The Red Bulls take on the Revolution Saturday night as New York returns to MLS play after a convincing win over Colorado in the US Open Cup on Wednesday.  With New York scuffling somewhat in MLS play, and with numerous players missing due to injury or callups, the 18 will likely have a similar look to the Rapids match, though who will be in the starting 11 is still up for debate on this blog.  In the days leading up to the match, we asked head coach Hans Backe, former Rev Chris Albright, and defender/midfielder Danleigh Borman for their thoughts on the match.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

What are your thoughts on the playing away to New England, a venue that has not been all too kind to New York historically?  Who do you see in the starting XI?  Did any of the “Baby Bulls” earn some minutes in this match?  What is your scoreline prediction?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Lenny Says:

    Angel Chinn
    Nielsen Lindpere Tchani Garcia
    Miller Petke Ream Albright

    Ubi, Woly, and Mendes your subs.

    • jpjm77 Says:

      Are Neilsen and Lindpere even fit to play?
      You’re cutting Richards, Hall, Boorman and Stammler out of the squad altogether?

      • lou Says:

        I like that lineup but i’d put ubi in instead of tchani because his form lately as been great. I don’t know if lindpere and nielsen are healthy enough to play though.

      • Tim F. Says:

        Lindpere said he was 100%; don’t know about Nielsen but I don’t recall him being that hurt.

  2. DRENK Says:

    id like to see garcia and tchani get some minutes, they dont have to start but theyve played well in USOC play

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  4. Belluschi_08 Says:

    Garcia and Tchani definately deserve some minutes..even Chinn, even though i think his volume of play isnt that great, he has an eye for goal..Garcia has had great performance, solid all over and Tchani as well.*

  5. Tim F. Says:

    I would want the following starting lineup:

    Angel Nielsen
    Lindpere Tchani Ubiparapovic Garcia
    Miller Ream Petke Albright

    Subs: Richards, Borman, (Wolyniec or Chinn), Hall, Stammler, Mendes and Sutton

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  7. Lee Says:

    …………….. Angel…………Richard……..




    Subs: Ubiparapovic, Borman, Chinn, Hall, Stammler, Mendes and Condoul

  8. Hutskizzle Says:

    First EVER interview with Hans as coach for NY where he doesn’t say “In a way” or “I would say”?!?!?


  9. Cheko Says:

    Señores y Señoras, la giente pide a Garcia!!! el muchachito sin miedo al atacar qualqueir equipo. Genial Vamos Garcia, the fans want you. Keep up the great work.

    Good luck, from Yuma/San luis Az.

  10. tony Says:

    Vamos irving aki estamos contigo desde yuma san luis echale ganas hermano

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