that Ream made a mistake, but sloppy I would have to disagree with, we fought hard after that gaff and in 09′ we would have just given up, we were stringing together great passes and getting into the box, I am proud of our boys. If we were not down to 9 we would have had at least a point from this match.

      • Scott Says:

        If you see on the first goal Petke fell completely apart and couldn’t mark his man. Any time he makes a mistake he turns and looks at Ream. On the second goal that was Petke’s man who the ball was going to, Ream had to run across from behind so that the player didn’t have an open header on goal. He got there first and was just a tiny bit unlucky for it to end up in the top corner.

        Bottom line Ream got unlucky trying to save Petke’s ass.

    • DisgustedFan Says:

      Not sure how Ream can save Petke if Petke is the sweeper and Ream was playing as stopper in a diamond formation. Tim was 4 steps behind his mark on both goals. Go look at the replay. Every time Ream cleared it out, he cleared it over to his right on a lob that overshot Dane. While Dane has has serious control issues and has been a “turnover machine”, he’s at least fast, but couldn’t catch Tim’s lousy outlet. I get your point Queen…definitely not sloppy vs. ’09, but sloppy vs. the B squad, which is showing them all up. Yes…they’re playing against other B squads, but why not give Woly some time? Chinn? Tchani? Tim Ream is great at stealing (but so is Hall, and Hall is better against large forwards, like the Revo’s had), so why not swing Hall back to defender, have him move into the Stopper role, so he can press up into midfield, Lord knows he can feed Joel some beef, and Joel can serve it up to JPA, who has looked tired, because the guy’s a striker, and no one is feeding him…so he’s got to run up and down the field for 90 minutes. I just don’t get Hans’ thought process on who he’s fielding….but hey, he’s the coach, not me.

      • jpjm77 Says:

        The Red Bulls don’t play stopper/sweeper in a diamond formation, come to think of it, I can’t think of a single professional team that does anymore!

      • DisgustedFan Says:

        My point exactly…and somebody better tell Tim, because he’s pressed up and out of position. …notice I said he’s in a “stopper position” and “stopper role” for Hall…

        Notice Tim’s weekly score rating?

        Kristen Dyer is spot on. Tim’s in a slump, and as i mentioned to Queen, I don’t know if Mike’s the man to help Tim grow. Tim screwed up, Sh!t happens. We need some players to get a dynamic going again. Haven’t seen the dynamic in the A squad since Mac was on the field.

  12. Devil500 Says:

    We were robbed, but managed to (deleted) it up ourselves. Well done Ream, well done Carlos, well done Mike and well done to Dane you still can’t score on the pitch or off it.

  13. DisgustedFan Says:

    Pathetic Play. Time to shut Tim Ream down. He’s getting beaten, caught out of postion, and scoring on his own squad. Congrats, Tim, you cost us the game. I hope you think about that for the REST of the SEASON. Can’t handle it? Don’t wear the uniform. Rookie of the year my behind.
    Hall has looked GREAT, and you sit him? WTF?

    Time to play the B team, with Angel up front. Hans, I CANNOT believe that you did not play Garcia. Dane has looked sloppy, and is NOT being aggressive up front. Get some people in the midfield that can lay the ball in to JPA.

    If the veterans can’t get it done, then put in the younger guys with the veterans that are playing well. Devil500 is dead wrong… Petke can’t hold the world back on his own (Nice job tonight Mike, you had the world against you, and did great. )

    I WAS going to renew my season tix….perhaps I’ll hold off, and go watch WPS. Get it together Backe. Stop playing around.


    • Scott Says:

      Ream got unlucky trying to save Petke’s ass. It Petke had been marking his man he would’ve been able to head that ball away easily.

      And Dane wasn’t being aggressive enough? He snapped a guy’s ankle in half last night. Sure he had one opportunity to challenge the other goalie for a ball late in the second half but I think he would have been red carded if he had collided with another goalie.

      • lou Says:

        Ream is being made into the bad guy here, and it’s completely ridiculous. Earlier on in the year he was touted as our savior on defense and saved out asses about 100 times, now he’s mad some errors and he is a villein He is as much at fault as petke is, maybe less. He tried to save Petke’s ass on a play and it didn’t go so well.
        If you’re going to sit any defender it should be petke, not ream.
        Hall has looked great? really? that’s laughable. He’s gotten beat so many times on defense that i’m beginning to wonder if he even knows the basics of defending.
        Richards played extremely aggressive, the problem is that he sucks as a soccer player. Garcia should have been put in as a sub if not as a starter.
        The refs were atrocious.

    • DisgustedFan Says:

      Well, we can agree to disagree on the performance of Ream vs. Hall (nice goal he scored in midfield last week, eh?) But Hall knows where to be, and learned it right at Maryland. His footwork is not as good as Tim’s, but he at least balances it out by being aggressive. Borman is good in the back, lots of finesse but no strength. My point is that Petke is the only guy back there getting physical. Tim stands well off his marks, and lets them push him off, so does Borman…but it’s OK for Borman because he’s fast and knows where to be. (Saved goal against the Sounders as an example) Again, Tim and Danleigh are both finesse players with lots of ball skill…but having Hall back with Petke adds some muscle. Tim did shine in the beginning…and I agree, he’s got stellar potential…but I’m not seeing it. I like Tim Ream, but he’s letting us down. I think if Hans sits him for a game, he might just do some thinking, and return to his former glory. In the beginning Tim was fearless, and attacked. Until he gets the “know where to be” down as a finesse player like Borman, he needs at least be physical. Carlos Mendes at least tried to be physical (a bit too much as the red card showed…and he did earn that one).
      At the end of the day, Ream put that ball past Bouna, not Petke. Petke knows how to defend, and yes, he might not be Mr. Finesse back there, but he certainly doesn’t let people bully through the way Tim does. If you’re a stopper, then you need to be Aggressive. Tim was aggressive in the first 4 matches, then taperd off…so what gives? Perhaps if they moved either Jeremy or Carlos to Stopper, and moved Tim to the right side, then they might find the balance? I hear you guys and you make some good points…but you gotta admit, Tim is not playing like he was, and that’s the most heart-breaking part for me.

      • lou Says:

        yeah tim has died off a bit, but that can only be expected given how well he was playing at the start of the season. You can’t realistically expect a second round draft choice rookie, to be one of the top defenders in the east every game. I think his drop in form has less to do with him being afraid to go into challenges, and more to do with his lack of chemistry with petke. They seem to understand their roles, and if you watch the games intently, it becomes obvious that most goals scored against us are because 1 of the 2 are out of position.

      • lou Says:

        meant they seem to not understand their roles

      • DisgustedFan Says:

        You know, that’s a really, really good point. Perhaps it is the chemistry. I do believe we need some maturity on the back line, but Petke and Ream have two totally different styles of play. Perhaps Tim shouldn’t be learning from Mike. ….not that either one is “wrong”…just different. Perhaps I’m going too hard on Tim.

  14. Devil500 Says:

    Petke got beat on the first goal enough said.

  15. Ken Says:

    I agree with disgusted. I am totally disgusted tonight. Hall is one fullback that has been playing great we need him on the backline not Mendes who has always sucked in my opinion. Miller was clearly stupid because we needed him for the next game and he will be out. I have been saying it all year from game one we have NO midfield except for Linpere
    who always hustles his but off. Stammler stinks, okay he had his first goal but really has no offensive skills. Lets put Linpere on the left
    and we need Garcia and Tchani. Richards can only play midfield. Sorry UBI in my opinion has no speed and can only play about last 10 or 15. loved the goal by JPA but as I have been saying he has no one to service the ball to him. How is Kandji doing? We miss his speed. Lets start JPA and Chinn or Agudelo like I also have been saying. One striker and speed down the middle and wings. I am also disgusted with our defense but as much as I love Petke in my heart I knew he was to old and tires out quickly. We need miller to play as a left defender and no where else. Ream looks very soft and scared in the back. This week is crucial and we need some wins and points. Very concerned with Miller out but Borman has to play strong. Stammler must go no offensive skills
    when he is wide open. Go NYRB.

    • lou Says:

      Where is everyone getting the idea that hall has been good on defense? hall hasn’t even been that good in his preferred midfield position, never mind on defense.
      Kandji has a broken foot, but that doesn’t even matter because when he was playing earlier in the season he did more harm then good. That’s the problem with some of these fans, they go crazy when they see speed, and then guys like dane richards get to be perennial starters.
      Ubi is slow yet you want tchani to play? Tchani may be our slowest midfielder. He’s big, strong, and composed, but not fast. Ubi has been our best midfielder the past 5 or 6 games, and you want him out because you don’t think he is fast? perhaps he shouldn’t be playing on the wing, but he’s been doing a good job and doesn’t deserve to be benched.

      Nielsen?———Lindpere—–Ubi(tchani as sub)—-Garcia
      Borman———Ream——–Stammler?———Hall by default

      Because of the red cards there will be some question marks on defense, but ream and petke do not work well together. I don’t like hall on defense but there aren’t many options because of the cards.

      • DisgustedFan Says:

        Actually, Lou, I agree with that lineup- ‘cept for the back line….Mine would be

        —-up in the air about Sutton vs. Condoul—-

        Bouna seems slow to drop on low shots, but quick on the high ones. I think Sutton has deserved more of a shot though…

      • lou Says:

        While i like coundoul, sutton has done enough to earn a start, and bouna has made more then enough errors to earn a benching, at least for a game.

      • DisgustedFan Says:

        I agree Lou. Sutton’s done his part.

  16. Lee Says:

    Miller was no an (deleted) READ CARD that Ref suck

  17. Tboss24 Says:

    miller made no worthy contact if any at all. Ive watched the play over and over and over. unbelievable. that call is a disgrace.

    • DisgustedFan Says:

      Steve Cangialosi remarked that was that Ref’s 8th MLS game, and he’s already dished out six red cards.

      I think he went after the Red Bulls because of the Revo’s GK’s injury.

  18. jpjm77 Says:

    4 of the 6 goals we have conceded in the last 2 league games have come after Petke lost the man he was covering after a cross was made. Ream is a rookie so you have to expect a mistake from time to time (unfortunately, when you’re a defender and you make a mistake it can ofter lead to a goal), but I can’t fault him for any of the goals, not even the own goal where he did brilliant to get in front of the attacker and get to the ball first, just unlucky with the angle it came off his head.
    To those who have criticized Stammler’s lack of attacking skills – guys, he’s a freaking defensive midfielder, if he had good attacking skills he’d be an attacking midfielder, but that is not his style of play.

    I can’t get on the teams back after this game, they were the better team, was creating way more chances and would have won had it not been for the red cards. Garcia, Tchani or any other ‘baby bulls’ wouldn’t have beating the Revs with only 9 players either.

    Jeez, can every one just calm the f–k down please!

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