Another Open Cup match at Red Bulls Arena, another convincing win for New York.  John Wolyniec continues to show why he is among the team’s all-time leaders in goals scored, while newcomer Conor Chinn uses his nose for the goal to add another to his own growing tally sheet.  On a sweltering night in Harrison, NJ, the “Baby Bulls” (as they have started to be known) put forth another impressive performance against an MLS side, posting a 3-0 whitewashing of the Colorado Rapids.  With the win, New York moves into the tournament proper in the Round of 16, and awaits another draw to determine the opponent and the date of their next Open Cup match.  Following the match, we spoke with head coach Hans Backe, and players Chinn, Sinisa Ubiparipovic, and Luke Sassano:

What are your thoughts on the match? Were you in attendance on the hottest night in the history of Red Bull Arena?  Did you watch the live stream at home (if so, thoughts on that?)?  Who is your vote for Man of the Match?  Which of the “Baby Bulls” earned some MLS minutes from their performances against Juventus and the Rapids?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Cindy Says:

    Sassano was shaky but everyone else looked great! here’s hoping we keep rolling!!

  2. stan Says:

    Saw whole game at the arena. Another great game for our second team. They definitely playing better than our first team. I hope they will continue winning.

  3. Darwin Says:

    Keep the Goals and Hair Styles coming CHINN!!!

  4. kmb499 Says:

    Chinn’s barber should be shot!

  5. luggo Says:

    Good win!
    Watched the stream, nice picture but sound was a few secs delayed which was somewhat annoying. It would be nice if you were able to mic in the crowd some too.

  6. Bahij Says:

    Yeah, the sound delay on the stream was a little annoying, but overall the streaming feature is really nice to have.

    Garcia keeps impressing me with his ability to handle the ball and keep it through the pressure of defenders. His passes to the goal have also been spot on, hopefully a really great player developing.

  7. Tim F. Says:

    I saw the game at Red Bull Arena and thought it was a great team effort. All players played well. The two areas most in need of work were: Luke was a little shaky at first but then settled down; also Jeremy needs to sometimes play quicker.

    Sinisa was my man of the match. Tony and Irving need to join Sinisa on the Red Bulls first team. I did not see the Juventus match but I am basing my comments on their play during US Open Cup matches.

  8. Cubillas Says:

    By far the Baby Bulls don’t dissapoint. They seem to have a more cohesive look and feel as a team. I feel they played with passion and they put the extra effort needed to get this awesome result.
    I do agree with Tim and i will go even further and say that Tony and Irving have earned with their level of play that they should get more minutes on regular MLS games. Sinisa was the man of the match in my eyes. I just would like him at times to be a little bit more selfish and take more shots on goal. I saw him practicing some finishing shots before the Juventus match and he can finish man!
    What happened to Agudelo? He’s not getting any playing time. Can we get any new status on Chirgadze, Goldthwaite and Da Luz?

  9. John Wolyniec scores twice (again) as New York Red Bulls beat Colorado Rapids to return to US Open Cup (Video) | - Full coverage of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Says:

    […] Post-game interviews (Red Bulls Reader) […]

  10. Bill Bortz Says:

    Loved the online streaming! keep it up. (Weeknights are hard for some of us to make!)

    Perhaps when a red is issued, take the big screen to a live shot (as I know they don’t show replays of red cards) so we can see what’s happening after the card. Staring at the RBNY logo (while beautiful) was frustrating!

    Bill/Section 114/Row 13 – Come on you Red Bulls!

  11. Mark from Seeing Red! Says:

    Sassano improved throughout the match, and hope some key defensive stops in the 2nd half. Ubi was strong. Garcia fantastic. Tchani also showed well.

  12. Keith Says:

    So far the best outing by the RBNY midfield since the Santos match. Tchani and Ubi dominated the center of the park. The heat might have turned off the Colorado midfield but Ubi and Tchani complemented each other quite well.

  13. Uncle Mike Says:

    I saw the match, and finished 3 large sodas before the half, that’s how hot it was. The Rapids controlled play for the first 10 minutes, but once Wolyniec broke through for the first, it was all us. The opponent was so slow they should rename themselves the Colorado Molasses. Good passing, but we need to work on our shooting. This should have been 5-0 and could easily have been 7-0. How about Sutton in goal? He kept a clean sheet, making some good saves and one great one, and he wasn’t even one of the nominees for Man of the Match. Wolyniec was, understandably given his 2 goals, and the scoreboard didn’t even spell his name right!

  14. emilio Says:

    Ubiparapovic is a very good player, we dont realize how good he can be, playing centrally he can be very good.

  15. redbulls4ever Says:

    Garcia was amazing, coach Backe please play him on Satuday against New England.

  16. Bahij Says:

    Yeah, Sutton has also really been impressing me. I also like his demeanor from interviews I’ve seen with him. He always seems relaxed and gives the impression he has the situation under control. I’m loving the Baby Bulls.

  17. SteveNYRB Says:

    Give Garcia a start or at least a 2nd half sub against the Revs.

    He needs a nickname. The STIG! Cuz he’s fast. Anyone even get that? Top Gear. Anyone?

  18. Shawn M. Smith Says:

    Garcia should be “Irvinho” the same way that Woly is the “Staten Island Ronaldo”.

  19. Tyler Says:

    Coach Backe should shake up the line up on Saturday and play Chinn, Garcia and Tchani. Coach please put som fire and energy in the game on Saturday.

  20. Pauline Says:

    His haircut is distracting me.

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