For the first time in the 2010 season, the Red Bulls will not go to sleep tonight in first place in the Eastern Conference, as their third straight defeat, and second consecutive at Red Bull Arena, dropped them behind the surging Columbus Crew.  The 3-1 defeat is a bit deceiving, as New York hit the woodwork three times, and created numerous scoring opportunities all night.  But several defensive miscues proved costly.  Rookie Tony Tchani was able to knock home his first MLS goal to pull his club within a goal, and Chris Albright made his Red Bulls MLS debut, making his first MLS appearance since April 4, 2009.  The team has little time to dwell on the loss, as New York hosts Juventus on Sunday in a friendly match at Red Bull Arena.  Following tonight’s match, we asked head coach Hans Backe and players Mike Petke, Jeremy Hall and Juan Pablo Angel.


22 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. CREW: POST MATCH”

  1. Stan Says:

    Another loss. :((((
    They need to start passing forward not back. Every second pass is back pass. Players in attack do not open up for a pass or a run. Only Richards can make a run. But he can’t run alone all game long. I hope they gonna improve in attacking style.
    Fan for ever.

  2. wtfffff Says:


    • Chris Demczuk Says:

      well said! they hit the post/ bar 3 times, if those go in its a win and would you rather lose the ball than keep posession stan?

  3. MarkYourMen Says:

    No excuse for that loss. They need to mark their men and not leave them open whether it be set pieces or runs. They need to shut teams down and defend at home. Where is the pride come on now. Lindpere was hurt because with him he is able to pass the ball and creat some shots. It was frustrating seeing them not have nay creativity passing the ball in the midfield making long passes right or left. They need a midfielder that is able to wreck some havoc on the defense and open up. They need improve on creating shots. Sometimes D Richards has the ball too long, he needs to run and create a pass to an open player waiting to get his pass and put the damn ball behind the net. It was a very frustrating game and for them to say oh it’s okay we are in 2nd place. Sorry it’s not for a franchise which is known as being the bad news bears of futbol being in NYC of course. They can’t settle for that they need to win at home and be a force to reckon with at home. Cause as of now they are 500 on the road. I am not convinced yet with this team because of the history behind this team disappointment. Prove me wrong… Red Bulls need to get a midfielder regardless if Henry comes or not.

  4. Tim F. Says:

    I agree with MarkYourMen that the Red Bulls need a midfielder, preferably a center midfielder who can help serve as a link between the defenders and forwards.

    Despite the loss, I think the Red Bulls played much better against Columbus than they did against Seattle. Hopefully, Lindpere and Nielsen recover quickly!!!

  5. soccer lou Says:

    The injuries has actually caught up with this team last night line up was playing not to loose the game i know that lady luck was not with the red bulls last night but the back line seems to be affected by the fact the could not score. As the game when on they got confused and Petke and Ream where praying that the ball was not kick their way. I really believe that once again Mr. Backe lost the game again he did not read it well what was going on it was a scrapy game no fluidity on the attack but they where fighting and pushing forward i gave them that you have to bring Chinn in i know Woly has more senority in the team but boy o boy dont you think Connor would have cause some kind of noise somehow the ball always bounce around him specially in the box. Once again Tchani should start i been saying this for the longest this kid can play he’s 22 not 17 he has to be in there that’s only way he’s going to get better besides he shows pasion men something that some players lack in this team . Sorry Roy you have to sit Borman right now deserve to be the left back case closed. I did like when Backe when to 3 in the back line but everybody was pushing with a lot of heart not good soccer For those who hate JPA i tell you what hes pressing he knows that chances are not coming often so feels he’s got to do something everytimes he touches the ball you can tell he’s frustrated . So much for Jeremy Hall back to his old position in collegue what happend ? nothing happend he was never able to beat his defender on one on one situations. tough lost so far whatever Mr’ Backe has try has backfire let’s get everybody healthy and take it from there .

  6. John Says:

    despite the loss i still think this was a much better performance than the last few times out. The attack for the most part looked great. It was fluid and patient, and often switched the point of attack and used over lapping runs. In the end, service and the final ball was lacking (even the cross on the tchani goal was weak in my opinion) and the team was just plain unlucky. They created plenty of chances and, in my view, out played the Crew. Luck just wasnt on our side tonight and the Crew did what a first place team does: take advantage of mistakes. Tonight, RBNY made three errors and Columbus punished them all…but the result certainly does not do justice to the work that the Red Bulls put in tonight.

  7. John Says:

    wow you guys are worse than met fans. i know that losing takes a toll…but give the guys a chance. Rough patches happen, but I have confidence that despite the recent losing streak, Backe and co. are building something good here.something we arent used to. just give it a chance to grow before cutting it down

  8. Tom in MOrris Plains Says:

    What a difference a few weeks makes. However, like a couple of folks mentioned, injuries and bad luck took a toll. Despite the score the tame played better than the previous two losses. Hitting the post three times…. we could be talking about a 4-3 win!

    Losing Lindpere was huge as he is the only MF capable of holding the ball and creating plays. There was too much kicking and running last night. We could have really used Dave Van Bergh last night.

    There has been a lot of press about Thierry Henry coming. That;s fine, but unless they find a midfield general, he is going to look just as frustrated as JPA out there.

  9. jackv Says:

    A midfielder is what we need indeed.Richards may be speedy but can not finish he needs to pass before they are on him.Luck is just not with the redbulls lots of possible goals.just lots of unlucky shots.Please guys turn this game around.Until next time .Go Redbulls!

  10. emilio Says:

    We also need another center back, Petke has been very poor of late, he isnt the answer, another midfielder, and this is Angel’s last year he doesnt warrant a DP slot anymore, he isnt producing at the level his slot warrants.

  11. DRENK Says:

    tough loss to swallow, hopefully they can bounce back with a pschological boost by beating Juventus on sunday and following that up with a win against the Rapids in the USOC

  12. emilio Says:

    Can the people on the Jeremy Hall left midfield band-wagon finally admit, he is not a starting MLS midfielder. He has a future as a full back, but he does not add anything to the offensive game, and that hurt us yesterday, he didnt contribute anything offensively.

  13. BlancDaBody Says:

    We were terribly unlucky last night. How many shots hit the post? The difference between the sides last night was lack of finishing. This match could have easily been a 3-3 draw.

  14. emilio Says:

    Yeah but thats part of the game, and the defensive lapses are unnaceptable, it is clearly highlighting our deficiencies, which we had at the begginning of the season but that wasnt capitalized on by our oponents. Backe and Soler have done a good job in bringing in new players but we still need more, hopefully Clebao will show well in his trial stint as we desperately need someone to replace Petke, and hopefully Nielsen will get match fit soon, we need an attack minded midfielder. Angel has to play better.

  15. emilio Says:

    Dissapointed cause of last night, but we still have as many wins as last year. Soler knows he needs to produce and he is working hard so im sure he will correct our glaring areas of weakness which are at central defender, central mid and striker. Im confident that if we get a Ze Roberto type, a Henry and another center back to replace Petke we should be fine. Im confident that with a healthy Nielsen and Lindpere to team with a new midfielder we should be ok. I also think Tchani has proven he is a better option than Robinson and Stammler in the middle, he is very good on the ball and is good going forward, I wouldnt be surprised if he starts our next league match.

  16. Stan Says:

    5 chances in a game? Chris, I think its not enough. they can always count on luck. We all saw bad game and all agree that RB need to pick up in attack.

  17. redbulls4ever Says:

    Right now, this is very fustrating.

  18. soccer lou Says:

    WF is Backe saying that “it’s the best game that we play” come on now is he for real?? or he’s trying to insult me what game was he looking at ?.
    Boy o boy what a difference the las two weeks he comes with a brand new system and new ideas same results people Im not buying he’s BS anymore he can’t read the game his substitutions never make an impact and he’s been outcoach in the last 3 games. Why can he play the young guys they are not going to get better on the bench. This team has the best rookie class play those guys this team needs new blood . This team said that they where looking to get into the playoffs not really looking for the cup right so why are you not trying the kids just to try and see what you got for next year? This team and the coach are sooooo predictable it’s not funny no more Mr. Backe show me something…….

    • DS Says:

      You know his substitute scored our only goal right? We created more clear chances in this match than in any other this season, so yes this was a good performance, just a bad result.

      Everyone keeps talking about all these young players that they know nothing about and haven’t really seen at all. Everyone keeps asking him to play them and give them experience, have you been watching the Open Cup? He has been playing them. Garcia is the only player who hasn’t seen much of the field (da Luz and Chirgadze don’t count cause they are injured and Agudelo keeps playing for the academy because he is still eligible and right now he’s away with the US U-20’s) Backe has played everyone available to him. You want them to get experience? Well Chinn is getting that in the cup. Ream and Tchani are starting, and Garcia clearly isn’t ready from what I’ve seen of him.

      You think he is predictable? Really? Could you have predicted Miller starting in the middle? Could you have predicted going to 3 at the back for almost the entire second half? Could you have predicted how Hall failed in the midfield even though everyone has been crying for him to play there? Could you have predicted that Mendes would be the third sub brought on? How about Tchani scoring our only goal or an Angel assist from a wide right position?

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