An overall impressive performance today from New York, as the club looked spry and creative in its friendly match with Italian giants, Juventus, at Red Bull Arena.  After a scoreless first 45 minutes, the Red Bulls erupted for two goals in a five minute stretch on the way to a 3-1 win.  The goals came from Jeremy Hall, Conor Chinn, and Juan Pablo Angel as several reserves made their case to additional minutes, particularly with a US Open Cup match with Colorado looming on Wednesday.  After the match, we caught up with head coach Hans Backe and goal heroes Hall and Garcia, as well as today’s captain, Carlos Mendes.

What are your thoughts on today’s match?  Share your comments below.



  1. Darwin Says:

    Irving Garcia is officially my favorite Baby Bull!! (Tchani a close second) Hopefully he starts to see some 1st team minutes.

    • drenk Says:

      I agree 100% garcia was key to todays win, I hope he gets time in the 1st team. I’m sure he’ll be there on Wednesday against rapids in the USOC!!

  2. Chaz Says:

    Juvie had skills and fans in the stands but
    NY RB reserves had that American speed, size, and hustle
    and some awesome goals

    …best match Ive seen at the RBA

    Great day, sexy ladies, and the better team won

    …Now boys attack these lame MLS sides
    with the same intensity!!

  3. Dario Says:

    Red Bull NY was great, I love Garcia, Tchani and Chinn.

    To be fair Juventus were missing 9 internationals, and just about all the “quality” players(who are getting ready for the WC)

    Caceres, Chiellini, Melo, Iaquinta, Marchisio, Camoranesi, Poulsen, Cannavaro…ect.

    • jpjm77 Says:

      It is a good point, but to be fair the Red Bulls were without Kandji, Robinson, Lindpere, Neilsen, Salou, Goldthwaite, Da Luz, Chiradze. Aguadelo & Boyens due to injury/international duty and left Angel, Stamler, Petke, Ream Coundoul, Miller & Richards on the bench.

  4. karbaz Says:

    Man being and Red Bull Arena for the first time was amazing, what an absolutely beautiful stadium.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Irving Garcia was our man of the match, he should definitely start instead of Richards, he’s more efficient with that ball than Richards is, Richards would do well coming off the bench as an impact player with his speed.

    Man I was surrounded by Juve fans but you better believe I represented loud and proud. I kept taking digs at DelPiero seeing as everyone had his jersey, he was useless all match.

    I can’t wait to go again, hopefully with a fuller stadium.

  5. BlancDaBody Says:

    Garcia is a serious talent. Hall shows what he can do out on the wings. Can’t forget about Nielsen. I question why we automatically get Richards the start each league game.

    Hans needs to mix it up. We haven’t even seen Da Luz out there yet (due to injury).

    I’m sure Irving “Garcinho” Garcia will get the start on Wednesday night. Lets get into the Open Cup field and reak havoc.

  6. bc-sec.130 Says:

    I haven’t missed one game this season and by far the best thing about the stadium is the supporters. The next time I have to buy tickets other than my season tickets I was going to sit with the supporters. So I hope I don’t sound like an old man when I say I was disappointed with our supporters. They seem to just provoke the Juvo supporters, instead of supporting our Red Bulls. Maybe there are some reasons behind these bad chants and I will forget about it and will sing with the supporters on Wed.
    Great game otherwise and I don’t think I could ever have a bad time in that stadium when we win.
    Please respond and let me know if I’m wrong.
    If I can criticize I can be criticized.

    • BlancDaBody Says:

      I watched the game on TV as I gave away my tickets to this game to friends. ESC didn’t look to be in full force yesterday, so it seemed like they stuck with the simpler, easier chants. Many of those chants tend to be aimed at opposing team supporters.

      Either way they sounded great over FSC in the second half. Come out Wednesday night and you will have a good time.

      • BC-Sec.130 Says:

        I just watched the game and you couldn’t hear any of the chants I was talking about. No big deal, will be there on wed and still hope to travel with the supporters on Oct 16 to Phil.
        No question about it MOM-GARCIA!!

      • lou Says:

        yeah the supporters section was really weak and pretty hard to hear for the most part, which is a shame because i brought my friend to his first game and wanted to show him the atmosphere i had been talking about that was present at games. But i think the vast quantity of Portuguese food we consumed and the quality of the red bulls was enough to hook him.

    • Richard Says:

      the supporters groups never get that into it for a friendly… there was a big difference between the santos game and the chicago game for example…

    • Andro Says:

      I’m a season ticket holder and normal I enjoy the supporters singing. In the 1st half they were great. But when they started chanting Juve sucks, I was really disappointed. Juventus were our guests and we could’ve been a little more creative. Plus, we want some of their fans to come back and support Red Bull.

      • el Says:

        Guests, they were our oponent, I guess your a Juventus fan so it dissapointed you, but what can you expect they were the teams opponent.

  7. big t Says:

    Good to see garcia play your my favorite garcia

  8. Tim F. Says:

    Any chance this game will be available online for those of us who could not attend?

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