Before we officially turn the page and focus our attention on the Columbus Crew, lets take one final look at the Red Bulls’ last match with Seattle Sounders FC, get more in depth reaction from Hans Backe, Seth Stammler, Brian Nielsen, and Danleigh Borman, and take in some of the sights (and celebrity sightings) at the match.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.



  1. sublicon Says:

    That’s not Jack Nicholson.

  2. Tim F. Says:

    I love the Red Bulls dearly but they did not play well against Seattle. These highlights do not show the poor passing, poor runs off the ball, the lack of urgency by the team for most of the match and only a single shot on goal. I’m all for “being solid” and “not trying to do too much” but you still need to create some real opportunities.

    I hope the team rebounds with a well-played win against Columbus tomorrow night.

  3. kahlva Says:

    It was a very even match – chippy, physical – for the entire game.

    They did fall asleep and let in a goal, which was unfortunate.

    The team, like everyone knows, just needs to be better in the final 1/3…and we are still missing that creativity/final pass to give our forwards better chances to score.

    Gotta love Borman!

  4. Cindy Says:

    oh Lord, love you Danleigh, you’re crazy.

    let’s pick it up next game, Crew is missing key players! take advantage! Vamos Red Bulls!!

  5. bc-sec.130 Says:

    I can’t believe no one is talking about Henry, I like it but I think we are missing the boat on what we need – someone to get the ball JPA. Nakamora(hope I spelled that right) would be perfect for 2 reasons,1) he’s great in the midfield and we could get him for a good price, after he left Celtic he had a bad time in Spain & went back to Japan. 2) We could be one of the first MLS team to tap into the Asia market where there is a lot of money! What do you think, am I crazy?

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