The Red Bulls host the Crew tonight with first place in the Eastern Conference on the line.  New York is looking to rebound from its first ever defeat at Red Bull Arena, and face a Columbus side that has yet to taste defeat in the 2010 MLS season.  Both teams will be missing key players tonight due to injury, suspension, or callup.  The Crew will be without Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall due to national team callups, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto was suspended by MLS for his off-the-ball actions against Chivas USA last weekend.  New York’s injury list is long and distinguished, with Salou Ibrahim and Carl Robinson already being declared out for the match, and Joel Lindpere and Brian Nielsen being listed as questionable on the official injury report.  With prominent players missing, both teams will have to rely on depth and will put out lineups with different names in one of the most pivotal matchups of the early season. New York Red Bulls:





Subs: Sutton, Chinn, Tchani, Mendes, Wolyniec, Sassano, Garcia

Columbus Crew:






Subs: Gruenebaum, Duka, Padulla, Herrera, Zayner, Renteria, Oughton

Former Red Bulls Academy product Dilly Duka makes the bench for Columbus, while the Red Bulls lineup has a much different look to it.  Roy Miller takes Lindpere’s spot in the middle of the midfield, Hall makes the start at his old college position, left mid, and Chris Albright makes the his return to MLS play at right back.  Its Albright’s 200th MLS match, while Petke makes his 300th MLS appearance.  Congrats to both on the milestone!


1′ And we’re off…

4′ Richards’ speed earns NY the first corner of the night.

7′ An attempted cross from Albright goes too close to goal and Hesmer has to tap it out for a corner.

9′ With so many key players out, both teams look a little tentative thusfar.

11′ Stammler centers to Angel who gets space but puts his effort wide.

17′ NY is forcing Columbus into giving up corners, but has yet to produce a quality chance out of it.

22′ Off a restart, Gaven puts one over the top.

23′ Richards sends in a dangerous ball in Angel’s direction, but the Crew are there to break up the play.

26′ Stammler looks for Hall on the back post, but he can’t quite get to it.

30′ Great battle going on tonight between Petke and Lenhart.  Two big guys going at it.

32′ A great effort from Dane earns another corner for NY.

35′ Goal Columbus.  Gaven heads home a cross from Hejduk off a quick throw in deep in the NY zone.

37′ Sinisa nearly equalizes but his shot goes off the far post.

39′  Goal Crew.  Iro heads home a Gaven corner. 2-0.

40′  With not much creativity coming from Miller in the central midfield, it may be time for Backe to change things up.  Let’s hope its not too late.

42′ Almost another from the Crew, but its wide.

45′ 1 minute of stoppage.

HALFTIME:  2-0 Crew.

HALFTIME: No changes either way.

46′ And we’re back…

46′ Looks like a midfield shuffle, with Miller now on the left, Hall on the right, and Stammler and Sinisa in the middle.

50′ Richards fights off the much bigger Iro to get a clean shot off, but it deflects off the far post.  Unlucky.

52′ Yellow to Moffat for a foul on Richards.

54′ Moffat with a turnaround shot, but its right at Coundoul.  That would have been the killer.

55′ Who should be subbed out first for NY?  Miller?  Albright?

57′ Crew sub: Zayner for Moffat.

60′ Richards draws a foul at the top of the box.  Dangerous spot for Angel.

60′ Iro drew a yellow on the play.

61′ OFF THE WOODWORK FROM ANGEL.  That’s 3 off the post for NY this match.

64′ Richards is freed in the box by Sinisa and looks to get pushed by Brunner, but there is no call and its out for a corner.

65′ NY sub: Tchani for Sinisa.

68′ Crew sub: Renteria for Ekpo.

68′ NY sub: Wolyniec for Hall.

71′ Sinisa finds Tchani on the back post, but his one-timed shot is poorly hit.

71′ Ny sub #3: Mendes for Albright.

75′ Yellow to Stammler.

78′ Lenhart almost headed one into his own net, as it went just wide.

81′ GOAL NY!! Tchani with his first MLS goal as he nods home a cross from Mendes.  2-1.

83′ Wolyniec tries from distance, but Hesmer is there.

84′ Goal Crew.  Renteria breaks in alone off a defensive miscommunication.  3-1 Crew.

85′ Yellow to Ream.

89′ Crew sub: Oughton for Garey.

90′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

FULL TIME:  3-1 Columbus.  The loss drops NY out of first place for the first time in 2010, and is the second straight at Red Bull Arena.  Check back later for post match reaction.

21 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. CREW: MATCH DAY”

  1. DRENK Says:


  2. big t Says:

    Let garcia play go red bulls

  3. emilio Says:

    No please dont let him play, he isnt ready.

  4. Ethan Says:

    I think Irving is 100% ready

  5. big t Says:

    I think he is ready he has alot of potential and needs playing time to prove his ability

  6. lou Says:

    Because depth will most likely be the deciding factor, and because we are the home team, I’m fairly confident we will win this game. Our reserves have often shown more poise and skill then our starters, and this game will be a good opportunity for them to shine in a real league game. I’m hoping chinn and garcia get some time. Any word on how da luz is handling his injury?

  7. Jon Says:

    All I know about da luz is that he’s out 6 weeks. It’ll be interesting to see who starts alongside JPA…will it be Woly or Chinn?

  8. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    I think Garcia has all the ability, and he will come through, seeing him play in the usoc, i think he will bring what we need along with ubi in mid left and chinn up front, his ability to run at defenders and passing, he will help us alot!!

  9. Tom Says:

    Altidores in town. Suit him up.

  10. Ethan Z. Says:

    I would have loved to see Tchani but he will probably come in and somewhere along Miller will go back to LB

  11. karbaz Says:

    Richards up top could be interesting, I’ve been complaining we don’t have speed up top with Angel, I hope this works out well tonight.

  12. karbaz Says:

    Oh boy, that was last season terrible defending right there.

  13. karbaz Says:

    Screw this, Im gonna play a game. I can’t stand watching this nonsense, at home for crying out loud and this is how we play.

  14. Slayer Says:

    Wake me when Henry is here. This is sad.

  15. Lee Says:

    Mike Petke is not a starting CB anymore he need to be on the bench Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. e Says:


    Nice stadium, poor fan support, poor team, thats who WE are!!!

  17. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    Our boys worked hard, but we did not start the right players, sorry, but Backe needs to shake things up a bit, at the second half Garcia and chinn should have been on the pitch, I could not watch the second we went 2 down. the passing was too slow, timing was off. We need to start trusting that our starters can take being taken off if they are not producing without hurting their feelings!

    A bright spot was Albright, he moved up and created, also played balls that midfield should have had he was a workhorse and has great creativity. He is an asset to us!

  18. Ken Says:

    Folks we need ATTACKING midfielders. We can change 100 forward on top but Stammler and Sinsa our 8 minute subs who are slow and cannot shoot on goal. Richards cannot pass for his life and should have had three gift goals tonight. I blame this game on Richards and Petke too old and slow.

    Henry will not tolerate playing with this midfield. I miss Kandji who is quick and sometimes unleashes the ball SInce amado guevara we never had a control and attack midfielder who really knows how to pass. Also we did have alot of injuries Linpere and Nielsen really missed.

    I like the Tony Tchi. kid he played good, start him and take stammler and sinsa out when linpere comes back.

    Go NY

  19. jpjm77 Says:

    Why do some of our lesser than intelligent fans think the best way to win at the professional level is to throw out a team on inexperienced kids?
    Everyone seams the think that Garcia is some sort of wonderkid that would change the fortunes of the team. Do you know why people? Because you’ve barely seen him play, which means you haven’t seen his flaws yet! Hans sees this kid every day in practice and if he saw a player that would improve our chances of winning he would get a game! What Hans probably sees is a gifted player with great potential, but currently is very inconsistent, has erratic decision making and gets knocked off the ball by a strong wind. He’s not quite ready yet people – get over it!
    People seem to want Chinn thrown in also, was I the only one who watched the US Open cup games? He must have missed 20 chances per game, not the sort of goal per chance ratio that is gonna get us more goals in MLS. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the kids – but they’re just not ready in their development to have big roles just yet.
    The team played excellent against Columbus (bar just 3 errors) and had almost 5 times the number of shots on goal, if Petke hadn’t left his man open for the first 2 goals and there was better communication between him and Ream for the third it would have been an easy win. It wasn’t, we lost, but the performance (especially given the fact we had 8 players unavailable) has me believing this team is heading in the right direction.

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