The battle lines have been drawn and first place in the Eastern Conference is on the line tomorrow night at Red Bull Arena.  We will be there, will YOU?  Come out and make YOUR team’s new home the pitch that opposing teams fear playing at, and the place that real fans can call their own!  Tickets are still available, so come to Harrison, NJ and be a part of the noise and experience that is Red Bull Arena.



  1. Anthony Says:

    Why does almost every shot of the Supporter’s Section feature streamers being thrown if you guys are now outlawing them, starting with this game?

    A little backward if you ask me…

  2. Tim F. Says:

    Will be there cheering on the Red Bulls. I heard that Lindpere, Robinson, Nielsen and Salou are out.

    I hope to see the following lineup/players

    Angel Agudelo

    Borman/Hall, Ubiparapovic, Stammler/Tchani and Richards

    Miller, Ream, Petke and Albright


    and then either Woly, Chinn or Garcia depending on what the team needs toward the end of the game.

    Let’s go Red Bulls!!!!!

    • Tim F. Says:

      I just saw that Agudelo is unavailable because he is with youth USMNT program and that Lindpere and Nielsen might be healthy enough to play. I hope Lindpere and Nielsen can play!!!

  3. Nick Says:

    as well as i do tim we need them to win beacuse angel will just be nonexisted out there he has had poor season so far, Henry we need your services asap

    • DRENK Says:

      Yeah I agree Angel hasn’t done well and I’d rather see Chinn or someone else who plays like he wants to win up front

  4. Dino Says:

    What’s the name of the song used in the Promo?

    • head_hunter Says:

      The song sounds like The Bird and the Worm by the Used (Pandora recommended the song to me)

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