The Red Bulls take on Juventus today as New York hosts its first European club side at Red Bull Arena.  It should be an interesting matchup, as many reserve players for the Red Bulls will get some minutes against quality international competition such as Del Piero, Trezeguet, Diego, and Amauri as they attempt to impress head coach Hans Backe and potentially earn MLS minutes.  For Juventus, many of their stars will be fetaured, as they close out their season before heading out on holiday.  New York Red Bulls:





Subs: Coundoul, Albright, Petke, Ream, Miller, Richards, Stammler, Angel

Juventus FC:

—————-Del Piero———–Trezeguet—————




Subs: Bardi, Salihamidzic, Amauri, Grygera, Ekdal, Paolucci, de Ceglie, Falque, Esposito, Bellacastro, Raffaele

Clebao is a trialist from Brazil and is seeing his first action for the team in today’s match.

For those fans clamoring to see more from Irving Garcia, today’s start should allow him to showcase his abilities for a significant amount of minutes.


1′ And we’re off…

3′ Juventus with the early possession.

4′ NY earns the first corner.

6′ Garcia with an individual effort to create space and his shot is deflected over.

8′ Clebao with some physical play to slow down the Juve advance.  He is a BIG dude.

12′ Corner coming for Juve as they begin to string together passes.

15′ Sinisa with a centering pass that nearly finds Chinn, but Manninger gobbles it up.

18′ On the counter, Diego finds a look near the top of the area, but its right at Sutton.

19′ A Garcia cross nearly gets to Chinn, but its deflected out.

21′ Del Pierro with a shot on frame on the counter (a little too early most likely) and its right at the Canadian.

25′ Chinn with a turnaround attempt, but it goes over the top.

30′ ESC really giving it to the Juve fans right now.  Nice.

32′ Mendes’ clearance leads to a Chinn breakaway, which leads to a corner.

34′ A Sinisa through ball nearly gets to Wolyniec, who falls, but no foul is called.

41′ Del Pierro hits woodwork as he beats Mendes on the left side.  Best chance for Juve so far.

44′ Not pretty, but Chinn gets off a shot on frame off a nice buildup that Manninger parries away.

HALFTIME: 0-0 at the end of a very even half.

HALFTIME: Celebrity sightings: Kelly Ripa and the guys from Cake Boss!

HALFTIME: Juve sub: Amauri for Trezeguet; NY sub: Miller for Borman

46′ And we’re back…

48′ Early corner for Juve.

48′ Bernardini nods one just over the top off a Diego cross.

49′ Wolyniec draws a foul just to the left of the area.

50′ GOAL NY!!  Sinisa’s inital shot in the restart was blocked and the ball was worked around to Garcia, who put a blast on net that hit the crossbar.  Hall was there to smash home the rebound.

51′ Del Pierro nearly equalizes, but he can’t get enough on the shot.

53′ Garcia with a cross to Wolyniec, who’s shot goes wide.

55′ GOAL NY!!  Miller with a cross that finds Chinn all alone.  He settles and finshes.

56′ Juve subs: Del Pierro, Diego and Zebina off.  Paolucci, de Ceglie, and Grygera on.

61′ Padoin with a shot that goes over.

64′ Yellow to Brandao

67′ Juve subs: Falque and Esposito for Grosso and Candreva.

68′ NY subs: Angel, Stammler, and Richards for Chinn, Hall and Garcia.

70′ Tchani with  a blast over the top.

74′ Today’s attendance: 18,735.

75′ GOAL NY!!  Angel calmly finished a great Richards cross.  3-0 NY

78′ With their win over Santos at the beginning of the year, NY is going to start looking to schedule only teams that wear black and white.

80′ NY sub: Albright for Sassano.

83′ Angel nearly steals it from Bardi, who came on a few minutes ago.

87′ Bellacastro with a blast over the top.

90′ Goal Juventus.  Amauri finds the back of the net off a turnaround at the top of the box.  3-1 NY.

FULL TIME: 3-1 New York!

Check back later for post match reaction.


  1. Harry Says:

    Come on Redbulls lets put on a beautiful display.

  2. Jack Says:

    Wonder how serious Lindpere’s injury is. RBNY could really use his help

  3. big t Says:

    Garcia is the (deleted).

  4. Belluschi_08 Says:

    Garcia definately showed he can play with the big boys…hes a natural talent for soccer…he has great ability and most importantly he understands the game..he deserves some MLS minutes definately.!

  5. walter Says:

    A quick summary of the first half, nice crowd, chinn had our beat chance in the 43rd minute, Borman keeps loosing the ball. Sassano a better performance than previous. Sutton, doing well, couple of decent saves, thank goodness for the cross bar from Delpirro. (Sorry for the mispell last name) I like this player, it has stamina. Garcia is looking fantastic. Tschani is also trying, our defense on a couple of occasions is looking weak. midfield is o.k. I like our teams chemistry, I feel that we are actually trying to play hard against this giant italian side Juventus.

  6. big t Says:

    What a beutiful goal if it would of gone in garcia is giving a good game

  7. Harry Says:

    I felt it was a repeat of our first international friendly agains Santos. We were three nothing up and then remember in that game in the 89th minute Santos scored from a free kick and today Juventus did the same to us in the 89th minute from an open play which certainly had Sutton fooled. Strange don’t you think? Also consider this we played against the Philadelphia Union twice in four days and beat them 2-1 two times. Finally we lost last Thursday to Columbus Crew 3-1 and in the MLS CUP 2008 final we lost to Columbus Crew by 3-1, makes you think does it not? . Does anybody believe in deja Vous? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………

    Anyway on the other side, we beat Juventus. Awesome display, Redbulls very proud of you today.

    • Walter Says:

      So long as it doesn’t happen from last year. YUCK, 2009 was not a good reason. My vote for man of the match is IRVING GARCIA.
      GARCIA, GARCIA. Coach Backe if your reading this, please use his services on Wednesday against the Rapids? Thanks.

  8. Cindy Says:

    i’m with Walter! give Garcia some regulation minutes!!! maybe what our anemic attack needs lies in our reserves!

  9. redbulls4ever Says:

    New York Redbulls put on an impressive display this afternoon, Chinn, Tschani, Garcia and Hall played quite impressive today.

  10. big t Says:

    Bring on the rapids!!!! Im so pumped up right now cant get enough of garcia

  11. Go Red for Women takes heart Says:


  12. huguez7 Says:

    I hope Irving Garcia gets more opportunities in the future. He is a good soccer player and a great person. He might be young and small, but hell, if you can play good against a team like Juventus, I think that proves your good enough for MLS… I didn’t watch the game, but heard he played at a high level. Daleeeeee Irb9, represent San Luis, AZ!!!

  13. Tyler Says:

    Awesome performance by Chinn, Tschani, Garcia and Hall. The team that played today has much more intensity and chemistry.

  14. Cheko Says:

    vamos Iriving Garcia!!! I didnt see the game either but i just know that u played an extroardinary game against Juventus. I saw ur crossbar shot in youtube lol. that was sik.. y pues aguevo representing what we the SAN LUIS/YUMA players got, but u are just that diffrent player that plays with 100%+. GOOOD luck n hope to see u more on the pitch.

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